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February 14th & I'm thinking about a Giveaway

I'm getting close to reaching 100 miles for the year so far. I am thinking about doing some sort of giveaway every 100 miles. I'm not sure about what to give away but had the idea and thought that it was a good one. That would be ten 100 mile giveaways. Any ideas????? Help!

Food Intake:

1. 1 cup Raisin Bran Cereal
2. Coffee Frap
3. oven roasted chicken sandwich w/ cheese and mayo on whole grain
4. three boiled eggs - no yoke
5. 12 oz sprite
6. pumpkin spice latte
7. pumpkin loaf slice
8. garlic herb grilled chicken
9. steamed vegetables
10. cut pieces of potatoes in a seasoning of some sort
11. mixed berry smoothie
12. 60+ oz of water
13. white chip mac. cookie - 2

Workout: Treadmill --- 3.71 miles

Miles til Goal:

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