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Outdoor Running & Temptations

Another beautiful day today. Winter can stay away for good, at least until December - we all like white Christmas'.

I took advantage of the weather and went to the local park and worked out again. My goal, via Twitter (MistrTyler) was to run for 20 minutes non-stop. It was a success! I opened up with some stretching and some walking to warm my body up and then was off. I wore my pedometer on my shoe as usual and from start of walk to end of run was roughly 23 min 45 sec. I took a picture of my watch which says 24:25 (I forgot to stop it because I wanted to take a picture of the water fountain that was not giving me much desired water!).

I also took a picture of my shoe that read 1.64 miles.

To be honest, I didn't map anything out and just started running. It is a lot different with all of the hills but I also attacked those hills -- I actually changed direction to run into a neighborhood that looked hilly. I need to learn how to run on the different surfaces that I don't get with my treadmill. Don't get me wrong...that treadmill has been a life-saver but I won't be running my 5k on the treadmill.

I played tennis again and came out with the win again. We played the best of 7 games. I won the set 4-3. It was a bit tougher playing after the run than yesterday when we played before the run.

I still have some a couple more miles tonight to do but will put some time in between the two different workouts. I'm feeling pretty good.

As for the temptations. Today was another teacher's birthday and they had a counter full of sweets and goodies. Can you guess which snack I had?

Calories: 1943 cal.

: outdoors - 1.64 miles; indoors - 1.44 ; total = 3.08 miles


Jeremy Logsdon said...

I was wondering how your run went tonight when I was on the elliptical. Over 1 1/2 miles is awesome! When do you think you'll sign up for a 5K?

Shawnsthoughts said...

Seth... keep it up... I start on Monday with the wonderful jogging... Going to get in the best shape of my life (no longer round)... Keep it up!!!!

Seth said...

@Jeremy - I have a 5k planned for the first week in May (tracker on right side of page, GOTR 5k) -- That was the closest one to me when I first decided to do one but I may be itching to try one before then. I know I'm not ready for one right now but come May I hope to be able to run the whole thing. If I did one now I wouldn't be able to run it all.

It's funny that you said you were wondering how my run went while you were working out -- You all are what helped me get through that 24 minutes -- maybe that's weird?! This blog has really helped keep me accountable and push myself.

Seth said...

@Shawn - thanks man! you had lost a lot back in college, to be honest - I was envious cuz it wasn't happening for me. I look forward to reading about it, that is if you post it.

Jess said...

Congrats for that outdoor run! Keep it up. I ran my first straight 5K ever today on the treadmill. It was effin' amazing. I thought I wouldn't be able to do it until July. But oh, how I doubt myself.

Keep up the miles :) You're closing in on your goal one step at a time!

Randi said...

Wow congrats. I cannot wait til I can run for 20 mins straight.

Seth said...

@Randi - Thanks! You'll get there.