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Good News + Bad News + Bad News = Good day?

Good News # 1. Okay, today I woke up with the energy that I have been wanting. I haven't been lacking energy really but I just felt good waking up. Every day at school I go through with the kids what will be taking place for the day and try to start the school day out on a positive note. I've hit some obstacles today though. The good news was that I was ready to face the day with loads of energy.

Bad news # 1. We play basketball at a local church. For myself, and a few other guys, this has turned into an awesome opportunity to mentor a couple teenagers. Even if it is just showing them some respect, having a positive relationship, and/or listening to their stories - it pays huge dividends in their lives. On the front page of the newspaper last night were two of the guys that come play basketball regularly with us. They had been arrested for being a part of a theft ring (some 14 diff. reports of stealing). Talk about a downer. These things happen and you move forward from them, but it is never fun going through them. So, that was a bit disheartening.

Bad news # 2. It is now known at the school that I work at that I will not be teaching there next year. I will be going full time at the church that I also work at. That is good news but since I told the school the news - sometimes I feel out of the loop now. It is a wonderful school and I have been very blessed by this school - so if any of you from the school are reading are a blessing to me and my wife. I just feel out of the loop sometimes and that can be frustrating.

Good Day? With all of that being said, how can this still be a good day? I've had ups and downs and it's not even 9:00am. Well, I'm not one to stay in a down mood. To be honest, being upset is boring and takes too much energy. Why wouldn't I rather go work out and use my energy instead of moping around. My ankle is feeling good, I'm going to get a gym workout in today, and will shoot some hoops at the gym too. That is always a mood lifter. Despite the amount of downers and obstacles that jump up and show their ugly face -- I can always think of something that is better. Today will be a good day.

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Steve said...

"To be honest, being upset is boring and takes too much energy."

I love that line, that is awesome.

Sorry to hear about the basketball kids, but overall it seems like a pretty good day, and the fact that you are willing to tackle it no matter what is great!

-J.Darling said...

I received a survey recently that asked me "How do you handle being mad or upset?" While the usual things (talk to a loved one, etc.) came to mind, the most common one is "fix the problem." If I can fix what's making me upset, great! If being upset will only result in working myself up MORE and not actually changing the situation, than I need to change my view of the sitauation instead, and give it up to God. ;)

Sounds like you're on the right trick buddy! Life's too short. ;) Keep it up!

Sayre said...

I love your attitude. I try to take that negative energy and turn it to positive action... until my head feels better too. I had a serious disappointment earlier this week. I was so angry about it that my teeth were clenched and my heart was racing (this is very unusual for me). So I went outside and weeded the front flower bed. When that didn't calm me down, I went for an hour-long, vigorous walk. That helped. On my way back home, I stopped at a friend's house. She'd recently lost her mother and I'd been worried - so we talked for a while and after that, I felt GOOD! It just took a lot longer than usual to get to that place. But I didn't put any holes in the wall or slap anyone or drink or do any of the destructive things that a lot of people resort to when angry. That made me feel good too!

Lora said...

Sorry to hear about the kids. Don't get too discouraged though; God put you there to mentor those kids for a reason. Just pray for them.

therightfit said...

Sounds like you are doing wonderful things in your community. It is very inspiring. I also love how you are not wasting your precious energy on being down or upset! This is a very good reminder to me right now.

Kyle Gershman said...

Very uplifting glass half full kind o' guy...thanks for sharing this.

Missy said...

Tough day. Good for you seeing the big picture and not allowing life to get you down.

cmoursler said...

I hung out with my girl scout troop today. We look at worms I bought from walmart and then set them free.
Sometimes I wonder if we don't get them young, if there is really any turning past a certain point.
At the late teen years they have really built up a trajectory that is hard to move.
Get em young and you really have a shot.
Have you thought about a youth basket ball camp?
Just a thought.

Jess said...

Being upset seriously takes so much energy and happiness away. I'm glad you moved on and re-gained strength to tackle the day again.

I'm glad I inspire you to work harder! I wanted to tell you that you inspire me to kick my own butt because of that home workout. That thing was INTENSE. I'm going to see if I can do all the highest levels in a few weeks (or we can re-do the challenge again to see how much we've improved).

I'm also happy that your ankle is doing better! YES! Super Human Seth will return in NO time!