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January 17th

Sundays are a little different than the others because of church and the distance traveled on those days. Inthink we have made a pretty good adjustment for better eating instead of the fast food on the way back like we use to all of the time. It use to be mcdonalds all of the time but we've been trying to make it home before eating our meal and just getting a snack on the way back.

Food intake:

1. 1 donut
2. Coffee frappacino (jar)
3. 1 piece of coffee cake
4. 1 slice of banana nut bread
5. Venti pumpkin spice latte
6. 11/2 cup raison bran cereal
7. 4 oz of grilled chicken
8. 6 oz of sprite
9. 1 cup plain yogurt blended with 1 banana & sliced strawberries, sweetened w/ agave nectar
10. 60+ oz of water


- basketball ------------ 2.14 miles running

Miles til goal ---- 994.34

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