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BMHW Challenge Giveaway Winner & another Pic

I am seriously motivated to keep on with bettering myself. I'm not sure what it is but something clicked and I want to try new things and to push forward even harder. I can picture my body taking shape physically and that is some of the motivation I know. I took some progress pictures, as I do every two weeks, and badly want to put them up here but will not until school is out. I have my shirt off in them and I'm not sure how many of my kids read this blog and the thought of me with my shirt off is not something I want them thinking about while at school.

I will however give you another pic that I found on my computer as a Before picture. I'm going to be changing the "My Pictures" page up soon so that it is more organized and cleaner.

Now to the important stuff. The winner for the Blogger-Made Home Workout Challenge is...

Congratulations Gokey! If you are Gokey and want to receive your prize - be sure to return the email that I send you. I know that you have another name and I will look back to get it - but Gokey works for now.

Ankle News:

The ankle seems to be doing just fine. It is still bruised and fat, but I do have a little more mobility in it. It is actually the fibula bone that is fractured. I continue to walk on it daily with the boot and the boot has been so supportive. I've been wearing the pedometer that last few days; yesterday and today's distances have been 2 + miles. I'm happy about that. It's holding up well I do believe.


Yesterday I tried Yoga for the first time and someone told me not too. They did tell me to try Pilates. My wife does Pilates every so often and so I thought that I would give that a try tonight. It will be interesting to see how that works out. I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

Now that I am picking up some miles --- that 200 mile giveaway is right around the corner. There are so
me good prizes that will be given away - be sure to stick around to find out.

What do you do when you hit a wall with workouts and/or weight loss?


dawne said...

Wow - impressive results Seth!

When I hit a wall, which I have, I change things up. Do something a little different. Change the time of day I exercise, the kind of exercise I am doing, change up the food I am consuming. (adding snacks etc.) I did this on the advice of bloggers, and by golly, it worked!

cmoursler said...

I'll be honest...I have kept changing things up all along and have never had a plateau.
I gradually increased my activity..while decreasing my calories.
I do either thing at intervals....I never stay the same for more than three to four weeks at a time.
I have never plateaued.
Great job on pushing forward.
You can def. see the difference.
keep up the good work.

Sayre said...

Your progress pictures are pretty amazing. Good work!

I find that I need re-motivating fairly often. My goal is to hit 50 in the absolute peak of health with no prescription drugs necessary to keep me alive. I try different things, change where I walk, and look at everything I do as a chance to exercise. Even cleaning the bathroom is exercise the way I do it. It makes the most of your time.

Kat said...

Wow, the pictures are great - you can see how much progress you have made! Glad your ankle seems to be on the mend. I try to do more intervals when my weight is not moving - it helps.

Rosa said...

Hi Seth. I hope Pilates goes smoother. I was the one who said not to do Yoga, but I meant to say "NOT YET". You need the ability to balance for the movements that require you to be on your feet. But when you get better, I hope you try it again to regain balance, coordination and flexibility. Speedy recovery!