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Updated Photos & A Workout Created by You!

I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words and all of the prayers that you offered in regard to the passing of my grandmother. Thanks so much!

I have really taken to this idea of taking pictures of my workouts, food, and just life. I wanted to share some more pictures of what my workouts consist of and a little of my life. One of those pictures is of me lifting the couch for a workout – suggested by Jeremy from Stellar Path. It was not as hard as it looks as it has a pivoting point with the back legs of the couch.

My wife and I made some homemade pizza tonight. I saw a recipe on a blog (I read lots of blogs) and forgot what the recipe said. We improvised and went to the produce isle at the store for some pizza toppings. I had little sauce, little cheese, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and turkey bacon. We wanted to add some meat and I did remember that they used turkey pepperoni but the local store had none; we used turkey bacon. The pizza was really good and did not sit heavy. I would have rather had whole wheat dough though. I couldn’t find any. Any help with that?

I was looking forward to running at the park but then remembered that I have basketball tonight and thought I keep myself fresh for ball. The weather was so nice though I could not pass it up. I asked my wife if she wanted to take a walk at the park and of course she said yes. We didn’t get a long walk in b/c of some storms coming in but it was nice to include her in my workouts and have fun. She took some pictures of me today that I want to include.


On a different note --- it is time for you to create my next week’s resistance workout. I will attempt to do what you all tell me to for my workouts. I am leaving it up to you and am willing to try anything. I will continue to do my cardio either outside or on my treadmill but would like for you all to create my body resistance workout. As you can see from some of my workouts…I’m open to anything.

Leave a Comment posting your idea for a workout that you want me to do for one day. I will group the workouts together and take pictures of me doing those workouts. I will give you and your blog a shout-out in the process with a link back to your blog. Get challenging too – I want to challenge myself.


thermy said...

I'd be too scared to lift up my sofa with my head that close to the floor! (I'd be afraid to disturb a huntsman spider!)

Staci Dombroski said...

That is a great idea! I wish I could think of a workout right now. HHHHMMMMM, maybe rock climbing?

Shawnsthoughts said...

you should do jump squats... stand in a running stance (or boxing stance) and then squat and touch the floor and then jump up and switch feet... Try it for 30 seconds and then move to 45 and 1 minute as you get better... They are no fun... IF it easy to start with 30 seconds move up to 45... you get it... Keep up the good work and man your looking great!

Shawnsthoughts said...

not only that you could do pull ups... with out any kind of bar... you take a towel and throw it over the top of a door. then you grab the top of the door (with your face next to it) and you pick your feet up and hang for 3 seconds and then you do a pull up... I didnt think it would hold me at first but it does. Good work out... You might also try dive bomb push ups... you get in a four point football stance with your butt high in the air and then you dip down to where your face almost hits the ground and you follow through with the rest of your body and then you go backwards (that being one rep)...
these are just a few ideas... have fun...

Craig said...

Good pics! You're doing very well and the pizza sounds yummy.
I would try the lifting the couch idea, but then I'd have to vaccum too, and who has time for that? lol

Seth said...

@thermy - thanks for stopping by. Our place has been sprayed multiple times for bugs and spiders (not that it would keep them out) but to be honest...i didn't even think about it. Thanks! Now I will! :)

@Staci - I'm trying to think of a place to do rock climbing. I'm not sure...I'll have to figure that one out.

@Shawn - Are they jumping squats or jumping lunges? Those are a good idea - great plyometric workout -- keep them coming.

@Craig - My wife - right after she took the pic said..."ewww, you can really see the dirt" - I just pushed the couch back over it when I was done. Ha.

Jeremy Logsdon said...

I suggest step ups. Find a park bench, step up and down, alternating legs, many 25 times each.

After that, do 4 o'clock pushups. You start in standard push up position, do a push up, and then walk your feet around from the 12 o'clock position to the 3 o'clock position, do a push up, then go to 6 o'clock, push up, then to 9 o'clock, push up, and back to 12, push up. That's one turn. They're tougher than they sound. I don't think I've ever done more than three. :)

Missy said...

Holy camoly - the difference in that before and after picture is amazing. Great work!!

And the pic of you and the wifey is so cute ;o)

z-nasty said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandma. I'm praying for you and your family.

"I will attempt to do what you all tell me to for my workouts. I am leaving it up to you and am willing to try anything."
Oh Seth... so many things come to mind ;)
I will try to be nice.
These workouts are really good ideas. I have been brainstorming and wondering what I am going to do for a workout this summer as I will be traveling around for 4 months.
Workout suggestions:
1. close grip push-ups
2. domino jumps (i don't know what they are really called but they are a plyometric workout) pretend there are five dots on the ground, or you can actually paint them on your floor if you didn't pay a deposit on the apartment. The five dots should looks like the five dots on dice or a domino . .
. .
a) start with a feet apart and on two of the dots. jump putting feet together on the middle dot. jump again with feet about shoulder width apart onto the next two dots. Jump and flip around and then go back through the dots. and keep repeating.
b) then stand on one foot and jump on the dots in a Z formation forwards then backwards and then switch feet.
try to do these quickly.

Seth said...

@Jeremy - Thanks for the exercises! the 4 o'clock push-ups sound intense, they will for sure be included

@Missy - thanks, I think she's pretty cute too.

@z-nasty - I couldn't find anything about the domino jumps online...I'll look on youtube when i get home to see if anyone has an example, push-ups will be for sure.

Matt said...

I don't do WW, but we really like this pizza recipe of theirs from the Cook It Quick book:

We use Flat Out flatbread for the crust, opting for personal size pizzas and I think there's probably a whole wheat variety. I never thought I would like pizza without tomato and mozzarella, but I was pleasantly surpised.

MargieAnne said...

Hi. Thanks for the encouraging note you left me a few days ago.

You'll miss your Grandmother. I'm sorry for your loss. All the preparation in the world doesn't stop you feeling sad, and that's how it should be. My Mum is 2 months away from her 95th birthday. Everyday becomes a treasure as we know it cannot last forever.

I think you're mighty game to be willing to do anything that is suggested in the way of 'resistance.' Sorry I have no outrageous or even normal suggestions.


z-nasty said...

I guess you couldn't find them because they are called dot drills.

Patsy said...

I'm so sorry about your grandmother...

Thank you for commenting on my blog - if you hadn't, I probably would never have discovered your! Amazing before and after photos! Will be back for a 'proper' read a little later. :o)

Tricia said...

great pics!

sorry to hear about your grandmother.

Mary - A Merry Life said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother.

i don't have any suggestions, but I'm enjoying your creative workouts. Couch lifting seems hilarious, effective, and cool all at the same time.

Lisa said...

you look so different! congrats! So sorry about your grandma. I lost my Grammie almost 3 years ago and I still can't talk about her without crying.

Fit Mommy said...

Oh, how I miss good pizza. However, as a Celiac, I love brown rice doesn't sit heavy.

Love your blog!

Dana ( said...

Looking awesome! Keep it up! So glad I found your blog!

ashley!nocera said...

Thanks for the support. I don't hate all men...just the superficial ones, which seems to be about 90% of all the men out there. But I suppose the same can be said about women. I just wish it wasn't that way... But regardless, I'll get through it. Keep up the good work yourself! I love the picture of you benching the creative and I'm sure it's pretty effective! You have a great blog!