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January 26th & Temptations

Maybe you don't know but I am a teacher at a small private school. We were studying how to make alterations to recipes (increasing and decreasing ingredient measurement). They asked if they could get extra credit if they did measurements while baking at home and bring their results in the next day, today.

This is where the temptations came in. Today - during our Math class -- they all got out their gorgeous, sugary, and very carefully made temptations. I have to admit that I had the thought of eating a couple items and then just not posting it on here but I know I would think about it because I wasn't honest to those that read this. I delighted in some of those tasty treats and regretted it later. I am not killing myself over that slip-up because I have allowed myself a small sweet increment every day since I've started this. I understand it's not an over-night change and with that - I have to learn from it.

We went to Subway tonight for dinner and I did overcome that White Chip Macadamian Nut cookie that I absolutely desire when I see it. I did not buy that one and forgot about it as soon as I left the pay counter. Good advertising though on their part because while I got a healthy meal I saw that cookie and about negated the healthy portion.

As rough as it may have been today with the temptations - I know I can finish it out strong.

Food Intake:

1. 1 1/2 cup of Raisin Bran
2. 1 cup of Coffee
3. 15 pretzels
4. 1 Deli Chicken , oven roasted, sandwich on wheat w/ cheese and mayo
5. 12 oz Sprite
6. 1 apple
7. 2 small blond brownies - oops
8. strawberry cookie (?) and p/b cookie -- double oops
9. oven roasted chicken breast salad from Subway w/french
10. 1 cup plain yogurt blended with 1 banana, sliced strawberries and sweetened with agave nectar
11. 60+ oz water


-Treadmill...................4.45 miles --------------- The last two days I have picked up the miles. I have been on the treadmill during two whole movies in two days. It really made the time go by though. Maybe I should do movie reviews at the same time on this blog.

If I finish January at this pace I will only be off pace by 22 miles (approximate).

Miles til Goal: 968.11

1 comment:

-J.Darling said...

Good idea about posting your food even though it wasn't the healthiest. Everyone appreciates a "real" blogger!

I made up a "one bite" rule, where I get 1 bite of something that isn't on my diet plan, yet that I want/day. Afterall, the best part about a really great food to me is that first bite! After that, it's all down hill anyway. ;)

That said, I also recently expanded on that rule. "If I don't think I CAN eat just ONE BITE, than I won't have any." It's a lot easier to quit something if you don't start. ;)

Good work! Hang in there and keep up the honest blogging!