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How Much is Mental?

My wife and I were talking tonight about weight loss and working out in general. I know that I sound like a broken record saying, "You can control two things - what you put into your body and how much activity you do", but I do believe it to be true.

I use to want both of us to live a healthier (and still do) lifestyle but failed to take on any kind of leadership or set any type of example. I would get upset when things did not get done in that area of life but now have come to realize that it has to be done for that person. The way that I do things is not for everyone to do the same way. Working out and eating right is for that person to do on their own, in their own time. I've gone away from talking about me and my wife and have moved into the general audience.

How much of this lifestyle change is mental?

I think that I have been blessed with the ability to focus but what about the person that struggles with it. Is it their body that prevents them, financial reasons, or simply a mental level that one has to get too before reaching that point of conviction to live a healthier lifestyle?

I have decided to take on those three aspects for the next two weeks to find an answer; this will not be the only answer. This is how I will do it.

1. I will push my workouts harder these weeks.

2. With the exception of my treadmill, I will not use any local gyms, membership, or outside equipment that requires money. I will use things around my apartment and will add full body resistance workouts.

3. I will post my thoughts about my cardio and resistance workouts.

This may not be scientific but it will be interesting to see what comes as a result if anything.

Calories: 2235 cal.

Workout: 3.14 miles


Andrew is getting fit said...

I definitely agree that folks have to reach the point of deciding to workout themselves. We can encourage but not force.

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

You can't do it for other people. I'm helping someone one on one now and I just wish I could do it for her, but she's got to dig deep and find it for herself.

Seth said...

@Andrew - there is a clear difference between encourage and force and I didn't know it.

@Diane - definitely. I think what my problem was that I wanted them to do what I wanted them to do and impose my ideas onto them when I wasn't even following my own advice.

-J.Darling said...

Hi Seth! I love to see what you come up with! For me, working out outdoors doesn't feel like a workout at all, but a spiritual and emotional boost. The physical work out portion is practically a byproduct. :) I'm sure it's similiar to what you get from playing basketball...

Which reminds me... I found a basketball court at a park near my new place! I think my brother and I may need to schedule a weekly one-on-one! :)

-J.Darling said...

Oh yeah - on KPBS last night, a fellow was lecturing on brain healthy (but overall health was the biggest part of his presentation). A few things he brought up -
People now-a-days are largely deficent in vitamins gained by sunlight exposure. Maybe you could include the weather conditions during your outdoor excursions?
He also mentioned how giving in to temptation is really a constant killer. Sort of like what you said above. People want things to change, but don't take leadership over their cravings/temptations. Then they give in, and feel bad that nothing changes. Eventually, they feel defeated and that things CAN'T change. So the trick is to treat every day like a new day - a new chance to make healthy decisions. :) One meal at a time.

Seth said...

@J.Darling - That's the mindset that makes the change happen. The weather is starting to look better here -- i took the kids outside when we had some free time today...I can't wait for great weather...i'm looking forward to tennis.

JilliaN* said...

I love reading your blog.