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A Running Guide for the Overweight Runner

There is a man that runs around my town all of the time carrying himself with no evidence of being tired. You may see him out at the park r...


Windy 2 Mile. Awesome Fitness GIVEAWAY Winner!!

Windy 2 Mile.

Today was a very windy day. I didn't run on Tuesday (which through me off schedule) and didn't get to run yesterday due to that unexpected trip. I got to run today and it was a rough and tough run. Thursday is the three mile run for the week, but it became the Thursday 2 mile today. I actually felt way over pace in the wind but was actually in the 8'50"s the first mile. Second mile was a little slower with about a 9'30" mile. It wasn't a bad run mentally, this one was just fighting the element of wind.

My 5k is just over a week away (Yes!) and I am still shooting for that sub30. I know that I can run it as I have before -- I just want to make sure I don't over process it while I'm running. If you are mentally drained while running - It doesn't take long for the physical draining to catch up. Overall, it was a good run -- windy with a side of windy -- , but good nonetheless!

Thanks for all of the compliments with the head shot comparison pics. I didn't expect the "good lookin" bits and pieces, but hey - I'll take 'em where I can get them!

I know this is why you all are reading this Post. It's because I am about to announce the winner of the Awesome Fitness Giveaway...but you'll have to wait.

If you are on Twitter - go check me out.

You can check up with the latest things that I am doing -- some of my newest run times -- and some nonsense as well.


There were 82 entries into the giveaway. I used a random number generator and comment number.......

#34 --- Katie J wins.

Katie J -- You just won an Awesome Fitness Giveaway Package....You need to hit me up so that I can get your info! styler [at] cccb [dot] edu

How Do You Take Your Compliments?!


Noticeably Different. Skinny Man. Comparisons.

My wife and I took the day off and went to our old college to visit some friends and to take care of some things. It was an expected trip -- but earlier than we had thought. It was nice to have the day off and go see some friends. We walked around campus and I saw a few people that I knew and each time received something different related to my appearance. . It was really cool - but can also get really weird. From my close friends saying "skinny man" - it was pretty expected that they would notice, but when it's from an old acquaintance that look "noticeably different"; I wasn't sure quite what to say to that. I said thanks!

It's been a very long day with over 5 hours of driving, a meal with Carol's brother at a mexican restaurant, and another late night workout (to be done following post).

I thought I'd leave you with what 56 pounds off of me looks like from a head shot.

What is the Greatest Compliment that you have Received?!


Yoga-X Pictures. Chicken Kabobs. Tues-Day of Rest.

Tues-Day of Rest

Yesterday was a really good day. I dropped below 200 pounds for the first time since high school! I experienced yoga in a way that I never have – (it was only the second time ever). Another thing that yesterday did, was allow me a peace of mind to take a bit of a break today. Today was 5k Tuesday, but it ended up into Tues-day of Rest on the running front. I will be back at it tomorrow. I took a nap when I got home from school and slept a bit longer than I had wanted too – it was very nice. Saturday is normally my rest day but I will do a run on Saturday to make sure I keep up with my 1,010 in 2010 pace. Rest is so nice sometimes. I still have p90x though tonight. Day five!

Chicken Kabobs.

I tried to make chicken kabobs for the first time as well tonight. It wasn’t quite as successful as I thought that it would be. I use a charcoal grill and grill chicken quite often – but for some reason – when you put chicken, onions, tomatoes, green pepper, and zucchini on a skewer…I just can’t grill properly. It seemed like what should have taken very little time…a looong time – and we were starving. We ended up taking everything off of the charcoal grill and throwing it on the George Forman grill. We cheated. We also had corn on the cob. It was a good meal!


As I said ealier, I have only tried Yoga once and that was when I was in my ankle boot. I really couldn’t experience it to the fullest, but that changed last night. I experienced Yoga – p90x the fullest. It was a 1 ½ hour long experience! It was quite the workout too! I don’t think I have sweated that much during a p90x workout. My wife joined me in the workout -- she is becoming quite the stud -- in the most feminine way of course!

I have decided that I would give you a bit of a look at what I look like while doing Yoga.


Yes - that is my wife's Pink Yoga/Pilates mat!!

What is the One thing that has put you out of your Comfort Zone the Most?


The Weigh-In. Happy. Picture.


I had a good smile this morning, but chose to suppress my manly roar of satisfaction in fear of waking the neighbors. I have officially entered into Onederland! I had been flirting with this level this past week and they finally let me in. I’m speaking as if someone literally opened the gates to this awesome amusement park and let me roam free. I did dip below 200 lbs earlier in the week, but didn’t want to say anything just in case - if on challenge weigh-in day, I was at or above that number. As of today, I have lost 55 pounds (!!) from my first decision to do something about my weight. You can see the day and picture that started it all here.

It really is something special for me. I’m enjoying today – at least until my p90x Yoga workout later. I do not know what will happen with that. We will see though. My wife and I also will be going to the park for a 1 mile walk and for me, an additional 1 mile run. I think this will set a good pace for me for the rest of the week.

I really thought that I would have a really cool post to write when I entered into Onederland – but I don’t. It’s simply awesome without having to add the witty fluff.

I’m simply happy.

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Flirting with Onederland. 5k time. P90X.

Flirting with OnederLand.

Last week (Monday) I weighed in at 202.4 lbs. It is by far the lowest weight I have been since high school. I think I left high school around 200 lbs. I’m 5’8” and my weight is pretty proportionate throughout my body…but even at 200 lbs – I’m considered obese (BMI of 30.4). It is not until 196 lbs that I get to experience what overweight is. I can’t wait.

