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A Running Guide for the Overweight Runner

There is a man that runs around my town all of the time carrying himself with no evidence of being tired. You may see him out at the park r...


He's better than me...for now.

I am a very competitive person. On Wedneday and Sunday nights I play basketball with a group of guys at a local church gym. It is a lot of fun. I know I've talked about that before but I have a different mindset than I use too.

When it is my team' s turn to play we choose who we will guard from the other team. Last year, I would choose the slowest guy, least athletic guy, or simply someone who doesn't play hard. Not this year. I want the guy that is faster, more athletic, and better than me. Yes, I know that I may set myself up for failure but to this point it has played off fairly well for me. Because of the results from 1010in2010, I am now faster and have more endurance. It's only been two months; who knows what six months could mean. Maybe it'll be that I am faster than him. :)

On a different note, I took the day off and me and Carol went thrift store shopping. It is something that we really love and after reading AlmostFit's post on Thrift Store shopping....I really wanted to go.

I got a nice frame for 6 bucks...It's heavy duty too!

Calories: 2115 cal.

Workout: 4.06 miles
- 2.75 basketball
- 1.31 treadmill


Jeremy Logsdon said...

You've got me beat. I'd rather take a beating than play basketball. I'm the guy that the other team's laziest (or least athletic) player wants to guard. :)

-J.Darling said...

Way to push yourself! :)

Tom said...

How do you decide on your daily calorie intake? Seems like you do a lot of physical stuff!

Keep working Hard!

Tom Brokaw

Seth said...

I did some calculations from different sites to base what it would take to maintain my weight and what it suggested I do for weight loss. I know what the lowest amount one can do for someone trying to lose weight and I knew I wanted to stay away from that amount. I am trying to keep around 2000 to 2100 calories a day. I eat several times a day to continue to give my body fuel throughout the day. It prevents bingeing and my meals are pre-portioned so that I eat specific amounts.

I feel that I eat a lot but I know that my body needs at least that amount. If I go too low I can tell that i am sluggish and didn't provide what my body needed.

i am learning to listen to my body and what my body reacts too. I do eat at those times that I know I should eat. It's not scientific by any means but what I eat and do is with purpose and intentional for better health.

chelseybell. said...

seriously, you inspire me. i think it's awesome that instead of settling for someone you can face easily, you take the challenge.