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Feb 4th and a Day of Relaxation

I deemed yesterday the day of relaxation. I took yesterday off (only from the workout) and it was nice. My food intake was the same as it always is. I was given a thin cookie with hard icing on it. It was my sweet for the day. We made some taco's last night. We would normally use packaged taco seasoning but we didn't have any and that was before I started to be choosier on what I put into my body. I decided to make my own. I looked at a few recipes for taco seasoning and put some of what I found to use. I messed with the measurements and to be honest -- don't remember the original. The recipe just called for you to make a batch of the seasoning and use it at several times. Our version of a lowfat taco consisted of the following.


--Onion Powder
--Garlic Powder
--Chili Powder
Don't ask me what the measurements were b/c I don't know. I changed them anyways :)

-Deer Meat (very lean)
-Store bought hard Shells

--diced fresh tomato
--shredded Romaine lettuce (lettuce flew everywhere)
--shredded cheese

That's it. It may not be lowfat but I do think that it would be.

Overall - it was a good day and quality relaxation.


Miles til Goal: 938.31


Carol Anne said...

the tacos were very yummy!

Andrew is getting fit said...

It sounds like it was a good day.

-J.Darling said...

Sounds good! I want to get my hands on some buffalo next week! I've tried it at a brewery before, but never cooked it at home. :) GREAT stuff! Very dense, very filling, and SUPER lean.