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Outdoor Workout w/Photos

Today was day two of my Resistance Training Workouts. As stated in a post earlier this week, I am using only my treadmill and my body to workout the next two weeks. Today was a wonderful day (temperature) and I took advantage it. I called up a friend and played some tennis, which I won (sorry Breandan), and then decided to work out in the park. It started to get a little colder and I was a bit nervous about running outside in the cold. I was never a distance runner and the idea of running outside was a bit nerve-wracking to begin with and then it got cold. While playing tennis -- I was literally thinking about that run the whole time.

It wasn't that bad until the sun started going down. It was cold and the air being breathed in was cold but I continued to run even when I wanted to stop. The hills, pavement, softer ground, and other differences I came across were not as scary as I thought it would be. I knew I would eventually have to start running outside sometime because of my desire to run a 5k. It started today. I ran just shy of a mile
but I will take it for the first time outside.

Is it weird that I was nervous about running outside?

Anyhow, I read Andrew is getting fit's blog and he always takes pictures of his runs. I too decided to take a couple pics not only of my run but of the workout that I created while at the park.

Stairs, Bench Jumps, and Inclined Push-ups.

I ran up and down those stairs 5 times and one time my shoe got caught up on a stair and I went flying down towards the cement but I caught myself. I truly felt that I was doing a yoga pose when I caught myself-- I like to thank it was graceful if someone was watching. I did not gash anything thankfully. The park bench -- I simply jumped two footed to the seat and jumped back down. I did this ten times. The table I used for my push-ups. I did 2 sets of 15 with my hands on the bench.

This was actually going to be my "off" day but each time I say that, I get to that time when I normally work out and can't really think of a reason not to work out. Yeah - my body is a little tired but I have no true reason to sit. This is just me. I actually feel pretty good right now and will probably get on the treadmill later tonight to move that mile tracker number up some more.
The second week of my body resistance training I am asking for you input to make my workout schedule. I will use the exercises that you give me for my workouts except for my cardio. I will continue to do my cardio routine so that I can reach this goal.

Continue to give me some body resistance workouts that require no money. Thanks guys!


Cardio Workout: 2 miles


Jeremy Logsdon said...

Good workout man. You're doing some of the same things my trainer has me doing in the gym. One thing that we've also done are wall sits. Basically, you sit, as though you were in a chair, with your back against the wall, and hold it. Tougher than it sounds.

Seth said...

@jeremy - I remember wall sits from high school and see kids do it for fun at the school I teach at. Next week i am letting you all dictate my resistance training workout with your suggestions. I think this is now on there. Thanks for the input!

-J.Darling said...

Way to get out there and go for it! Afterall, what's the worst thing that can happen? The chance of injury isn't much greater than running indoors - and outdoors is FAR more interesting. ;)

Andrew is getting fit said...

Great pics. I love seeing a bit of where bloggers live!

z-nasty said...

What do you do for stretching?