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Ankle Pics & Measurements

Today started out to be a pretty good day. It was not bad at any time but I kind of declined in the pep category as the day progressed. School went just fine and the kids have helped me out so that I don't have to hobble around everywhere (even though I do make the occasional trips just to get some extra steps in). I've kept a pretty good attitude concerning my ankle and this obstacle but tonight it kind of hit a low. I was just bummed. On Wednesdays, I usually go and play basketball but obviously was not able too. Just so you know, I love playing basketball. With that said - it was a little hard to not get to go play basketball but I made it. I did something that proved to be equally as tiring fun - taxes. It wasn't actually that bad this year.

Ankle News: Bruising has begun

I took a couple pics of the ankle as it continues to heal. There is some bruising that is taking place now and today I felt a little pain with it. The pain came only after I woke up from a nap. I was not as careful with it when I was sleeping.
I also took a picture to show the comparison between my two ankles.


I have never taken measurements and I kind of wish that I had when I was at my biggest. Little did I know that I would want them later on down the road. I had my wife do the measurements for me; these are not all of the measurements but all that I really cared to do.

Right Arm: 15 inches (this was with arm in flex position but not flexed)
Left Arm: 14 3/4 inches (arm in flex position but not flexed)
Chest: 45 inches (measurement taken over the nipples and evenly back)
Waist: 41 inches (measurement taken over the belly button and evenly back)

To be honest, I don't know what is good and don't have any importance set on these measurements except that I was bored and decided to take them.

Thanks to all of you for all of your support! You guys have been awesome!

I will be doing my BMHW Challenge Giveaway drawing tomorrow. I'm sorry I didn't get that done on Monday but it will be up tomorrow, Thursday.

I will be having a 200 mile giveaway probably next week; as soon as I hit 200 miles for the year. I was hoping to have that this week but I'll get it next week.

How do you keep yourself accountable?


cmoursler said...

self blackmail...
no anYways...blogging is my accountability..
that and I told everyone..
and I mean EVERYONE.
At the beginning, I made a deal with my friend...
I said If I don't lose forty pounds in a year...she could take the picture we took along with a note attached that said..
Chris has failed once again to lose weight.
She is 262 lbs. She has let herself down and her family down...
Than the picture of me at my fattest..she would send it to my home town paper...(I wrote an undated check to pay for the advertisement)...
where my ex boyfriend and all my high school friends and enemies could see it.
That gave me appropriate motivation.
Good job on the measurements.
I wish I'd done them too.
I guess what really counts is that we are doing it. Right?

Kyle Gershman said...

That is one tough question. On the easy side of it, I used a tool like Bodybugg to make sure I was accountable to maintaining a caloric deficit. On the tough side, my accountability has been based on a deep commitment to myself, at age 42, to get into the kind of health that'll give me the freedom to truly enjoy the life that I have remaining to the fullest. Enough time has been wasted already.

Matt said...

looking goood brother hehe..........hows the foot?

thermy said...

Ouch, sorry to hear about your ankle! Not good at all.

As for keeping myself accountable - I'm not sure. I guess I really don't have a system in place. I think the blog helps, and I also have become accountable to my future self. If that makes sense. If I'm not on target I hear my future self saying 'How is this helping you?'

Ms. Chunky Chick said...

I am learning to be accountable by being honest with myself. This is my journey and if I want to see the results I need to be diligent with my plan. I allow self forgiveness so I can move forward. I hope your ankle gets better! I had 2 ankle surgies years ago and it is sucha hinderance on movement.

Learning to be Less said...

Dude....I love basketball too. Sorry about your ankle. Totally sucks! I bet you are just itching to get back to your 1010 miles. your pics....are AWESOME!! You are very handsome. That is true in all the pics but even more so in the last one because you look SO happy. And you should be. You should be proud - an amazing transformation.

Accountability? I think I just have an obsession now that must be fed daily. Now I need to work on this weight training again....

Jeremy Logsdon said...

I have a few ways I keep myself accountable. One is blogging. A big one is a strong, STRONG desire to become a personal trainer and work for myself, and to do that, I need to be much thinner.

Good luck on that healing ankle. It'll be back to normal before you know it.

takinitoff said...

oh no! i can't believe you broke your ankle :( way to keep up the positive attitude! you'll do it!

therightfit said...

Hope your ankle gets better fast!

The way that I keep myself accountable mostly is by blogging. It is really helping. I also record all my food in an iPhone app called Lose it! It's a lot of fun.