I have put in a lot of hard work since 202.4 lbs on Monday. I am hosting a six week weight loss challenge (come join the progress of 13 participants) and have been working hard to take the weight off while utilizing the wealth of health knowledge through books, magazines, and all of the tips that the weight loss/fitness blogosphere has to offer. It is paying off. I have been flirting with Onederland all week. I will not know until tomorrow’s weigh-in whether I will officially enter into Onederland or if I will be denied another week. It’s exciting. If I enter Onederland tomorrow - that will mean that I have lost over 55 pounds since I started losing weight. Results are fun and fun to look at. Some day I would like to use my experience and knowledge to impact other people whose shoes I have filled…or have even overflowed.

I’m ready.

5k Time.

I am a little more nervous about posting this 5k time because it means that when my upcoming race comes…my time should be close to it. I have purposely been not posting my running times because I felt like it was coming across as bragging and I try not to do that. My times have been getting consistently better. It’s easy to be big-headed and I’m trying to get smaller overall…not bigger. My times aren’t worth bragging about anyways. They are just personal bests and I compete with myself only to make myself better and not to intimidate others. I sincerely hope that I don’t come across as bragging or anything close to that fashion because that is not my intention.

The time that I ran my 3.1 miles in today is my personal best. I have been keeping a low 9 min pace lately and I ran my 5k today in 27’33”. That is definitely the sub30 that I have been shooting for. My goal for my first 5k is to do it in sub30 fashion. I’m nervous about posting times because they don’t seem real to me. That 27’33” 5k time does not seem real. It happened though – I know that.


I am on my third day of p90x. I really enjoy the workouts because they push you and allow you to push yourself. They are a bit time consuming though and when you don’t have a lot of time to put into them…I can see how it could get hard to do it. So far, I have been able to find the time. I think I’ll be able to find the time too. I have noticed that since I have been working out so much since January, that I have not watched TV, played Wii, or games on the computer as much as I used to. It’s actually quite nice. P90X is a beast.

A Shout-Out.

As I do every once in a while – I wanted to shoot you the way of another blogger. I actually went to college with this blogger, but hung out more with her husband. It wasn’t until about a month ago that I found her blog and realized that she worked out. I hope that she doesn’t mind that I am sending you her way but she just accomplished something I find pretty cool in my book. I’m not even going to tell you what she accomplished – just suggest you go there and give her some love! Go check her out!

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What was your Last Non-Scale Victory?!
Let us enjoy it with you!


The Mental Aspects of Running

The Mental Running Game

I was reading Half of Jess' blog and it got me thinking. She said - "I also love running because it brews discipline".

Now, I've spoken on the connection between running and discipline here before, but wanted to dig a little bit deeper into it. All of what I write as a runner is from my own experience and may not be everyone's experience. As a non-runner, I didn't understand the people that ran everywhere. I had a friend in high school that would run 15 miles to school and sometimes back home after school. He was a running machine. I didn't understand it. I'm getting a better idea now that I am running more - Running creates discipline.

As I was replying to Jess' post, it made me think more about the mental aspect of running and not just the physical doing or the "how to". I believe that my body can do it and the more I do it - the more I confirm that my body can and will produce.

We exercise our bodies with the best form of workouts available. It may be P90X (got it tonight), 30 Day Shred (wife does this), Yoga, Pilates, Bootcamps, Crossfit, Insanity, Dance, Wii Fit, and you know all of the others. We use these forms of exercise to achieve the level of fitness that we approve acceptable for our body. They are mostly for our body only though. Doing the physical workouts is something that I love. I simply enjoy it. It's a developed form of mind though. It's rare that one loves a hard workout without ever having worked out before. What does this have to do with running?

With the gym workouts and dvd's - you have planned routines and you know what to expect. Running, however, is not always as reliable on what to expect. There are obstacles almost every time that I go running that I have to work through.

I like to think of running as the ability to exercise discipline. We do all of these exercises to get our bodies fit, but when we think of running - it's just putting your feet in front of each other right? The physical aspect of running sounds simple and can be simply explained, but running is definitely a mental thing. Many times we fail to be disciplined during the exercises and activities that are dependent on us to utilize follow through.

When you are running, you typically don't have a trainer telling you to pick up the pace. You don't typically have someone standing there making sure that you don't take the short cut. It is you, your mind, and the run. In my opinion - our bodies will do most of what our mind tells it to. You only have yourself to rely on when you are running. You are your best motivator, trainer, and #1 fan.

I know that my legs will get me there, but the question is if my mind will allow it to happen.

We stop ourselves so short of our potential because of the fear of pain, failure, and/or fear of further expectations. Many times we fail to even start because of those things. We are capable of succeeding when we push past the wall of mental restraints that we have built and held up for so long.

As I focus on running, because that is something I enjoy doing - my success is not determined by my time, the race, or personal bests. Success is however determined by whether I pushed past the shallow limits of what other people, society, or my mind tells me that I can't do, be, or overcome.

Running, in my opinion, is far more mental than physical. The running will help make you fit, but how I benefit most from it is that running exercises discipline.

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Lightning Run. Fitness GIVEAWAY!

What's faster than lightning?

So, it’s been raining all day and I didn’t get to run for very long. I waited for the rain to steady out a little bit – hoping that the lightning would subside (which it did for about 20 minutes). As soon as I got to the park to run the Thursday Three Mile, it started lightning again. I waited – gave it a ten minute rule of no lightning – and decided I had enough time for a mile run. There is nothing like a mile run when you are unsure of lightning. I ran a mile in 8’20”. What?! Yes! I knew I didn’t have much time for more than a mile so I gave it a solid effort. My breathing was much heavier than it normally is, but I decided that I should give it a go to see what kind of time I could make. It rocked my socks off (or was that the lightning that showed up not 1 minute after I was done?). No, it was the run. It felt good.

(fit with a purpose)

As you can see, I’m coming up on 300 miles for the year. I have a tracker there on the right side of the page at all times. For those of you that have not been here long – my original goal for this year was to walk/jog/run 1,010 miles in 2010. My goals have kind of shifted to a new focus since the start of this blog, but I have kept that goal. I’ve hit a few rough patches, read here, but have been blessed with a quick recovery. To celebrate my 300 miles (which will be coming up in just a few short days) – I’m doing a GIVEAWAY!

