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Psyching the Psychee

- Part One -

I took a rest yesterday. I had not planned on that because I am still a few miles off from hitting the pace goal of 77.something miles for Feb. I will not reach the Feb goal and leftover from January but I'm okay with that. Sometimes things happen like that. I still had to work yesterday but teaching is a pretty good gig though so I don't mind that one bit.

I have done one workout so far today with good results. I did a total of 2.6 miles for workout 1. The .6 miles were warm-up and cool-down periods. The 2 Miles in between, hear this...I ran the entire two miles at 4.5 m/p/h pace. I do believe I could have gone longer but I do not think I could have hit that 5k mark...not yet anyways. I really want to run that 5k in one run rather than breaking it up by walking. I do think that walking is okay --- do not get me wrong. I just want to make sure I push myself to my fullest and not give myself an out. Running outside is kind of intimidating to me. In order to run the 2 miles at one time...I had to cover up the distance and time on the treadmill so that I would not focus on it but rather my breathing and the run. It worked. I psyched out the psyche. :)

I am off to an auction right now that my school is putting on for a fundraiser. Tonight I will do my second workout (hopefully 3.5 miles).

- Part Two -

Today has been a very busy day for me. I'm pretty exhausted and have to wake up earlier than normal tomorrow. I just completed my 2nd workout and I am really close to bedtime. I just thought that I would finish this so that I am current and up-to-date. My workout was 3.44 miles. That makes it a total of 6.04 miles for the day. Not too shabby. I do not know my calorie intake for today. The auction was an all day event and it was a special dinner. I had their serving of lasagne, roll, and green beans - I also had a piece of cheese cake. They were good and I feel good as of right now, but I know that I also worked out twice today.

Calories: Unsure

Workout: 6.04 miles

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Jeremy Logsdon said...

Running 2 miles at 4.5 miles an hour is a huge accomplishment! I remember in grade school we had the opportunity to run one mile. I was fat even then; never could do it. The very notion of it seemed amazing to me. Two miles rocks!