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January 29th & A Good Workout

I usually workout out at night time and tonight -- I lasted longer than the treadmill. I have been putting movies in while I get
on the treadmill and get so focused on the movie that I forget what I'm doing. Now, I don't fall off or anything and I still go at a pretty good pace; it's just that the treadmill doesn't go past so many minutes.

Food intake:

1. 1 1/2 cups of raisin bran
2. Banana
3. Oven roasted chicken breast sandwich w/ cheese and mayo
4. 18 pretzels
5. Apple sauce - 1 cup
6. 3 nacho chips from taco bell
7. 1 portion of chicken ques. From taco bell
8. 5 oz baked chicken
9. Steamed brocoli
10. 1/2 cup corn
11. Salad w/ green peppers, spinach, shredded cheese, olives,
12. Small portion of bread pudding
13. 60 + oz of water & 12 oz sprite


treadmill - ...... 5.46 miles

Miles til goal: 956.50

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