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Push Up until You can't Push Up No More

I had been thinking about it for a week now but had not done it until tonight. I wanted to see how many push-ups that I could do in a row. I did that tonight to the point of muscle failure. I know that a couple of my readers may not agree with muscle failure, and the technique is controversial, but what I wanted is to do as many push-ups as I could until I couldn't do any more.

My results

Push-ups in a row: 31

Total number of
push-ups: 65

Did I try 66? Yes, couldn't do it. I tried stopping at 64 but my wife said, "One more!"

Here's some pics of my Push-up Party.

I was really appreciative that my wife said I could do one more. I didn't think I had it in me but she gave me enough motivation. With that said...I want to give you that same support that she gave me. If you are in need of some motivation - hit me up with your email and I'll try to send something out to you every now and then.

Have you ever had that time when someone pushed you to do more than you thought you could?


cmoursler said...

yes, the time Drill sergeant McCrystal said If i didn't finish my run I could get recycled throught the sixth week of basic...What great motivator he was. lol.
Great job on the pushups.
Your wife sounds like a great gal.

Just a Girl said...

Well done Seth, I couldn't manage that many! My maximum is around 15 at the moment, my upper body strength is severely lacking!

Jess said...

I like the failure idea personally. That's how I was taught to lift (that you shouldn't finish the last rep). But, that's besides the point.

It would be AWESOME if I could do one real push-up and I'm so glad your wife was there for support. She's awesome.

When my friend was home for the week, he spotted me on the bench press and every single time we'd hit the last rep, he'd be like YOU CAN DO ONE MORE and even if I thought I couldn't, I did.

Keep it up! And yes! I agree with the warm-up and cool-down stretching. I stretch longer during cool-down normally though.

Miz said...

love the wife cheering you on.
when is her guest post coming?
the woman behind the man :)

Learning to be Less said...

I lovr doing things like this. I do push-ups every morning. Makes me feel a wee bit bad-ass. P90X really pushed me. Tons of push ups and pull ups.

Good for you. Could not have been easy with that ankle.

Ms. Chunky Chick said...

I love your blog! I gave you an a award because what you write realy does make a difference.

Shane said...

Hey Seth, i actually did the P90x fitness test yesterday, and being a nerd, lol, I made a video of the pushups and in and outs, to be posted on my blog later.

I did 20 pushups, so you got me by 11! I will now start trying to close the gap! haha.

Have you ever seen this site?

I am going to do the program, but I want to see first if it would be too much for me personally to do that and power 90 at the same time.


Seth said...

@cmoursler - I like her :) Thanks for all the support!

@JAG - I seriously think that you would kick my butt in a fight. I've seen your progress.

@Jess - I've seen studies on (muscle failure)it both personally, I kind of like it but can see the other side as well.

@Miz - I'm not sure about the guest post but she does have her own blog, it's a craft, crochet, etc. blog --

@Learning to be less - They were all one legged push-ups...

@Ms Chunky Chick - Thanks for the award -- I commented on your posting. I want to make a difference.

@Shane - I actually looked into it just last night. I read AndrewisGettingfit's blog and saw that he had done it. I think I might try it. I'd love to do P90x.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

I'm all about doing exercise to fatigue and push-ups are one of the best ways to incorporate several muscles into one exercise.

You are lucky to have someone there telling you to do one more. It's so much harder to give up when someone is watching.

Shannon said...

Tee hee hee, I love the face mash picture. You inspire me to go pass my comfort zone.

Keep it up!

Chad said...

More proof that you are an exercise warrior! And as for the getting pushed thing - every visit to my trainer consists of that - being pushed to the point I think she's lost her mind, and then I realize I can do more than I ever thought!

-J.Darling said...

My friend challenged me to a triathlon in 2008. I didn't think I could do it. I know what you mean about muscle failure! I could barely stand/walk afterwards!

And here I am - doing ANOTHER triathlon in May, and a 1/2 marathon in September! And I have to sign up for 1 more race to keep to my "3 while 30" goal!

Tatulah said...

That is awesome! Wowza, great work. Now I'm gonna go do THREE push-ups! You've inspired me past my previous limits ;D

Sayre said...

A few years ago, I took KenPo (a self-defense martial art). It always started with an exercise session to get us warmed up. And it wasn't unusual to have to do 100 pushups or squat kicks or situps. It was pure torture, but eventually I got to where I could do it. However, once I stopped going to that class, I stopped doing that other stuff too. Even to this day it FEELS like punishment, but I know that if I ever have to do it again, I probably could.

Congratulations on your achievement. Take it from one who knows - that is a big one!

Kyle Gershman said...

Ok..ok...I get it...I need to work on push ups...yes...I've lost a lot of weight and my cardio is doing well, but gotta spend some time on the muscles...

Great job Seth!

Kat said...

Awesome job on the push ups! My husband encourages me to push myself too. It is very cool to have a partner that supports you...:-)

spunkysuzi said...

I'm on my way out the door to do some more sprints and you've given me the push to try my all today! Thanks

Anonymous Fat Girl said...

Yep! I always do better when someone's pushing me. Whether it be my trainer, my workout partner or my spouse.

And P.S. I believe in muscle failure. :)