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February ReCap & an Idea

February was a month that opened me up to see what I was capable of doing. To be honest, I was very happy with what I saw and did. I did not pick up any miles of what was not completed last month but this month will be the month to do it...I hope.

February Recap

Starting Mile Balance: 950.39
Ending Mile Balance: 873.04

Starting Month Goal (incl. Feb & off pace): 103.23
Ending Month Mile Achieved: 77.35

Miles off pace to reach year pace goal: 25.88 (down .07 miles from Feb 1st.)

Days in February: 28
Days worked out: 20
Days no workout: 8

Avg workout per day by 28 days: 2.76 miles
Avg workout per day by Workout: 3.87 miles (rounded up .01)

Starting Month Weight: 220.20
Ending Month Weight: 211.00
Month Weight Loss: 9 lbs.

Total weight Loss in 2010: 24.81 pounds
Total Miles traveled in 2010: 136.96

Miles Until Year Goal Achieved: 873.04

So there you go. That is the Month of February all wrapped up. It was a good month. I had hoped to get some of those off pace miles caught up but I am okay with that. Thanks for the support during February and PLEASE keep it coming! I will put March Goals as a post tomorrow.

If you like the results that I have received and want to join me in the quest (we can set your miles accordingly to what is left in the year) than contact me. The more that are doing this with me - the easier it makes it not only for me, but for you as well. Maybe I could get some shirts drawn up or something. This is just an idea! Maybe an idea that can come to fruition.


Carol Anne said...

yay! I'm so proud of you again! You are doing an amazing job! :)

chelseybell. said...

woohoo! you are doing awesome!

Seth said...


Jeremy Logsdon said...

24 pounds in two months is incredible! Congrats!

Seth said...

Thanks - it's roughly bout 3 lbs per week or a little less...I've surprised myself