I’d love to say that someone contacted me and offered their products to give away – but that didn’t happen and this stuff is directly from my hard work to your winning hands. I think I picked out some cool things for it! Who would’ve known that I would have already crossed the state of Missouri by foot?! Crazy cool.

In the Giveaway are some cool items. Gold’s gym 65cm Exercise/Body Ball, Jump Rope, and Resistance Tubes, Starter Water Bottle w/watch inside, pedometer, and the newest issue of KC Fitness Magazine (for the local flavor).

I’m biased, but I think this is a good Giveaway!

Enter now to win the F.W.A.P. FITNESS GIVEAWAY


1 - Become a follower of my blog if you are not already and leave a COMMENT.

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The F.W.A.P. Fitness GiVEAWAY will end on Wednesday April 28th, 2010. Winner will be announced the following day!


Wellness Run. Skinny Cow. Few Weird Tidbits.

Wellness Run.

Today was Wellness Run Wednesday and it was a good run. It turned out to be 3.72 miles (according to mapmyrun). I mapped it out and then went to run it - I guess I was already in the zone because I turned one road to quickly and messed up the distance. I had thought I mapped the right road (ran the right road in my mind) but couldn't figure out why the original mapmyrun mile reading (4.23) and my car mileage reading(3.7) didn't match up. Human error. Oops.

It was a smooth run with little trouble. Every once in a while I would feel a little soreness pain, but it quickly went away. I was happy for that. The weather was gorgeous again today and I'm developing quite the arm, face, and neck tan. I really enjoyed running the new route. I finished the 3.7 miles in 39'34". It's also the furthest distance that I have ran at one time.

If you would have asked me last year if I was able to run 40 minutes...I might have said yes as long as their was a mountain dew, Taco Bell, large stuffed crust bbq pizza, and a Huge cake waiting for me. I couldn't have made it ten minutes.

I felt good today though. I try to watch my breathing and when I was at 3.5 miles I focused on my breathing to see how heavy I was breathing and I was happy with it. I'm happy to be breathing. :)

Skinny Cow

I have been hearing the hype on the Skinny Cow products. I decided that I would give it a go. It was pretty good. This is no official/requested review either - just so we are clear. I just wanted to get something sweet that might be good for me at the same time. You hyped it up - I tried it out today. I got the strawberry shortcake sandwiches - they were good. My wife and I got raspberry sherbert about a week ago and have been eating a small portion of that when we want something sweet. It's a different type of sweetness the ice cream and sherbet. Ice cream made me want more and the sherbet usually just satisfies. We will probably get the Skinny Cow again sometime, but remember...I'm a cheapskate - so we will see how often.

Few Weird Tidbits

I am a teacher and last summer when I was on break I decided to tutor some students. One of these students was from the public school. They really wanted to get into the private school that I teach at. She was a little behind, but worked really hard. She progressed pretty well but for whatever the reason, they didn't enroll her. I run past her house on most of my runs because it is on my route. I am known around town as Mr. Tyler. She saw me and yelled out - "Hey Seth!". I was confused. It didn't bother me, but it was weird to hear a student call me by my first name. I said hi and kept running.

I had been thinking that I had yet to have a dog encounter while running. A couple days ago I had my first dog encounter. It was a large Boxer. It was a pretty dog, little fierce looking, and a big softy. It ran along with me for a few yards and then went back to it's owner. Nice encounter. I had another encounter with a dog yesterday. It was fierce, stood its ground, and stood barely a foot off of the ground. It was a little Terrier. I laughed and kept running. Funny.

TMI coming up? Probably Not. Runner's problem though. So, this weird tidbit is not really that weird due to the fact that it is fairly common, but friction from the shirt while running had created some pain. Apparently, sweat and friction from the shirt will cause pain. I don't think it's much of a woman problem though. I looked up remedies and decided to get athletic soft tape. Worked. Felt good.

If you were to go back one year from today, what would you tell yourself?


Fifteen Reasons. 5k Tuesday.

Fifteen Reasons.

Sometimes I don’t know how to rest and/or stop when my mind is focused on something. I have to make sure that I am level headed when I am doing things so that I don’t over do it. That is why I set up my running schedule. I love all of this running. In order to keep myself level-headed and focused all on fronts - I decided to make a list as to why I am enjoying my runs, workouts, and eating decisions; so that I know for my own purposes. After I wrote it out – I decided that I would share some of those reasons with you; they are in no particular order. This list is not only limited to my running, but also involves likes from the weight loss/fitness categories.

1. I enjoy seeing the results of my hard work.
2. It’s quality thinking time.
3. It’s free.
4. Fresh air is awesome.
5. Only I am to blame if I fail to do my best.
6. I get to exercise discipline.
7. My wife said, “You’re so skinny” today.
8. I’m faster.
9. I can do 40 pushups in a row, take a rest, and then do more.
10. It’s easier to tie my shoes.
11. It looks that my story has inspired some – that’s what I want.
12. I’m growing in knowledge.
13. I look younger.
14. I feel younger.
15. It’s easier to be me.

This list certainly doesn’t cover all of the reasons as to why I enjoy a healthier lifestyle, but it is a good start.

A challenge for you: Make your own list. Post it on your blog, facebook, and/or in several tweets. Tell us why you enjoy living a healthier lifestyle.

5k Tuesday.

Today was the first 5k Tuesday and once I began running, I didn't feel good. I made the first mile in good time, but the pain started to come. My side/stomach was hurting but I pushed through it and it went away. It continues to amaze me at how the body will overcome the things that get in our way. I finished the 5k in 30'41". I sprinted to the end.

There were some high school tennis matches going on at the park courts and it allowed for a laugh at the end of my run. There was a crowd watching the games and then you see me running. The tennis courts come into focus as you make a turn on the road going around the park and I'm afraid I probably looked like I was the kid trying to run hard - as I sprinted to the end - to impress the popular girl on the playground. I ran right next to the courts sprinting as much as I could to get that time. Quite a good laugh picturing me flailing by.

