Sugar Happy

I love sweet food. 

I do.  It's so tasty.  It's so comforting.  My taste buds dance with joy when the sweet rush of sugar floods their sensors.  It's almost as if they command - no, they control the way that I eat.  It's a love hate relationship that me and my tongue have.  I so want to please the craving but at the same time I know that it is not my tongue that is dictating my eating habits...it's in my head.  It's my decisions. 

It's not like my tongue is picking up the food with it's arms.  To be honest, if my tongue grew arms and starting picking up food - I'd be a little freaked out.  I would then have to join the freak show circus and I don't think my wife and son would follow me down that route so here's to my tongue staying a normal tongue. 

I've cut out soda.  I can cut out the other crap too, but sugar is my Achilles heal.  It is my weakness.

In fact, I have Flipz White Fudge Pretzels sitting on my desk at work.  I justify the fact that I have already had an apple and yogurt for breakfast and will be running later...so twenty one or two pretzels will be cool to eat right? They'll cancel themselves out.  In fact, their motto on the bag says this:

"So completely irresistible you'll make up excuses to eat'em"
It's true. 
They are irresistible.
I must resist.
Self control is lacking.
Just one more?
I must resist!
Okay, while I fight my urges - here's some music that I've been listening to while running.  Enjoy!


Going Off...

Thought I'd share a song from my workout/running playlist.


Texas Stew and lots of laps

I was wearing shorts in the afternoon and had to be in some heavy clothes this evening.  Temperature was near 50 and then snowing tonight.  Crazy!

Today was a good day though for some stew.  I made a recipe called Texas Stew.  It was delicious!  It has been one of my favorite meals so far this year that we've eaten.  Actually, it was awesome.

check recipe here
I really can't wait until I get to have some leftovers. 
Last night I got to play some basketball over at the church.  We had been having a lot of guys just show up that we had never met and causing some fights.  No fist fights but I do believe that it was heading there.  We had taken a break for a while from playing and that break helped weed out the guys that were the hotheads.
I noticed though that I was out of breath a lot faster than I used to be.  So...
that means that I need to get in better shape.
...so I ran laps at the gym.


Fillings. Beards. and Wife

I got that filling fixed yesterday morning.  I'm so thankful for that!  When I got back into my office I checked out my facebook and saw this story...

(googled "clear facial piercing" for this pic)
I don't mind piercings and plugs and stuff as I've had multiple piercings. This just seems creepy to me.  Granted, I might have grown a bit of a phobia of dentists through my latest dentist experiences but I can just see the lens, or the metal from the loop, constantly knocking against my teeth. 

Anyhow, I'm DOWN to 208.8 lbs.  That's less than 9 lbs from ONEderland again.  It'd be nice to get down there.  Also, I've shaved my beard.

The beard reached just over 3 inches during that 3 month period (I grow a beard like a man...and some women).

Now it's trimmed 1/2 inch long beard.
And this is how my wife has been waking up next to me each morning...just to keep all of you in the loop.


1 Month Strong and down 10 lbs

Since posting the last time - I've been working at losing some of this weight.

I'm down to 210 lbs and have been soda free for 1 month now.

What has helped with the soda free deal is the dentist.  yeah, the dentist always tells you to not drink soda because of all of the acidic stuff in the soda or to at least drink through a straw.  Well, I do drink through a straw most of the time but this was much different than just a cleaning the last trip to the dentist.

I had to have a tooth extracted and it was a difficult extraction (and broke a recent new filling and you can't have all of the carbonation and such when the healing is taking place.  It's been pretty easy to give up the soda.  I believe the hardest part was the no drinking of soda during the Christmas dinners and New Year's party.  It worked out though for the best.  I go to have a temporary filling removed on Tuesday and the permanent one put in.

It was a crazy ordeal and one that I'll be glad to be done with.


Challenge Accepted: 2 Hour Half Marathon

A few weeks ago on HIMYM, Barney accepted a list of challenges from Lilly and Robin on picking up women.  If you know anything about the show - Barney will accept the challenge before hearing it...and even when he puts forth the challenge himself.

Nobody has challenged me to the 2 hour half marathon and for many marathoners, especially successful ones, a 2 hour Half seems a little slow.  How about this though, my first (and only) Half Marathon was completed in 2hr 35min.  I'd be trying to cut 35 minutes from that initial time. 

I've gained some weight since that race as well.  I'd say around 25 lbs I've added since running that Half Marathon. 

Today I weigh 220 lbs. 

To be able to get a 2 hr Half Marathon under my belt - it's going to take a lot of discipline, determination, and self-control.  I want to do something to focus my winter time so that I don't gain 20 more lbs and since I love running - this seems like a legitimate and achievable goal.

So, here's to you Barney Stinson - challenge accepted.


5 Rules for Getting Started

Figuring out your starting point is vital to being successful in pursuing quality health. No one ever realizes how unhealthy they are until it hits them at the doctor’s office or on the home scale. Health just does not come in terms of a number on a scale however, but getting rid of the excess fat from the body is a good starting point.
1.  Write down your Starting Weight.  Yes, this does mean that you need to use the scale that is in your bathroom.  It does not have to be a bad thing.  We can lie all day long but accepting where you are only allows the opportunity to speak from the point from which you’ve conquered.
2.  Calculate your BMI or Body Mass Index.  You can do that HERE for an idea of where you are at.  If you have a gym near you, a trainer would probably take their time to help you out and also give you a free workout as a tryout.  It doesn’t hurt to ask and to receive professional help.
3.  Physically, write out a plan and make it viewable on a regular basis.  Give yourself a challenge or level that you can embrace mentally.  If you would’ve told me that I would be running 13.1 miles without stopping when I first started my health journey – I would have laughed in your face.  When starting, write out a plan that you can mentally embrace and push for.  It’s important to be able to see it as achievable.
4.  Be in prayer about your health journey.  This isn’t a diet.  A diet is “something that you regularly have or take part in” (my definition); this means that if you daily eat cake and soda than you have a diet of cake and soda.  This is a life change, a journey to become healthy.  We pray about every other part of our lives but only about our health when we go to the hospital or get diagnosed with something.  Pray about this too.
5. Walk out the door.  This is the follow-through.  Everything listed before this can happen and you still fail.  Be bold and walk out the door.  Go and be active.  Don’t be afraid.  Be strong and conquer what has conquered you to this point.

(pic from google image "getting started" search)