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January 27th & Metabolism

We all have different bodies and I'm particularly happy about that. There are numerous shapes, forms, and proportions of our bodies that exist and see every day. These bodies - as all living things do - have what is called Metabolism. Metabolism is, in layman's terms, the process of fuel (calories) being used to make your car (body) go or maintain itself. It is the chemical reaction of this process that ignites the fuel to move and provide your body energy.

Each body's metabolism will be different. The lazy, slow moving, and obese will most likely have slower metabolism while the slimmer, active, and healthier will experience what is called high metabolism. With the higher metabolism group, more calories are needed to produce the required energy. If you do not give your body what it needs than you can experience fatigue, sleepiness, and exhaustion.

When I was in college - I didn't have a lot of money (who does in college) and drove to the city nearby for something. I was on my way back home and was about five minutes away when my car ran out of gas. I literally was about 100 feet from the exit ramp and didn't have enough gas to get home; we probably drove on fumes for 10 miles. It is a lot like the body. If a body runs out of fuel(energy/calories) then it will start to run on fumes and exhaust all other resources (muscles) until it simply runs out of gas and moves no more. As all living things need this process called metabolism to be steady and efficient, when the metabolism stops - the living ceases to live.

A good way to increase your metabolism is to control your calorie intake and most importantly EXERCISE!

You can put in the calories and even cut calories but if you are not exercising then you are not expending those calories that you have put in nor are you activating the calories to be put to use. Anything above the necessary amount of calories to maintain your body weight simply turns into fat. If you cut the calories by a little and up your physical activity -- you should notice an increase in Metabolism. If you cut your calories and are not active than you will have a decreased amount of metabolism.

There are foods that will help increase your metabolism as well -- more on that later.

If you would like an in depth definition of Metabolism click Here or here is an article discussing Metabolism at greater length.

Food Intake:

1. 1 1/2 cup of Raisin Bran
2. 1 Banana
3. cup of coffee
4. Deli oven roasted chicken w/cheese on a tortilla (ran out of bread)
5. 18 pretzels
6. Apple
7. 3 small p/b cookies (not a slip up)
8. 12 oz sprite
9. 4 oz of Dr. P
10. 4 oz of ground beef
11. 4 stems of steamed brocoli
12. 1 cup of steamed green beans
13. 1 cup plain yogurt w/banana, sliced strawberries, sweetened with agave nectar
14. 60+ oz of water


-Basketball -- 2.12 miles..........we played pretty badly for a while there but ended on a good note.

Miles til Goal: 965.99

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