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January 19th & Nutritional Tip 2

I've decided to edit my posts gradually throughout the day if I am able too. Having a computer at all times is pretty convenient.

- Nutritional Tip -

The Importance behind Fiber:
I guess I never had thought about it that much until here recently but fiber takes on an important role in your body. "It keeps you regular" <-- We all have seen the commercials where they tell you that their yogurt will keep you which it might - but there are other ways of receiving your fiber that maybe you aren't even aware of. One primary way to get lots of fiber is through vegetables and fruits. They are fiber enriched. It is the most natural form of fiber intake that you can get and enjoy the benefits thereof. Those benefits are primarily through the digestive track. It cleans the track out and as the commercials say - makes you regular. Why do you want to be cleaned out? Because otherwise you experience constipation, diarrhea, and bloatedness. Without this cleaning, your body will not function to its fullest. Granted, other problems may exist in your body which would compromise full functionallity but an adequate amount of fiber could relieve some of the lesser problems. I have found a quality fiber content list that gives a broken down account of what foods have fiber and their approx. amount. I would encourage you to take a look at your fiber intake. The suggested amount of fiber intake for the day is around 25-30 grams.

Food Intake:
1. 1 cup of coffee w/half & half
2. 1 1/2 cups of Raison Bran
3. 1 Banana
4. 1 serving of pretzels - yes I counted them out and eaten at two different sessions
5. Deli Chicken ( oven roasted) breast sandwich on wheat w/cheese & mayo
6. 12 oz Diet Pepsi
7. Rice Crispy Treat
8. 2 strawberries - sliced...I picked them off of a dish someone made for the teachers.
9. 1/2 of a stuffed green pepper
10. Salad -- romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomatoe, shredded cheese, italian dressing
11. 1 cup plain yogurt blended with banana, sliced strawberries, and agave nectar sweetner
12. 60+ oz of water
13. 12 oz of orange gatorade

- Treadmill - .......3.26 miles ---- It's getting easier to do more.

Miles til Goal: 987.78

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