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A Busy Life with Mr. Tyler. & a Simple question

I live a busy life. Sometimes I'm not sure how I even get most of what I do done. Between my wife (you are awesome), the two jobs, the workouts, the blogging, the reading blogs, and the master's degree work --- I am busy. These last couple of days have been even busier with Easter holiday. It was so nice though - my favorite holiday. Going back to work was actually a break from life today. I liked it.

House Hunt Update

We did look at a house on Saturday and then again on Monday. It is a nice little house and we like it, but there are a couple different things that need to be discussed before we go further on it. It would be nice to be owners of a place. The idea is rapidly growing on me.

Random Info.

I am heading up a weight loss challenge through a lot of my friends on facebook. I think it would be good for everyone involved. It will help me with providing quality information for everyone. I really like to give out what I know. I guess that is why I am in the professions that I am.

Too much.

I ate normal today but still feel a little full. I also have been taking Jess' weekly challenge in loading up with water -but it isn't really any different from what I normally do. I'm sure I'll get back to normal. I am really missing the running aspect of my workouts. My wife said she thought that my left leg felt a little weaker than the right. No good. I am out of the big brace though and walking pretty normal. It's only a matter of time. It can't come too fast either, especially with the 5k only a month away.

That's all today. If you want to check out the weight loss challenge - click here.

Do You find yourself talking to anyone that will listen about weight loss/fitness related stuff?


Anthony said...

Man, I know how the grad school thing goes. It's all you can do to find time away from reading. I was a history student, so it might've been worse for me, I don't know.

I'm down for any challenge, man. Count me in!

Seth said...

@Anthony - click on the weight loss challenge and see if you can join. It should be open to anyone.

John's Weight Loss Blog said...

Every time I think to myself that I didn't have time to workout I add up how many hours I spent on the computer or in front of the TV and that excuse goes up in flames. Even the days I was working 12 hour days I could have made the time. I Need to focus on that.

cmoursler said...

Do I find myself talking to anyone who will listen about weight loss and fitness?
only my husband, kids, parents siblings inlaws, cashiers, beauticians....
(voice dwindles off as Chris wanders away to see who else she can annoy..)
oh, and owning a home is kind of like buying an elephant.
It's neat, but needs alot of upkeep.
But, you OWN the elephant.

karen (and john) said...

I just checked out the challenge and even though I feel my only real chance to "win" would be if I was the only one doing it (and even then I'd find some way to lose) .... I'm in. My son turns 4 in mid-June and I really would love to make a noticeable difference in myself by then (as much mentally as physically if not moreso!).

Jess said...

I really like talking about weight loss/fitness/cooking related stuff, but it depends on the person asking. Unless it's my mother, who always listens with utmost attention and love (and I love her to death), most people like to ask but they aren't really interested in the answer. As in, they really aren't hearing what you've got to say. They basically want the quick fix, but most of us aren't using the quick fix method, so they start tuning out. I've learned to really gauge who wants my advice and who's just asking for the sake of asking.

You ever get those questions? It's like, they ask you "How are you losing weight?!" and they want you to say "MAGIC!" and when you start telling them about exercise, they tune out.

Staci Dombroski said...

I love to talk about running and weight loss!! People at work come to me a lot and ask how I did it! Have a great day!!1

Jeremy Logsdon said...

I absolutely do! It's almost become borderline obsessive for me, at times. It's just me trading one obsession (food) for another (fitness). I guess this one is at least a better choice. :)

Steve said...

I will most certainly talk to anyone who will listen, my issue is that most of 'em don't really want to listen, or will jsut pretend to.

Luckily I have the blog and twitter :)

Andrew is getting fit said...

Heh...I must annoy folks with talking about running all the time!

therightfit said...

I love to talk about fitness related stuff, but most people don't want to hear it. But luckily my husband and Mother are really into it. Besides, I've yo-yoed in the past so I worry that people will secretly think, "There she goes again, losing weight, but she'll probably regain it all back!"

Good news that the ankle is healing up nicely!

Chad said...

I'll talk to anyone about it, but I try not to bring it up anymore. I don't want to bore people with it if they're not interested, or even worse, be "that guy" who's preaching about it all the time. So I let my friends bring it up, and try to just respond to what they say. My fellow fitness bloggers are the ones I can really talk to about it without guilt! :-)

erin said...

I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your supportive comments on my blog!

And it's so cool you're house hunting; we're going to close on our first house next month, and it's so exciting! (And scary and stressful!)

Lanine said...

Hey-you're living my life. Deep breaths and JUST DO IT!

Yes- I talk about exercise all the time but I think people get tired of hearing about it. What did we do before the Internet? Now we can hang with "our" people