Tell me one reason why you enjoy the healthier lifestyle and then go make your list!


Sound of Silence. Run Schedule. Weight Loss numbers.

Running to the sound of silence.

I was mid run when my mp3 player shut off. I knew it was going to end up dying before I even went out and ran. I was originally going to take the iPod out since there was no chance of rain, but it had even smaller battery life left. I chose the mp3 player to listen to for the short bit. When it died, it left me only with my thoughts and the sound of my breathing. I tried to figure out what most people do when they are without music and running and decided that I am not most people so I will try my own routine. I went through what my post tonight might say, what I might do tonight, and then just simply listened to my breathing. My headphones were still on so it kind of shut the rest of the small clatter of the world out for the most part.

I focused on my breathing. My right side was giving a little pain. It was because my stomach was pretty empty. I didn’t realize I was even hungry until I had left to go run and it was too late – I was already committed and there was no stopping me. I ran the 2 ¼ mile trip in 22:25. It was my fasted 2 ¼ mile ytd. I love improving. I ran the first two miles at a 10:20 pace and the last ¼ mile at a 7:00 pace but I couldn’t have kept that for another mile – I picked up the speed b/c I wanted to finish before my previous best.

Run Schedule.

I don’t have a normal schedule for blog postings as some do, but rather just speak my mind and what’s on it. I try to make each post as real, honest, and as encouraging as I can. There is enough negativity around us every day that we need to take every opportunity for something positive.

I have decided to create some sort of running schedule for myself.

Monday - Free run. It must hit the 2 1/4 mark and has no time goal attached to it. This sets the pace for the rest of the week.
Tuesday - 5k run. I would like to finish my first 5k under 31 minutes. It'll be tough as I see it right now, but something to shoot for it.
Wednesday - Wellness run. A new route. I plan for this to be something different from the normal routine. 3.5 miles mapped out route.
Thursday - three mile run. Keep my legs fresh run.
Friday - Fun run Friday -- how far can I go? I want to take it to 4 mile Friday. It seems like that would be a good name for it, but I have to work my way up to the 4 miles...who knows, I could do it no problem...we'll see I guess :)
Saturday - Rest. I will try to take a rest on this day...we will see how that works out. I understand the importance of rest and my legs will need it.
Sunday - Slow Poke run. Not sure how slow I'll actually be running, but not going for a lot of distance on Sundays. I hardly have time to get a good workout in it seems on Sundays. Very busy.

Before I forget – I ran my fastest 5k ytd yesterday in 31:43. I don’t want this to become a numbers game but since I am training for my first 5k I want to let you all know how I am doing for that.

Weight Loss Challenge.

As I’ve posted about, I started a weight loss challenge last week. The first week of the Six Week Weight Loss challenge is over and the numbers that are coming in for the weigh-ins are crazy! People have taken this very seriously and are taking back control of their life. Here are some more numbers for you concerning the challenge.

13 participants are in the challenge. All 13 challenger’s weights combined equal 2,831.9 lbs. In the first week, the combined total of weight lost is 43.8 lbs! I am pretty excited of the results so far! I currently hold the second most percentage lost this week with 2.32% of my body weight. I lost 4.8 lbs! I attribute this to the 30 miles that I did this past week walking/jogging/running mixed with the extra Shred workouts with my wife. I have been pretty meticulous with what I eat and when I eat. Without sounding like a broken record, this week has been pretty good! If you would like to watch and see how the challengers are doing – go check out the facebook group page here and request to join in on their progress and some quality conversations!

I also have to give a plug for Carol. She lost 2.6 lbs this week!

Who has been the biggest influence in your Weight Loss/Fitness efforts?


We're in this together & a question.

Today I received a comment on my last post – (a must read) – by Chris that really made me think about everything. What we do on the health front will make one of the largest impacts in our lives. There are multiple reasons in why we do this and that is perfectly acceptable, but what we have in common is that we all have the same starting point.

Some of my readers have gone through the hard times and trials as an overweight person trying to lose weight and some are just now learning that their life has worth. I think it would be safe to say though that once that person decides and acts on the notion to lose weight and become healthy – that they just left the “I am not satisfied with who I physically am” group. That’s a tough group to leave because that group is comfortable, easy, and requires little effort.

As you know, I am huge on encouragement and the rest of this post will focus on the people that need the encouragement right now.

The first person that I want you to send some love to is Chris. Chris is a reader of mine and a blog that is one of my “Must Reads”. She met a huge goal today in that she has now officially lost 100 pounds. She lost 100 pounds! I can’t imagine how awesome that must feel. She wrote an incredible post about the awesome accomplishment. Go give her some love.

The next person I want you to flood with encouragement is Anthony. Anthony is attempting to undergo the Insanity program, c25k, a master’s program, and life in general. He has been busting his butt to take on everything at a level that is crazy…insane. Go show your support to him too!

The last person I want you to go fill her comment box up is Ashley. She just had a weigh in and year to date – she has lost 22 pounds since January! She has had her ups and downs so far this year like the rest of us but continues to stay positive. GO help her out too!

As for myself today…I’ll just say that I’m happy to send you their way. I’ll keep my good news for another day!

What was the best compliment that you’ve ever received?


It leaves you wanting more...

The first week of my six week weight loss challenge ends tomorrow, Sunday, night at 11:59pm. This week has been quite the huge success for myself. I have learned a lot about myself and my past dislike for running has evolved into a love for running. Who knew running would be easier and much more fun when you have lost some weight?

I don't want to puff myself up or anything like that but would like to just go back through this past week starting with Last Sunday. You guys were a huge reason as to why it was successful.

Sunday was Self Acceptance. This fitness/weight loss became a whole new ballgame for me. It started with that picture that I had found. As I stated, I'm not an emotional type of guy, but that picture helped make that fire under me grow larger. Since last Sunday - I have walked/jogged/ran 27.2 miles. That picture not only got me started on my journey, but it just moved me into another level of fitness.

