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Fit with a Purpose. Two-person Workout. 5k Sign-up

I did it. There were some complications - but it's done. Now that it is done on my part - I've got homework for you to do... please! All of 1010in2010 and it's contents, mostly, will be forwarded to this domain name, but I need all of you AWESOME readers to redirect your links that go to me to say you? Be sure to change your Google Reader as well...please. It is essentially the same site with a different name, but the transition caused me to lose ALL of my past comments and messed up the Blogroll that I just recreated yesterday! I will be leaving the tab to say 1010in2010 for now so that people know they are at the right place.

So, why the name change? Well, I can tell you that it is no Chad Johnson OchoCinco publicity stunt. I wanted to be founded here in the blogosphere by surrounding myself with encouraging bloggers, readers, and friends who were here for the same reason - to get fit.

I could go out on many different rabbit trails telling my back story and what I want for me and my family in the future, but I don't want to bore you with those things. If you want that, check "My Story" - there's a whole page on it. One thing I do want to discuss though is the purpose for the name.

There are so many studies, charts, and statistics that tell us that people that are not healthy physically - are not healthy in most other areas in their lives. As I've said yesterday - I read a lot of blogs and have seen each of their stories - only to come to the realization that this time, a lot of the studies actually match their conclusion. Physically unhealthy people tend to be unhealthy in many other aspects of life. Whether it's through self-esteem, confidence, love, or whatever it is - most of us can attest that we are/were affected by the unhealthy physical choices that we made on some other level.

I started this blog with one goal. It was to walk/jog/run 1,010 miles in the year of 2010. It started as me just wanting to do something for myself to take back control. I did not know that it would become what it has - I LOVE THIS. My goal was to hit those miles and that any other changes in life - physical, mental, internal - would all just be a by-product of me chasing after what seemed to be a ridiculous goal.

It's transformed into something else. I am getting fit with a purpose.

I am intentionally taking over my life. I eat with purpose. I just ran 2.2 miles on a three week healed ankle because I wanted to; I was craving the run. I mentally push myself b/c I know I can push past my limits.

I am not successful by accident or by chance.

I work hard. I am getting fit with a purpose. I want to share my successes and failures b/c I know that through my successes and failures - others can become successful. I am worth the hard work that I put into my body.

I can't always put what I want to say into words, but fitwithapurpose goes far beyond just my life. It goes into each person that is struggling to lose the weight, heal past wounds, and journey into the future healthier on all fronts. People struggle with finding a purpose in life.

fitwithapurpose is here to give my story and to encourage others that they too, are worth fighting for.

Two-person Workout

Last night I agreed to work out with my wife. She had not yet worked out, but wanted to and we decided to do the Jillian Michael's 30 day shred. It was quite funny, the exercises of course and not my wife working out! I noticed that I still can not do the side to side agility moves with the ankle. It'll come but for now I just have to flail my arms around looking silly trying to do jumping jacks on one leg.

I told her that I would work out with her for the duration of the challenge. These will probably be on top of my own workouts as well. I really do like that we are both taking the steps to improve. This can only help with our future family that we want to have.

Jillian's dvd was pretty good -- I expected more physical workouts out of the shred, but I might just be over critical of dvd workouts other than pilates or yoga. What are your thoughts on workout dvds??


So, I just filled out my 5k entry form. May 8th, 8:30am - Girls on the Run 5k. I'm pretty excited for it and if you are wondering -- Girls on the Run is just putting the race yes, I can run with the girls.

Tell me where you were and what you were doing when you realized that you must change the way you are living.


Twice the Man said...

Good luck with the new name, new 5k and new workout partner

josie said...

I was an unhealthy 256 pound walking disaster just making my way through life. My how much things can change in just a few months. I love the new name and will change all my links. Thanks for adding me on your roll (again).

Congrats on signing up for the 5k!

Syl said...

you are going to do great at your
5k, can't wait to read about it!

~HoneyB~ said...

So agree about things in your life being messed up in other areas if your not concentrating on or working toward being fit! Just changing everything I eat, not just to lose weight but to be more healthy, has made a HUGE difference in my mental attitude!

Good luck with the new site :)

Paige said...

The moment that I realized I needed to change was (strangely at the movies. I was about to order a large tub of popcorn with extra butter, when I thought to myself; "If I can turn down popcorn at the movies, then I can turn down other 'trigger' foods and get in shape." I was already running, but wasn't eating healthy to go with it. I thought that if I ran, I could eat whatever I wanted and be in shape. Wrong! Ever since I started eating right (to go along with my running), I have been a much happier person!

Paige said...

Oh yeah...plantains taste like bananas, but not as sweet!

Jeremy Logsdon said...

