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Fifteen Reasons. 5k Tuesday.

Fifteen Reasons.

Sometimes I don’t know how to rest and/or stop when my mind is focused on something. I have to make sure that I am level headed when I am doing things so that I don’t over do it. That is why I set up my running schedule. I love all of this running. In order to keep myself level-headed and focused all on fronts - I decided to make a list as to why I am enjoying my runs, workouts, and eating decisions; so that I know for my own purposes. After I wrote it out – I decided that I would share some of those reasons with you; they are in no particular order. This list is not only limited to my running, but also involves likes from the weight loss/fitness categories.

1. I enjoy seeing the results of my hard work.
2. It’s quality thinking time.
3. It’s free.
4. Fresh air is awesome.
5. Only I am to blame if I fail to do my best.
6. I get to exercise discipline.
7. My wife said, “You’re so skinny” today.
8. I’m faster.
9. I can do 40 pushups in a row, take a rest, and then do more.
10. It’s easier to tie my shoes.
11. It looks that my story has inspired some – that’s what I want.
12. I’m growing in knowledge.
13. I look younger.
14. I feel younger.
15. It’s easier to be me.

This list certainly doesn’t cover all of the reasons as to why I enjoy a healthier lifestyle, but it is a good start.

A challenge for you: Make your own list. Post it on your blog, facebook, and/or in several tweets. Tell us why you enjoy living a healthier lifestyle.

5k Tuesday.

Today was the first 5k Tuesday and once I began running, I didn't feel good. I made the first mile in good time, but the pain started to come. My side/stomach was hurting but I pushed through it and it went away. It continues to amaze me at how the body will overcome the things that get in our way. I finished the 5k in 30'41". I sprinted to the end.

There were some high school tennis matches going on at the park courts and it allowed for a laugh at the end of my run. There was a crowd watching the games and then you see me running. The tennis courts come into focus as you make a turn on the road going around the park and I'm afraid I probably looked like I was the kid trying to run hard - as I sprinted to the end - to impress the popular girl on the playground. I ran right next to the courts sprinting as much as I could to get that time. Quite a good laugh picturing me flailing by.

Tell me one reason why you enjoy the healthier lifestyle and then go make your list!


Kyle Gershman said...

Great run Seth!...

I guess one reason that comes to mind is that others don't know that I wasn't healthy before.

ashley!nocera said...

Great post again Seth!

One reason for me is simple...I'm happier when I'm healthier. IN EVERY WAY :)

Sure Shot said...

I FEEL lighter. It's an incredible feeling.

CJ said...

Good time! Great run!

One reason for me is cause I want to have kids soon and I need to be healthy for that!

Reese said...

The thing I love most about living a healthier lifestyle, is that I have more energy.

Anini said...

I just feel happier when I'm healthy. Also in the future I want to promote this lifestyle for the children of the future in any way possible. That may sound lame but when I am a teacher in a few years I really want to make a difference. With childhood obesity rising I will be looking for new ways to impress the healthy, happy lifestyle into their lives.

cmoursler said...

Already made
But my number one reason is of course, to live my life deliberately, instead of letting my life drift by.

Sylvia said...

I just feel better! I used to feel sick and bloated most days but now feel like I can accomplish anything. :)

Matt said...

LOL on sprinting to impress the popular chicks! Best thing about healthier lifestyle to me is simply feeling better. I started on Jan 1 and by Jan 3 or 4 I could already feel the differences in my body starting to take place. Less headaches, less tired, more energy, easier time waking up in the morning (though I'm still a hit the snooze button multiple times kind of guy).

Syl said...

Great post Seth, and great run!
I think the best thing about a healthier lifestyle is that I learned how to smile and my family has become active.

Kat said...

Great post Seth and a great pace as well! I have my list posted in my home office. I love being active and feel more confident trying new things. Here's to a good week!

Tonyne @ Unlikely Success Story said...

Wonderful post and as soon as I'm done with this stupid work conference I will make that list. :)

I think one of my reasons I'm enjoying my healthier lifestyle (one of hundreds) is better clothes. Shopping is so much easier now. Sad but true. :)

Staci Dombroski said...

One reason is how I am a good role model for my students and kids :) Have a great day! I loved your list!

Nona said...

Congrats on finishing that run in spite of the difficulties when you started.

Was great reading your reasons for getting healthier.

I enjoy getting healthier because I'm beginning to fit on the seats in the Tube and on the bus without spilling over. :)

Twice the Man said...

i can wear nicer clothes

Jeremy Logsdon said...

That's a great list. And you have definitely been an inspiration to me!

therightfit said...

Loved your list. One reason for me is that I feel happier and not as depressed when I take care of myself!

Tara said...

I enjoy this healthier life style because it's opened my eyes that I need to be healthy in all aspects of my life in order to live the rest of it at peace with myself.

kimbo said...

one reason: more energy!!

side note - part of my running route goes in a park/around a track and a local elementary school uses it for their track practice (? i think), so I was running yesterday and they had left 2 lanes empty for the public so im trotting along and then there's this elementary school race of like 9-10 year olds and they all streaked past me! had to laugh out loud at that one!

Chad said...

Great list, Seth! Sounds like you livened up the tennis match!

Meegan said...

Hi Seth - awesome list! After Tara at 263 and counting posted her list (inspired by you) I found yours! I posted one of my own too. Thanks for getting the ball rolling and for the great idea!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Great list. I did a similar post a while back. I have some very shallow reasons for working out and eating right, but hey, it's all good, right?

The biggest achievement I've had is eliminating knee pain.