Monday provided motivation. I ran the fastest mile since starting the journey on Monday. The first mile was completed in 9min 58 sec. I followed that sub-10 minute mile with the longest run since breaking my ankle - which was 2.2 miles. This day served as a huge motivation to get going. Monday was also the beginning day of the six week challenge. I weighed 207.2 in the afternoon.

Tuesday shifted focus. I went to the new domain on Tuesday. My fitness is founded on purpose. If I were doing this without purpose I would not keep the weight off and continue working out. My journey is not superficial and it is intentional. My wife also took a huge step this day and it was fun to watch! Thank you all so much for supporting her too.

Killer Abs Wednesday. Wednesdays typically don't bring much of anything. This Wednesday was different. I gained a new workout partner in my wife. I again ran the 2.2 course with the first mile beating Monday's fastest Mile time of 9:58. Wednesday's Mile time was ran in 9min 14 sec. I shaved 44 seconds off of the previous year to date best! The first mile was easy but the second mile killed me. I struggled. I almost quit. I didn't quit. I finished. I also committed to two races.

Declaration Thursday and the 3 mile. Thursday proved to be a really good day. My love for running was publicly declared and it felt good for all to hear. I have had a lot of time to think now that I am running every day. It's amazing how clear the brain gets when you are running. I even use my iPod when running, but there is something about running that makes the mind clear. I decided that I would use my naiveness expertise as an overweight runner and put it into writing. This was a lot of fun and could be expanded on like crazy. I ran 3 miles which beat Monday's longest run of 2.2 miles. I did the 3 miles in 32:15. I was pretty excited about that time.

Friday fun run. I did not post yesterday because of my busy schedule. I had a field trip and that messed up the rest of the day. I did get back from the trip, went home, and then went for a run. I had planned on a rest day - and by rest day I was just going to cut down on the running to 1.5 miles. I decided that since I did not need to pace for 3 miles that I would just try to beat my previous fastest mile time and then finish with the 1/2 mile. I ended up running 3.5 miles for the fun of it. I did beat my fastest time by 15 seconds. I did the first mile in 8:59. One of my original goals for the year is to run a 9 minute mile. I have checked that off of my list -- and then followed that mile by 2.5 more miles of running just for the fun of it.

Saturday = relaxation. I took a break today. I still managed 3 miles of walking throughout the day and quick mile on Wilma (treadmill). It has been very relaxing. We were supposed to go to Starbuck's and get my Caramel Machiatto w/lite whip today but decided that we'd do that tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to that.

This week has been a great week and I can only hope that this next one is just as good. This past week has left me wanting more. One thing that I know for sure though --- is that I will make the best out of everything that comes my way. Yes.

Thanks so much guy for reading and following along with my journey.

How have you been productive this past week with workouts, eating, and Life?


A Running Guide for the Overweight Runner

There is a man that runs around my town all of the time carrying himself with no evidence of being tired. You may see him out at the park running and/or while you are putting your groceries in the car at the store. He may be on his 8th, 10th, 12th mile and still be going fast enough to beat you in a race while you are given a bicycle to race with. There are these sorts of people that have the stamina to run like that; then there are the sorts like you and me. It seems as if there is a struggle for every mile, ½ mile, or even just the next tenth of a mile hoping and praying that we see our stopping point in the short distance. It’s different for everyone, but what is consistent is that there are people who are just learning how to run and have no idea what to do first. This is where I want to help. I am not an aged runner. I am still a rather new runner but running is growing on me everyday. Four weeks ago I fractured a bone in my ankle area and my love for running was not known until I was not able to run. Take the following pointers as you will. These suggestions and ideas are only from my experience as a trial & error runner.

Be Disciplined. Becoming a runner takes discipline. To push through the pain, obstacles, and mental games that we play on ourselves takes discipline. It is more than just putting one foot in front of the other. Taking the steps is the physical part, but for me, it is by far not the hardest part. Focus your mind. There are times when my mind tells me to quit because my body “can’t handle it”. I push and my body handles it. The mind can be persuaded. Set your mind and control your actions. Let everything you do be with purpose.

It's okay to be slow.
In the beginning of each year, loads of people want to get their life back on track and lose the weight that has set them in the shadows. Many, as I have in the past, think that they should start out by running. As good as running is – an overweight person with no experience in running should not be running that much or hard. It is something to be built up too. Being slow does not mean that you are not working hard or that you are not successful; it simply means that you are slow…for now. Continue moving forward and you will build up to a run. It will happen.

Get a good pair of running shoes. It would not be a good idea to take out your snow boots and decide that it’s time to go for a run. It simply wouldn’t. Running can be very cheap or very expensive. It is financially what you make of it. You do not need to have a gps, heart rate monitor, iPod chip, arm band, pedometer, and/or a pair of sunglasses. These are awesome tools to improve your running, but the one thing that is essential is a good pair of running shoes. Running can be hard on the joints and when you take into account the past sedentary life that you’ve lived – it can be extra hard on those joints. Good shoes are essential to alleviate the discomfort that those love handles may be causing.

Map out your route.
Do you want to set yourself up for a success or failure? If you would rather have the failure as an overweight beginning runner – strap up and start running. A person that is focused to go no where will end up no where. An overweight person that is successful in running takes the time to plan his/her route. There are a few reasons why I think this is good.

1. You've set a goal in how far you are going to go.
2. You have a record of what you've done and know how much you've improved over time.
3. It's easier to be motivated when you can see the end.

Find some form of accountability. Personally, I use the blogosphere for accountability and encouragement. Find a buddy to walk with, talk with, and to get fit with. Some of the best relationships come from people first starting out as accountability partners. Set a goal to strive for. When you have something in your sights – the focus is stronger, mind is clearer, and your desire pushes you. Keep yourself accountable and success will soon follow.