Like the new domain name. Now we just gotta get you to drink the Wordpress kool-aid and all will be good. :)

Where I was... I was over 400 pounds and about to have to buy size 52 pants. 50 seemed big enough, 52 seemed monstrous, and I just realized, I gotta change this.

Granted, it wasn't that easy. There were ups and downs and a LOT of self-therapeutic insights (and I'm sure more still to come), but that was my turning point.

Tricia said...

good luck with the 5k!

bbubblyb said...

Great post!!! Good luck with the run and with the DVD's with the wifey.

For me, one day I was unwilling to start yet another "diet" and then the next day I was willing. The exercise kicked in a few weeks later when I went to a Dr. Oz seminar and realized that just 30 mins of exercise a day could change my life. I walked out my door the next day and walked out 15 mins, turned around and walked back. Did that EVERYDAY for months and the weight started coming off.

I love "fit with a purpose" great new name. My "fixing myself thinner" is really more about fixing the mental side of myself that let me get to 378 lbs in the first place.

Running Diva Mom said...

Good luck to you -- just found you!

I found I needed a change when I had my first kid and she was 18 months and a friend did Ironman. I couldn't even run a mile at that point. I realized til that point, I never did anythign for myself and wouldn't leave my daughter with my husband to run errands, or anything fun for that matter. I needed to do something for myself. Running has turned into doing something for myself and something good for myself at the same time. I'm a multi-taskin' mama now!! :-)

Andrew is getting fit said...

I like the new digs!

Randi said...

good luck on your 5k!

I personally love dvd's. Until I started doing C25K I did dvd's exclusively. Even now until my gym opens next week I alternate between Jillian/Tae Bo and biggest loser dvd's when I am not walking or running.


ashley!nocera said...

I've changed the link to you blog on my blogroll to Let me know if it's showing up that way.

Anyway, best of luck with the 5k!

As for me, It was this winter when i realized I needed to change. I was home for break and in the car with my mother (who is also overweight). We were out doing some last minute Christmas shopping and NOTHING FIT ME. I remember sitting in the parking lot outside of TJmaxx and I just burst into tears telling my mom how badly I needed to change my life and lose this weight which had been holding me back for years. Now, I've said this quite a few times before but although I didn't know what, something was different about this time. A few days later, on Christmas, my big sister got engaged. She asked me to be her maid of honor. All I remember thinking was "how am I going to be able to enjoy myself at my own sister's wedding if I wont even feel comfortable in a dress?.. oh crap, now I'll be the only fattie in the wedding pictures...ok, that's it...I HAVE TO LOSE THIS WEIGHT". And that was it. Those were the moments that changed my life. I thank God every day for them... A few days later, after I got home from the holiday travel, I started blogging...and here I am!

This is a great post! Thank you!

Reese said...

I'll change the link on my blogroll :)
The moment of change for me was when I looked down at the scale and it read 299 lbs. I just knew that I couldn't let it get to 300. It's all about me getting healthy now and setting a good example for my kids.

Nikki said...

I have the shred. I like Leslie Sansone power walking dvd's, she has one with a 12 minute power mile. I do that 2 or 3 times back to back. I just started C25K.
The reason why I decided to this is because I was so embarrassed going out bc people would always ask me when I was due!!! I would even say I was pregnant to save the embarrassment!

Tara said...

Congratulations on the new blog changes. Made the changes on my blog roll (though I miss you being at the top).

Where was I and what was I doing?

It's so sad. I had a picture taken of me outside of Denny's after visiting with a high school friend and she posted it on her facebook. It was so embarrassing the way I looked. I was all puffy. I went home that day after seeing the picture and played my last 6 hour session of World of Warcraft and got moving.

That was in December...

This week I met with a trainer, swam for a mile and ran for 2.7 miles and it's only Wednesday.

My depression has subsided. I sleep better. I feel better and slowly but surely I too am learning that I am worth fighting for...

Oh and you put me on your blog roll! That's quite an honor. Thanks!!

whyweight said...

I was at my 3rd son's wedding and was disgusted with the way my special dress fit me. I was even more disgusted when the photos came back and I couldn't face the creature I had become. That, along with dwindling health and feeling like life might well be over for me. With just 6 months of changes behind me now, I feel and look like a new woman. I love it!

Kyle Gershman said...

At one point I had lost about 100 pounds and got down to size 38 dockers. I had size 40 dockers that I kept around, but got rid of the 42+ sizes.

I started gaining back weight and couldn't get into the 38's the 40's came out of storage.

Those started getting tight...too tight.

Back to the drawing board... I'm now 20 pounds lighter than the last time I was on this journey. I already gave away my 40's. I haven't had to wear dockers for months now so I don't know what I'd fit into now!

Rettakat said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. You Said "Chris is a stinkin' weight loss/fitness jedi master. "

I'm still cracking up over that!