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January 28th & Treadmill Tip #2

I spend a lot of time on the treadmil trying to log some miles and I am continually learning ways to make that time go by smoother.

If you are going for:

...distance - maybe you are struggling with making that distance goal. If you are and your using that treadmill - put the treadmil in front of the tv as I've said before. Time and distance will fly by when you aren't so focused on the digits in front of you. Now, if you are an avid runner you might not like that advice. I am not an avid runner and have a lot of distance to cover to make my goal. That tv has been nice.

...a period of time - make a playlist on your mp3 player, ipod, or cd player that is the same length of time that you want to run. When your playlist is over, you're done.

...a complete workout - do a cross training of the treadmill. Every two to four minutes change the speed that you are going and every 4-6 minutes change the incline.

Also - if you don't have an mp3 player, iPod, or cd player - get one.

Food Intake:

1. 1 1/2 cup of Raisin Bran
2. 1 Banana
3. oven roasted chicken deli on tortilla w/cheese and mayo
4. 15 pretzels
5. 12 oz Sprite
6. 4 oz grilled chicken
7. salad w/cucumbers, green peppers, and 1 tbsp ranch
8. 1/2 cup apple sauce
9. 1 cup plain yogurt w/banana, strawberry slices, and agave nectar
10. one bite rule of white cake
11. 4 oz of Dr. P.
12. 60+ oz of water

- Treadmill.......4.03 miles....I watched Surrogates during this workout.

Miles til Goal: 961.96

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