Pace Yourself. It will do you no good if you can run a 10 minute mile only to be followed by a 20 minute second mile. Find a solid rhythm that you think you will be able to hold for a specific length of time. Stick with that pace and keep moving. We’ve all heard it before, “slow and steady wins the race”. As many faults as that saying may have, it's not about winning the race right now - it's about becoming healthy and a solid runner.

Enjoy yourself. Do everything that you can to make your running enjoyable. I enjoy riding my bike as well, but in the beginning it was not fun. The seat was uncomfortable, the path was not visually pleasing, and I’d ride so far out that I didn’t have enough energy to make it back without stopping. I found myself having many “rest” days simply because I did not enjoy it. That changed though. I used every opportunity to make riding my bike enjoyable. I got a better seat. I found a new route. I worked my way up to longer routes.

It’s the same with running. Find your stride. Focus your mind. Try new things. Do not settle for anything less than what you want out of running. Running is just one avenue to the healthy lifestyle, but it can be an experience like no other.

Enjoy a life of running instead of settling for a run down life.


Killer Abs. Hanging On By a Thread. Race Schedule.


I really struggled with pain today when I was running. You are probably thinking, “Well Seth, you broke your ankle 3 ½ weeks ago and that's why you are in pain man". That's not it though. My ankle feels great! I was really worried about my legs keeping me from running well, at my pace, but it wasn't that either. It was my abs. They killed me. They hurt so bad while I was running. All I could do was to tell myself to keep breathing and keep moving. I let my legs just keep moving me. Thank you legs. Thank you ankle.

My abs were pretty much numb when I was done running. I didn't stop though. I finished strong to my car when it came into sight. Who would have thought that a Ford Contour would look so awesome. I finished my 2 1/4 mile in 23min 23 sec. That's 13 seconds over my last try at that mapped out run. I know that it had all to do with my abs killing me. I even had my best mile to date (9:14), but it was no match for the rebellious abs and two nice long hills. I made it though and I'm happy because I gave it my best.

Hanging on by a Thread

Before I went out to run I went to the store to get myself a little arm band mp3 player holder. I have an iPod but who wants to take the iPod outside on a run? Not this guy. I used my mp3 player and it was great to be able to wear it and also be able to keep my car key in it. No longer did I have to hold the player and key in my hand or in my pocket. That is, until I go to take the arm band off when I got home. The arm band was holding on by a thread. Seriously, the lightest of material (see through) is the only thing that kept the band together. I'm not too happy about that. One run and their band almost tears in half. And why? My arms are not overly huge and I didn't do anything but run. Pull strap, velcro, run, take off arm band. That's all it is required to do and it failed me. Oh well - guess I have to take this one back and get something else. It was nice while it lasted.

Race Schedule

I am getting pretty excited about the 5k that I have coming up. It is just under a month away, but it is a lot of fun to train for. I have not been able to run distances like these in a very long time. Living healthy is a whole new way of life. There would be a lot less overweight people if they could just experience some of the results from hard work. This healthier lifestyle totally beats laziness and complacency.

I have two races that I will be attempting to run in. The first race is on May 8th as I've posted about which is sponsored by the Girls on the Run program. The other upcoming race is on May 29th and it is a duathlon. The duathlon has two separate courses - a long and a short. The long course consists of Run 2 mile, bike 12.4, Run 2 mile. The short consists of Run 2 mile, bike 5, run 1/2 mile.

I'll probably choose the short, but will have a better idea when it comes time to choose. It's exciting to see everything come together.

What do you all do for a good recovery regime?

Fit with a Purpose. Two-person Workout. 5k Sign-up

I did it. There were some complications - but it's done. Now that it is done on my part - I've got homework for you to do... please! All of 1010in2010 and it's contents, mostly, will be forwarded to this domain name, but I need all of you AWESOME readers to redirect your links that go to me to say you? Be sure to change your Google Reader as well...please. It is essentially the same site with a different name, but the transition caused me to lose ALL of my past comments and messed up the Blogroll that I just recreated yesterday! I will be leaving the tab to say 1010in2010 for now so that people know they are at the right place.

So, why the name change? Well, I can tell you that it is no Chad Johnson OchoCinco publicity stunt. I wanted to be founded here in the blogosphere by surrounding myself with encouraging bloggers, readers, and friends who were here for the same reason - to get fit.

I could go out on many different rabbit trails telling my back story and what I want for me and my family in the future, but I don't want to bore you with those things. If you want that, check "My Story" - there's a whole page on it. One thing I do want to discuss though is the purpose for the name.

There are so many studies, charts, and statistics that tell us that people that are not healthy physically - are not healthy in most other areas in their lives. As I've said yesterday - I read a lot of blogs and have seen each of their stories - only to come to the realization that this time, a lot of the studies actually match their conclusion. Physically unhealthy people tend to be unhealthy in many other aspects of life. Whether it's through self-esteem, confidence, love, or whatever it is - most of us can attest that we are/were affected by the unhealthy physical choices that we made on some other level.

I started this blog with one goal. It was to walk/jog/run 1,010 miles in the year of 2010. It started as me just wanting to do something for myself to take back control. I did not know that it would become what it has - I LOVE THIS. My goal was to hit those miles and that any other changes in life - physical, mental, internal - would all just be a by-product of me chasing after what seemed to be a ridiculous goal.

It's transformed into something else. I am getting fit with a purpose.

I am intentionally taking over my life. I eat with purpose. I just ran 2.2 miles on a three week healed ankle because I wanted to; I was craving the run. I mentally push myself b/c I know I can push past my limits.

I am not successful by accident or by chance.

I work hard. I am getting fit with a purpose. I want to share my successes and failures b/c I know that through my successes and failures - others can become successful. I am worth the hard work that I put into my body.

