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Body Resistance Training is Tiring

Today was the first day that I incorporated some body resistance training into my workout routine. I began with my cardio doing 60 minutes on the treadmill. I said that I would push myself and that I did. I did 3.31 miles -- that's not much different than normal but I changed the speed constantly. I built up to a 4 mph walk (4.5 is the jog speed that I used in attempting a 5k) and from that point on I stayed in between the 3 mph - 4 mph speed. I don't think I had sweated so much with a walking workout. I can't run at night because we are on the second floor and it may bother the people down stairs.

After my cardio I did some exercises using only my body as the resistance.

-2 sets of 15 with forward lunges on each leg. (thoughts: not too bad, effective)

-A set of 2 normal planks holding for 30 seconds each. (thoughts: this sucks but I stuck with it -- it was hard because I have not held myself in that position for a period of time in a long time)

-2 sets of 20 Calf Raises. (thoughts: easy enough, next time i will up it a set)

-A set of side planks
for each side holding for 30 seconds. (thoughts: this still sucks, my body was shaking pretty bad but you can tell that it will work. Maybe some movement will be added once I get stronger. A lot like Pilates I think.

As for the first day of adding the body weight resistance, it went well. That's all I have for right now.

What type of body weight resistance exercise do you do that works for you?

Calories: 2105 cal.

Workout: 3.31 miles


z-nasty said...



3.just about every ab workout-

4. Although I don't do them anymore- Chair Dips

5. and just for fun cartwheels, handstands, and one legged jumping

Seth said...

nice zach. I fully expect you to be rock solid when you get back in the states.

Old_Or_Fat_But_Not_Both said...

milk jugs filled with water make nice 8lb weights. half a jug=4lb weights.

squats, bicycles, marine hold, flutter kicks, supermans (or pointers), star jumps, are more body weight resistance exercises that are great!

And if you don't mind looking foolish (or if you have kids and want to have some fun outside)---bear walk and crab crawls.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Pushups are good and I want to buy a pullup bar so I can start doing pullups.

Seth said...

@Andrew - I knew that pushups were good for you...did you see any results from the 100 pushup challenge?

Seth said...

@OoFbNBoth - thanks for all of those...I don't have any kids (besides the ones at school where I teach) but still might do some crab crawls & bear walks

Jeremy Logsdon said...

Kudos on the planks. Those kick my tail every time I do them. Push Ups are a good one to work in, too.

Personally, I really like using free weights.

-J.Darling said...

Have you considered Yoga? It's TOTALLY effective in what you're doing (and very peaceful).

Seth said...

@Jeremy - free weights really help with muscle stability

@J.Darling - diff. note --- I actually just listened to a podcast last night on Yoga while working out. I've thought about looking more into it and have started too just a little.