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January 23rd & adequate sleep

We can pick up part two of the Processed Vs. Fresh later (once I have a better outlook on processed food). Adequate sleep, I think is an important topic in which hardly gets enough credit when talking about better health. I am not the poster child for getting enough sleep but I do understand the importance of getting quality sleep and the affect it can have on an entire day.

Adequate sleep is something the body needs to have to function at 100%. Granted, some people don't need as much as the next person to function at a high level but I do think that overall health makes a difference. Sleep gives rest to the body. We don't need to go into the dynamics and science of sleep but here are a couple quick formulas for you.

No Sleep + Bad Eating = tired and fat with no energy

Sleep + Bad Eating = fat with 1/2 energy

No Sleep + Good eating = Tired with 1/2 energy

Sleep + Good Eating = Full Functioning Body

If you are trying to get to a place of better health - changes have to be made in order for you to succeed. There is a quote and I don't know the author (Einstein, Chinese Proverb, i don't know) of it that defined Insanity.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Change has to take place. We will not succeed doing the things that got us in poor health to begin with.

I found an Article done by a student at Stanford. It talks about the benefits of sleep and some of what hinders our sleep.

Food Intake:

Because this is such a long post already - I'm just going to give Calorie Intake, which was 1,849. This is the closest that I think I could get on actual calories going in. On Saturdays I have rewarded myself with Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte' and a slice of bread to go with. It was the only thing different for my eating schedule. It has been a good thing to look forward too throughout the week.

- Treadmill ....... 4.26 miles

Miles til Goal: 978.5


-J.Darling said...

I know for me, sleep is VITAL to my overall health and wellness. I'm not sure if it's a woman thing, but I definately see a difference if I'm not getting at least 6 hours of sleep a night. Then again, if I get over 10, I'm a slug the next day. For me, it's a balancing act.

seth said...

I can't sleep past 10:30am -- well, I can but my back kills me if I do. I try not to do that but I am a sucker for sleeping in on Saturdays. Since I started this blog I've been trying to get to bed a little earlier and am usually in bed by 12:00 midnight. I still think 6:30 comes to early mon-fri

-J.Darling said...

I agree! I was chatting w/ a single parent friend of mine who has strict bedtimes for his kids. Makes sense, right? They need their rest. Isn't it amazing how that "privledge" of staying up late holds over into adulthood and we end up treating ourselves to more late nights than we really need?
I aim for 10:30 bedtime, which means I wind down, turn off the TV and cell phone, and start the routine of getting to bed around 10:15 so I'm at least IN BED around 10:30. Of course, if I pick up a good book before bed, it's all too easy to be up til dawn!