I can't always put what I want to say into words, but fitwithapurpose goes far beyond just my life. It goes into each person that is struggling to lose the weight, heal past wounds, and journey into the future healthier on all fronts. People struggle with finding a purpose in life.

fitwithapurpose is here to give my story and to encourage others that they too, are worth fighting for.

Two-person Workout

Last night I agreed to work out with my wife. She had not yet worked out, but wanted to and we decided to do the Jillian Michael's 30 day shred. It was quite funny, the exercises of course and not my wife working out! I noticed that I still can not do the side to side agility moves with the ankle. It'll come but for now I just have to flail my arms around looking silly trying to do jumping jacks on one leg.

I told her that I would work out with her for the duration of the challenge. These will probably be on top of my own workouts as well. I really do like that we are both taking the steps to improve. This can only help with our future family that we want to have.

Jillian's dvd was pretty good -- I expected more physical workouts out of the shred, but I might just be over critical of dvd workouts other than pilates or yoga. What are your thoughts on workout dvds??


So, I just filled out my 5k entry form. May 8th, 8:30am - Girls on the Run 5k. I'm pretty excited for it and if you are wondering -- Girls on the Run is just putting the race yes, I can run with the girls.

Tell me where you were and what you were doing when you realized that you must change the way you are living.


I'm Proud of my wife! Dilemma, Help! Are you on the BlogRoll?

So yesterday was the starting day for the six week weight loss challenge that I have put together. There are 13 participants total and a prize of $130. That’s not too shabby of a prize if I say so myself. Not only am I the organizer but I am a participant too. I could get a good pair of running shoes, a good chunk of cash towards a bodybugg, or something of no relevance but that I like, if I win. Who knows! The choices are unlimited…except for the $130 price tag. If I did win, chances are slim...I'd give half of it to the top losing female participant.

It is not about the winning as much as it is to be able to inspire other people to begin a healthier lifestyle. Only three of the challengers are people that are full-throttle prior to beginning this challenge. That means that there are a lot of newbies – and anyone that has been doing weight loss/fitness for a period of time loves newbies b/c they love to learn about weight loss/fitness related things. Already, it has been a lot of fun!

However, this is not the reason that I have written this post. I really wanted to say that I am very proud of my wife. It’s generally easier for men to post their pictures a nd weight for all to see, but it takes much more for a woman. Women have much more guarded insecurities, fears, and comfort zones that couldn’t be broken by an army tanker.

She let down her guard.

She gave away her fears.

She accepted her body.

This may mean very little to a lot of my readers, but I know that many of you can connect with the fears that she experienced. I am very proud of her in taking on this challenge and I think she is pretty excited for it – now that what may have been the hardest part mentally, is over.

My wife has a craft blog and she posted her Beginning Picture for the challenge. Go encourage her! You guys are the best at encouragement!

The Dilemma

While I am asking favors for you…I have a dilemma. I bought a domain name for this site but am unsure on when to put it up and was going to see when you thought. Obviously, the domain name is the title of this site – What do you think? Should I wait until 2010 is over, go ahead and do it now when I have fewer readers, or what? I need Help!

Are you on the Roll?

Now that we are talking about this site, I updated the Blogroll on the right side of the page. Those are not all of the bloggers that I read, but some that update regularly and have awesome information. Do you not see your site on there? Tell me and let me know that you don’t and why it needs to be up there! I love to give other bloggers plugs and shout-outs. Yours may just be next!

Encourage My Wife! Leave Your Opinion on the Domain. Join the Blogroll!

...if you'd like of course.


Good day. Great run. Awesome Motivation.

One of my student’s mothers came in to class today and brought me the sign up form for the 5k on May 8th. We got to talking about it and I had been telling her that I was trying to train for it prior to my ankle being busted. I don’t think she had realized that I had never ran a 5k – or any long distances of any kind for 13 years – and was under the impression that I was fast.

She told me that the race wasn’t overly competitive and that the top male performer also gets a new pair of running shoes. Okay, that sounds cool but I know that I will not be that person. I just broke my ankle. She said that I should try to medal in my age bracket. I said, I just broke my ankle and just started running long distances this year. If it was a sprint – I’m all in but long distances take me, well…longer. I told my students to come out and beat me. I expect them to be able to beat me.

I’m okay with having a slow time. Maybe if I had not hurt my ankle I could have a better time right now - but to be honest, hurting my ankle has only helped my strength training. I felt that I needed to get out again and run some more so that when the 5k does come…I won’t be tooo slow though.

I ran my fastest mile today.

It was followed by a mile that could be my second fastest…and then some.

As you can tell in the picture, I ran 2.2 miles in 23 min and 10 sec. I might have been able to run further than that if I put my mind really on it, but I planned the run out before I ran it and wanted to stick to it. It took a lot in me to get that 2.2 miles in and I’m proud of what I did today.

I almost stopped running 3 times. It was around 12 min, 15 min, and 16 min markers. I didn’t stop. I didn’t want to let myself down and I knew a downhill portion of the run was coming up that I could coast on. I am going to rock the 5k when it comes, in my own way.

I love running outside.

I love my treadmill, but Wilma (my treadmill’s new name) can not compete with the outdoors. I am so happy that winter is gone and I can be outdoors for running.

I turned around at the end of Hormeyer St.

Quick Useless Lesson: If you have to wear an ankle brace – be sure to wear long socks when wearing brace. Ankle socks only allow the brace to rub against leg and hurt you while running.

I also started a six week weight loss challenge. My goal is not primarily weight loss as it is to have a overall healthy lifestyle. I like to change things up a little bit though, so I am leading up this weight loss challenge through facebook, check it here, and it started today. If you'd like to join - go check the group page and rules.

I knew that as soon as it started that I would have to face some type of temptation that is outside of the normal routine. It came in the form of a caramel ice cream sundae.

I resisted.

I win.

If you could choose to have one fitness related product or item – what would it be and why?


The picture. Acceptance. Success.

I found the picture that started it all.

