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January 11th

I'm watching Biggest Loser as I am writing this and it is quite the inspiration to keep pushing forward with this goal. It isn't as hard as I thought to turn away some of the foods or drink the water that is needed for a healthy, functional body. I really thought this would be a bit of a hassle to write things down all of the time and keep track but it's not that bad at all. WHat I'm attempting to get out is that this idea of better health is no longer just a hope that is in my head but a reality that can be reached.

Food intake:

1. 3/4 of a banana
2. 1 cup of coffee
3. 1 cup of Raison Bran cereal
4. Deli Oven roasted chicken sandwich on wheat w/American cheese and mayo
5. Handful of chips
6. 1 12oz diet Pepsi
7. 10 oz of Grilled chicken dipped in Ranch dressing
8. bowl of corn
9. rice crispy treat
10. 1 20oz of Sprite
11. 1/2 bowl of plain yogurt sweetened w/agave nectar and mixed w/Slice strawberries and banana
12. roughly 60+ oz of water

Workout -
.............I did not work out today...:(

The eating right is much easier than working out every day. No more Excuses!!

miles til Goal..............1004.83


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