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BMHW Challenge - D4 & Compliments

I went to a sports banquet tonight for the kids that I teach. I teach at a small private school for those of you that don't know and that group of students, parents, administration, and faculty is such a tight knit group. I am amazed at how awesome that school is.

They had a dinner - potluck style - and I had to pick through what I wanted to eat. I had...

Chicken and Rice mix, green beans, peas, salad, a bite of some "taco mix?". I had a couple pepperoni slices (sodium I know). I typically don't drink any soda besides my daily 12 oz Sprite but I did have Diet A&W Root beer.

The compliment came later when the banquet was over. A parent came to me and said, "You have lost so much weight!". Now, I'm not that good at taking compliments - I say thank you and move on. But, in all honesty - I love the compliments. I feel a little weird about that but I think that we all deserve encouragement and need that to be successful.


Formula for max heart rate: (208 – (.7 * age))
Formula for target heart rate: 50% - 70% of Max heart rate (MHR *.5 or .7)

- Stretch -
30 Minutes Cardio: This can take place any time throughout the day and should consist of an intensity level that can promote and create weight loss. I do my cardio immediately before my workout – the workout becomes much harder for me. Do your best to complete the entire workout. If you have no trouble completing the workout, consider upping the level that you are working at.

Exercise 1 – Oblique Twists (
· Level 1 = 3 sets of 8 reps (1 rep equals twist, twist, one; twist, twist, two)
· Level 2 = 3 sets of 10 reps (1 rep equals twist, twist, one; twist, twist, two)
· Level 3 = 3 sets of 12 reps (1 rep equals twist, twist, one; twist, twist, two)

Exercise 2 – Decline Pushups (
· Level 1 = 2 sets of 8 (one set equals one pushup)
· Level 2 = 3 sets of 8 (one set equals one pushup)
· Level 3 = 3 sets of 10 (one set equals one pushup

Exercise 3 – Flutter Kicks (
· Level 1 = 3 sets of 15 seconds (one set is one 15 sec. hold)
· Level 2 = 3 sets of 20 seconds (one set is one 20 sec. hold)
· Level 3 = 3 sets of 25 seconds (one set is one 25 sec. hold)

Exercises 4 – Calf Raises (
· Level 1 = 3 sets of 20. (1 rep equals one calf raise)
· Level 2 = 3 sets of 25. (1 rep equals one calf raise)
· Level 3 = 3 sets of 30. (1 rep equals one calf raise)

Exercise 5 – Dirty Dogs (
· Level 1 = 2 sets of 10 lifts per leg
· Level 2 = 3 sets of 8 lifts per leg.
· Level 3 = 3 sets of 10 lifts per leg.

Exercise 6 – Wall Sits (
· Level 1 = hold sit for 20 seconds. 2 sets (one set equals 20 sec. hold)
· Level 2 = hold sit for 30 seconds. 3 sets (one set equals 30 sec. hold)
· Level 3 = hold sit for 40 seconds. 3 sets (one set equals 40 sec. hold)


If you are participating in the Challenge - keep coming back to let us know how you are doing. Your success is continuous motivation for the rest of us!

What is one thing that you never want to go back to?


Chad said...

You definitely deserve the compliments! This is hard, hard work! Luxuriate in them.

Nicole @ Let Them Eat Lettuce said...

That's so awesome! I secretly love the compliments too, although I usually try to play it off as "oh ya, just a few"...I don't know why, it's just comes out! Anyway, that's awesome.

Kyle Gershman said...

What is the one thing that I'd never want to go back to?

Hmmm...toughie...I guess I'd never want to go back to being complacent.

It was very easy for me to accept my self-imposed powerlessness to do anything about my health. I may not be over all my impulses towards a bad choice, but I never want to be resigned to my fate.

Patsy said...

Brilliant workout! You definitely deserve the compliments - if it wasn't for the facial hair, you'd be unrecognisable! Maybe shave it off for charity sometime and meet up with someone who hasn't seen you since you started on this journey. I bet you they'll walk straight past you! When I originally lost all the weight about 7 years ago (oh, how easily it creeps back if you let it) my own mum didn't recognise me when we met up one time - and I'm a 6 foot blonde! Can't have been too many of them around that day! lol

thermy said...

I'm not good at compliments either. I'm woring my way up to saying thank you and moving on. :) I'm trying to get out of the habit of responding like this -

Random person: Hey Cathy, you look great tonight!
Me: Yeah, this dress was only $20, bargain right?

Another random person: You look great! Really fit!
Me: Oh, I got a sunburn last week so I think it's the tan.

Josie said...

The one thing I never want to go back to is drinking soda. Besides the actual pounds I've lost, I think I'm the most proud that I haven't had any in 172 days. Yes, I'm still counting the days! LOL

I did day one of this challenge, but haven't done any since just because I had my own challenge of sorts to do. So I've been working out, just not this routine. Sorry about that! I am hoping that I can do today's workout though, provided my legs allow me to! (so sore, still!)

Seth said...

@Chad - Thanks. It's a lot of hard work, you're right in that.

@Nicole - that's one of my lines too, "just a few". It's funny how there is like another world of people just like me through the blogosphere.

@Kyle - Complacent attitudes destroy success. Once we are content with where we are, we are already behind.

@Patsy - that's really funny, your own mom didn't recognize you? I don't think it would be that different without all of the facial hair...I did shave it down to just a goatee(sp?)

@Thermy - Why is it that we do that? Is it right to say that we are really good at being humble?

@Josie - I really wanted to encourage people to get active. This is the only place that I can talk about getting fit and not feel bad for talking about it ALL of the time. People outside of this blog world don't get all that I'm doing -- you all do.

Staci Dombroski said...

I love it when people compliment me on my weight loss! Way to go, you deserve it :-)

Jeremy Logsdon said...

It is ALWAYS exciting when someone notices we've lost weight. Especially when it's someone we aren't close enough to to know we're trying to lose weight. :) Kudos!

-J.Darling said...

I never want to go back to a feeling unattractive on the regular! Sure, it may seem vain, but at 255lbs (my heaviest), I felt totally unattractive. I was just waiting for "somebody" to love me - as a person. Taking care of myself? "Why?" was the first question that came to my mind. Never again!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Embrace those compliments. You've earned them!

Blubeari said...

Compliments are verbal fuel!! I haven't made much progress yet, but after I reach my goal weight I never want to feel sluggish and too heavy to move again.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Compliments feel pretty good, but they can be a little awkward too. Honestly, I am a lot like you. When someone gives me a compliment I always say thank you, but usually I'm thinking "really?"

BTW,I really like what you are doing here with the Challenge.

deisegirl said...

Compliments are so great to get! So I make sure if I even *think* someone is after losing weight to mention it. More often than that for me to notice it that means they have lost weight and you can see how much it means to that person if someone notices. I know it meant a lot to me when people started noticing my weight loss!

I also try and compliment someone if they're wearing something nice but that's more of a girl thing I guess ;)

Tricia said...

so lovely to receive compliments!