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BMHW Challenge - Day 2

Oh My Goodness!! That was a TOUGH workout...for me anyways. I think I had to push myself even harder than yesterday.This is the order that I completed the workout for Tuesday.

30 Min Cardio = 2.37 miles ------- 1 Mile Starter = 10:33
Rope Climbing - Level 3

Mountain Climbers - Level 2

Chair Squats - Level 3

Jumping Jacks - Level 3
Triceps Dips - Level 3
Leg Lift Abs - Level 1

Wall Sits - Level 3

I really hope that this challenged you all b/c I know that it did for me. As we speak - my wife is making a recipe out of the Biggest Loser cookbook and it smells delicious. I wish that I had some awesome words to add to this post but I just can't think of anything; I just feel so exhausted tired from the workout that I should probably give my brain a rest for a minute or two.

For those of you that are doing these workouts with me, do not get overwhelmed with the workouts but keep with it. You can do this! Thanks so much for doing this with me.

If you Are Participating - Comment Below letting us know how You Did.


Formula for max heart rate: (208 – (.7 * age))
Formula for target heart rate: 50% - 70% of Max heart rate (MHR *.5 or .7)

- Stretch -

30 Minutes Cardio: This can take place any time throughout the day and should consist of an intensity level that can promote and create weight loss. I do my cardio immediately before my workout – the workout becomes much harder. I have added a couple more exercises on today’s workout. I want to make sure that everyone is challenged. Do your best to complete the entire workout. If you have no trouble completing the workout, consider upping the level that you are working at.

Exercise 1 – Rope Climbing Crunches (

• Level 1 = 3 sets of 10 reps (reach, reach, 1; reach, reach, 2; reach, reach, 3)
• Level 2 = 3 sets of 12 reps (reach, reach, 1; reach, reach, 2; reach, reach, 3)
• Level 3 = 3 sets of 16 reps (reach, reach, 1; reach, reach, 2; reach, reach, 3)

Exercise 2 – Chair Squats (

• Level 1 = 2 sets of 12 (one rep equals one squat)
• Level 2 = 3 sets of 12 (one rep equals one squat)
• Level 3 = 3 sets of 15 (one rep equals one squat)

Exercise 3 – Mountain Climbers exercise (

• Level 1 = 3 sets of 20 seconds (one set is 20 sec. nonstop)
• Level 2 = 3 sets of 30 seconds (one set is 30 sec. nonstop)
• Level 3 = 3 sets of 40 seconds (one set is 40 sec. nonstop)

Exercises 4 – Leg lift Abs Exercise (

• Level 1 = 3 sets of 8. (1 rep equals one lift and extension)
• Level 2 = 3 sets of 12. (1 rep equals one lift and extension)
• Level 3 = 3 sets of 16. (1 rep equals one lift and extension)

Exercise 5 – Jumping Jacks (

• Level 1 = 4 sets of 10 (1 rep equals from start to finish)
• Level 2 = 4 sets of 15. (1 rep equals from start to finish)
• Level 3 = 4 sets of 20. (1 rep equals from start to finish)

Exercise 6 – Triceps Dips (

• Level 1 = 3 sets of 8 (1 rep equals one dip)
• Level 2 = 3 sets of 12 (1 rep equals one dip)
• Level 3 = 3 sets of 14 (1 rep equals one dip)

Exercise 7 – Wall Sits (

• Level 1 = hold sit for 20 seconds. 2 sets (one set equals 20 sec. hold)
• Level 2 = hold sit for 30 seconds. 3 sets (one set equals 30 sec. hold)
• Level 3 = hold sit for 40 seconds. 3 sets (one set equals 40 sec. hold)
- Stretch -

If You would like to join in with the remaining 5 workouts -- Comment Below with your Email!


Alexandra said...

The crunches and leg lifts were hardest for me but of course, I feel better after doing them. :-)

Seth said...

@Alexandra - Great Job! Only five more days left...Keep with it.

Googie said...

You need a new workout shirt!! Like two times smaller!!

Seth said...

@Googie -- I worked at a church camp when I got that shirt a couple summers ago and it was crazy tight.

Andrew is getting fit said...

It sounds like you had a kickass workout!

BEE said...

awesome job on the workout

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Hi Seth, just a thought, but have you considered doing your cardio after your exercises? You may be fatiguing your muscles to some degree by doing it the other way. I'm wondering if doing the cardio first would make it more challenging to complete the sets/reps. Just an observation, not a criticism. You may know something that I don't know. I'll check back later to see if you add a response.


Seth said...

@Karen - I had thought of that but have chosen to push my muscles more this week which in that case, tired muscles are to be expected. If I do the workout first, as it may be easier to complete each workout, I don't feel as if I've pushed myself enough.

What I have noticed is that if i have done my cardio first, I am pushing my body harder by following up with the body resistance workout. It does make it more challenging to complete the sets/reps. I may not even be able to do level 3 for the each set but have given my best.

As for muscle fatigue -- I don't think that this is the case. Any workout will become fatiguing as it continues --- I am tired and feel well worked out but with muscle fatigue, (I quickly associate with muscle failure), the body can not get the required oxygen to perform at the desired level - whether that oxygen comes from muscles or from being breathed in. I have taken short rests for replenishing and always follow up with a post-workout nutrient replenishment. The burn is different from pain.

With these workouts - while they may be at a physically challenging level and at a higher intensity...I think it is proving to have positive results for my body.

I am open to any suggestions though, as you may be able to tell by me asking complete strangers for workout suggestions to create these workouts. Let me know of your thoughts and any ways to improve!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

The results speak for themselves. My trainer recommends doing the strength training first, however, different fitness professionals recommend different things. As long as you are getting a good workout, not injuring yourself and are seeing good results, there must be something to your methods.

Thanks for taking the time to explain.

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Great job with the challenge so far! And it's always best (in my non-professional opinion) to do intervals like you're doing: alternating between strength and cardio.

Do you think you're gonna continue it next week?

Right now I'm doing a program that has you lifting with heavier weights and decreased reps. It is one of the best workouts I've ever had in a long time... just food for thought in case you wanted to change things up and get more of a burn!

Seth said...

@Karen - I might change it up tonight and do an opening cardio just to get loose -- do the workout and then my 30 cardio.

I will compare and see what I thought left me feeling most satisfied. I know this is a preferred way to work out so I will see if I like it.

@Annie - The Challenge lasts this week...My challenge to everyone was to use what we have w/o having to buy anything -- using our body weight and whatever we have around the house. That is why most of us do not have the dead weights to lift. I understand that while this may not create a ton of will use and strengthen that which we have.

Your style of lifting is a good way to do it -- it creates a lot of resistance and stability for the muscles and can be incredibly challenging.

What program are you doing?

Thanks for stopping by!