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Blogger-Made Home Workout Challenge - Day 1

Today was the first day of the Blogger-Made Home Workout Challenge. I was nervous about how or at what intensity the workouts would be done at but after doing the workouts - I felt that I had a really good workout. I did the workout at Level 3 for each exercise which immediately followed the 30 minutes of cardio. Can you see how drenched my shirt was after the workout. I really felt like it was one of the best workouts I've had yet this year. I still will hit the treadmill later tonight b/c I am not satisfied with that distance (I still am working towards my goal of 1,010 miles for the year - only twenty something away from 200 for the year thus far).

Below is the workout for Day 1 of the Home Workout Challenge. If you are participating - be sure to post below letting us know your thoughts and how you did with the workout!


Formula for max heart rate: (208 – (.7 * age))

Formula for target heart rate: 50% - 70% of Max heart rate (MHR *.5 or .7)

- Stretch -

30 Minutes Cardio: This can take place any time throughout the day and should consist of an intensity level that can promote and create weight loss.

Exercise 1 – Side Plank Upper Body Twist (

· Level 1 = 3 sets of 8 reps (one rep equals from start to finish of twist)

· Level 2 = 3 sets of 10 reps (one rep equals from start to finish of twist)

· Level 3 = 3 sets of 12 reps (one rep equals from start to finish of twist)

Exercise 2 – Jump Lunge Squats (

· Level 1 = 2 sets of 8 (one rep equals one lunge per leg)

· Level 2 = 2 sets of 10 (one rep equals one lunge per leg)

· Level 3 = 3 sets of 8 (one rep equals one lunge per leg)

Exercise 3 – Round the Clock Pushups (

· Level 1 = Knees on Ground pushup after every third hour. 3 sets. (one set equals one time around the clock)

· Level 2 = Full pushup at every third hour of clock. 3 sets (one set equals one time around the clock)

· Level 3 = Full pushups at every hour of clock. 3 sets (one set equals one time around the clock)

Exercise 4 – Plank (

· Level 1 = hold plank for 20 seconds. 2 sets (one set equals 20 sec. hold)

· Level 2 = hold plank for 25 seconds. 3 sets (one set equals 25 sec. hold)

· Level 3 = hold plank for 30 seconds. 3 sets (one set equals 30 sec. hold)

Exercise 5 – Wall Sits (

· Level 1 = hold sit for 20 seconds. 2 sets (one set equals 20 sec. hold)

· Level 2 = hold sit for 35 seconds. 3 sets (one set equals 35 sec. hold)

· Level 3 = hold sit for 40 seconds. 3 sets (one set equals 40 sec. hold)

- Stretch -

If you would like to jump in the week's your email below in a comment!


Staci Dombroski said...

Way to go!!!

Nicole @ Let Them Eat Lettuce said...

Seth- The intensity was definitely awesome and you chose great moves. I probably would have been massively sweating if I had done the cardio first. I am going to up the level I do tomorrow probably. I am feeling some burn in the legs from it already!

Kelsey said...

Hey, thanks for the tips again. I am counting my calories and trying to stay between 1600 per day. I'm going to also do some of these exercises you mentioned in this post, they look great and doable for people at different levels of fitness. Thanks!

thermy said...

Looks like it was quite a workout!

josie (35 and Shrinking) said...

I did everything but the planks and push ups. I tore my bicep back in October and still can't put that kind of pressure on my arm. So, I just did more cardio to make up for it! Great workout.

Jeremy Logsdon said...

This was a tough workout. You are definitely insane. :)

Seth said...

@Nicole - you did just have a race yesterday too -- I added a couple more for tuesday

@Josie - I was unaware...I'm sure I could have been if I went back through all of your blog postings huh? I will try to send you an extra email with a couple to replace those type of things...there is one or two that I know you probably will not be able to perform on Tuesday...check your email and let me know if you need something different.

@Jeremy -- I like to call it focus :) It was tough.

@Kelsey -- let us know how you did with some of them.

@ Staci -- thanks for stopping by and the support!!

Kyle Gershman said...

Seth...thanks for stopping by my are my new hero for homemade workouts. As you may know, I'm out here in the middle of the access to gym or gym like equipment. I have some DVDs, a resistance ball, a new set of resistance bands, and a road bike. I make good use of the roads for running and the road bike. I still struggle adding strength training to my workouts. I'll keep following you to see your progress and get some inspiration.

Kat said...

Wow! That is an awesome workout! Thank you for your comments on my blog. I am looking forward to reading yours and learning from your workouts!

Patsy said...

Hiya... I've just nominated you for an award. :o)

whyweight said...

Thank you for your comments Seth! :) Your workouts are very impressive!

Missy said...

Holy camoly - you go quite the work-out...and sweaty head to prove it! Great job!!

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

I've seen quite a few bloggers doing your workout! I wish I could but my dr said I could only walk on the treadmill. Bummer. As far as avocados go. I don't like them plain either. I think it's a texture thing with me. I do however love them mashed up with seasoning. We have actually bought a guacamole seasoning packet and mixed it with avocado. It makes a great sandwich spread. You can get the packets or just add cumin, pepper, and some garlic salt to it. It really changes the taste :)