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January 9th

I can't believe it and am ashamed of it but I slept until noon today...I was so lazy today. I played wii for about two hours. Oh man, I can see why I like to work -- if I don't I just go crazy and do nothing. That's actually pretty weird.

Food intake:

1. 2 servings of frosted flakes cereal ( cheap brand)
2. 1 glass of milk
3. Venti pumpkin spice latte w/ lite whip
4. 1 slice banana nut bread
5. 6" Cold cut combo sub
6. 6" cold cut combo sub. ( other half of ft long- 4.5 hrs later)
7. 2 white chip macadamian nut cookies
8. 1 sprite - 20 oz
9. 4 servings of water -(so far)


- shoveled church sidewalks
- no treadmill today

.. Miles til goal........1007.32

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