It put me put me in my place.
It took me out of my
It showed me that I was not physically who I wanted to be.
It proved me a liar when I said I was fit.
It was honest.
It showed me that I did not control myself.
It called out to me to change myself.

I ripped it up. You can see the tear where I shredded it to pieces out of frustration and disgust.

I was probably winded after I tore it up.

It broke me.
It called me a failure.
I was embarrassed and ashamed to see it.
It hit me.

This is my life. I control what I put into my body and the activity that I do. I will not fall victim to the temporary and shallow delight that comes with overeating. I will not seek out useless food to fulfill the desire to hide my discontent with my physical appearance.

I wasn’t ugly, just fat.

I know that now.

I was not defeated.

I will not be defeated.

I am strong.

I am aware.

I am focused.

I am a success.

Can you accept yourself?

In the comment section - tell us one thing that you are that you are proud to be.

Take that one thing and run with it. Build yourself!


Broken Ankle...Pshhh - it's got nothing on me.

Today has been a really awesome day!

I...dealt it?

We meant to get up early to go to some garage sales, but we woke up late and decided to hit an auction. We actually went to two auctions and closed out a couple of garage sales. I was on with making some deals today.

As I’ve said before, I am a bargainer. What is a bargainer – Look it up in the dictionary and you'll see that my picture is right next to the word. When you don’t have a lot and don’t like to spend a lot, you learn to make deals. My wife walks away when I start to negotiate. We ended up getting a very nice island for our kitchen for $13. New, they sell for $119 at Walmart. Deal.

I grew up hunting and fishing and last week I bought a new fishing rod with a gift certificate I got for Christmas. This auction had a tackle box with about $100 worth of tackle. I got it for $25. Many of the things are still in the package – I don’t need that much…and I feel a little profit coming my way.

I know that this is a fitness blog and that is what I mean it to be, but I had to tell you all this because this was the beginning of what has turned out to be a great day. It had to start good to grow into such an awesome and productive day.

I Biked.

I got home and decided that my ankle was feeling really good and had no pain so far. I wanted to take advantage of that and thought that I would be able to ride my bike. It has been quite some time since I had a bike ride. I hooked up the bike carrier and went to the park to get a good ride in. I rode for 3.2 miles. If you have not ridden in a while and hop on…your bike will let you know that it’s not happy about the break you took. Ouch. It was a great ride and again my ankle experience no pain with the pedaling. I thought to myself,

you know, I might be able to run a little. Let’s see how it feels.”

I Ran.

I put the bike back on the carrier and did some stretching which was blissfully followed by a run. I ran..well - I jogged. It felt great. I set out to jog 20 minutes w/no break (fully knowing that I probably wouldn’t be able too). I was right in my thinking. Don’t think that I didn’t try though. I reached 11 min 20 sec. and my body was telling me to stop. I told it, “NO!”; then proceeded to turn around and jog back to the car. I could’ve walked back, but what fun would that have been?

I ended it at 13 min and 20 sec which turned out to be 1.16 miles. I ran a 13 minute mile just three weeks after my busted ankle? Yes I did. I give credit to my workouts during my down cardio time b/c I felt as if I hadn't missed a step. My body felt good, my rhythm was though a little shaky,but my breathing felt great. I did kind of run with a limp at first; had to work out the rhythm of the run to fully support my body equally. I’m telling you – it really felt good to be back. As slow as it may be…I’m back. *insert big sigh of relief*

I pushed up.

I have still been pushing on with my goal for the month of April to reach 1,010 pushups. I have a pretty good start. I need roughly 33-34 a day and over the last ten days I have done 330. I have not done them each day but have allowed myself rest days so that I am not constantly tearing the muscles down but allowing them time to grow.

Quick lesson for you: As you do your strength training workouts – it is not when you are lifting that you are building muscle, but you are actually tearing your muscles. It is during the rest periods that your muscles are growing. It is VITAL to replenish yourself with proper nutrients so that you can grow yourself in the long run and not weaken yourself. END Lesson.

You guys are awesome!

I am all about encouragement because we all need it. What I want you to do is, if you leave a comment – leave an encouraging word for the person before you as well. Maybe visit their page and come back and comment lifting them up. They just might need that from you.

also - be sure to leave your opinion on the new layout here. I want this site to be Reader friendly. Opinions wanted.


New Layout. A House Offer. Awesome Magazine.


If you are a regular reader you can see that I have changed everything about my blog. I have kept the URL 1010in2010 for a while so that I don't confuse people right now. My thoughts are that - this is a change of life and the way that I live and not only one year thing. I still have my goal of hitting 1,010 miles during the year of 2010 but I want to go further than that. What happens when I hit 1,010? Do I stop? No. I keep moving and move with purpose. That is why I have decided to change the blog title to "fit with a purpose". This is my life. I have a story with daily struggles, successes, and knowledge to give and I want to share it with those that read my blog. This is the reason for such a change. I hope it does not confuse you and that you will continue to push me to reach that goal of 1010in2010. You should check out my first post that I had on this blog - who knew I'd come so far physically in such short amount of time?


We found a house that we liked and we are in the process of working up a contract. There are a few things that need to be addressed on it and it looks like we're moving pretty smoothly on that front. It's very scary and exciting to be, even thinking of, purchasing a house. I turn 27 in a few months and I feel that I just now am getting some ground under my feet. I like that feeling.

A new magazine to read.

I use to buy, and recently did, Men's Health type magazines and such, but I find that I only really care for the article that tells of someone's struggle with weight & fitness and how they changed their life. That is probably because I can relate with that. A lot of the rest is just filler and garbage.

I, however, found a magazine that I really Enjoy a couple months ago. It is called KC Fitness and it is a localized Kansas City fitness magazine. It is simple, knowledgeable, and fun to read. I do not mean for this to sound like a review b/c it isn't and I get nothing from expressing my joy in finding such an awesome read. I just love to read magazines and this one has hit the spot. New favorite.

What do you think of the NEW layout?! Don't be shy - tell me what you think.