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Killer Abs. Hanging On By a Thread. Race Schedule.


I really struggled with pain today when I was running. You are probably thinking, “Well Seth, you broke your ankle 3 ½ weeks ago and that's why you are in pain man". That's not it though. My ankle feels great! I was really worried about my legs keeping me from running well, at my pace, but it wasn't that either. It was my abs. They killed me. They hurt so bad while I was running. All I could do was to tell myself to keep breathing and keep moving. I let my legs just keep moving me. Thank you legs. Thank you ankle.

My abs were pretty much numb when I was done running. I didn't stop though. I finished strong to my car when it came into sight. Who would have thought that a Ford Contour would look so awesome. I finished my 2 1/4 mile in 23min 23 sec. That's 13 seconds over my last try at that mapped out run. I know that it had all to do with my abs killing me. I even had my best mile to date (9:14), but it was no match for the rebellious abs and two nice long hills. I made it though and I'm happy because I gave it my best.

Hanging on by a Thread

Before I went out to run I went to the store to get myself a little arm band mp3 player holder. I have an iPod but who wants to take the iPod outside on a run? Not this guy. I used my mp3 player and it was great to be able to wear it and also be able to keep my car key in it. No longer did I have to hold the player and key in my hand or in my pocket. That is, until I go to take the arm band off when I got home. The arm band was holding on by a thread. Seriously, the lightest of material (see through) is the only thing that kept the band together. I'm not too happy about that. One run and their band almost tears in half. And why? My arms are not overly huge and I didn't do anything but run. Pull strap, velcro, run, take off arm band. That's all it is required to do and it failed me. Oh well - guess I have to take this one back and get something else. It was nice while it lasted.

Race Schedule

I am getting pretty excited about the 5k that I have coming up. It is just under a month away, but it is a lot of fun to train for. I have not been able to run distances like these in a very long time. Living healthy is a whole new way of life. There would be a lot less overweight people if they could just experience some of the results from hard work. This healthier lifestyle totally beats laziness and complacency.

I have two races that I will be attempting to run in. The first race is on May 8th as I've posted about which is sponsored by the Girls on the Run program. The other upcoming race is on May 29th and it is a duathlon. The duathlon has two separate courses - a long and a short. The long course consists of Run 2 mile, bike 12.4, Run 2 mile. The short consists of Run 2 mile, bike 5, run 1/2 mile.

I'll probably choose the short, but will have a better idea when it comes time to choose. It's exciting to see everything come together.

What do you all do for a good recovery regime?


whyweight said...

You are really doing fantastic! Glad you didn't lose your MP3 player!

Nikki said...

My recovery regime=going to school! I am going to school for Massage therapy and whenever I go to class I give a massage and GET a massage!

therightfit said...

For recovery, I make sure to get a lot of sleep. I find if I've had a heavy weights workout that I need that extra hour or so of sleep!

Seth said...

@whyweight -- thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement. I was not happy about that. I had actually just bragged about how great it was...that was until I noticed it was broken. Ah!

@Nikki -- I love massages!

@rightfit -- I love sleep but don't get as much as I probably should. I think I get enough but my body could probably sleep longer.

Matt said...

LOL, I bet the Contour did look great! I know just what you mean about being thrilled when the end of a run or whatever is just seconds away.

Jess said...

YAY FOR THE 5K! I'm excited to hear all about it. You're speedy gonzalez, Seth. That's a pretty fast mile for 2 miles. I can't hold that pace yet.

How I recover? Sit in the sauna, be a bum, stretch! and drink water :) And sleep. That's important.

cmoursler said...

recovery regime...probably ought to get one of those...think mine is aleve.

zachariah said...

The Duathalon sounds awesome. I would like to participate in that.

Great job on the run.

Tara said...

I'm not sure what my recovery regime is...Like Chris, I probably should get one.

On another note, you can still do the workout pledge with me. Ed (Monday315) did his workout yesterday but I can't match it until tomorrow. 92 minute workout. I'll be doing mine around 630a tomorrow. I've got a hot date with the elliptical and the Today Show!

KatDoesDiets said...

"This healthier lifestyle totally beats laziness and complacency" SO AGREE! Who knew?!

Kristina said...

Thank you so much for following my blog.....Ill be back to catch up on yours! Kris

Anthony said...

That's an excellent idea for your duathlon. I like it. I want to do one myself, once I get a bike.

Seth said...

@Matt- I couldn't believe how delightful it looked. i look at it right now and it just is a small car with squeaky breaks -- but at the end of the's something completely different.

@Jess - I'd like to have a sauna, but there is not one nearby...and I'm cheap so I definitely will not be getting one at the free gym.

@Chris -- ha! made me laugh.

@Zach - love your profile've really done well with your muscle building. We should do a race when you come back to the states; maybe when you come visit us in July!

@Tara - 92 minute workout. I think I might...I need to figure out what to do....hmmm? suggestions?

@Kat -- total new way of thinking!

@Kristina - No Prob! I love finding new blogs to read...come back and join in on the discussions!

@Anthony - right now, I just have a mountain bike, but I've read that you can put road tires for now on and it'll save some money...I'm all about saved money.

MaryFran said...

As I read I had lots of thoughts to share...but then I saw it. A duothon??? I've been in the dark! That sounds FUN!

Tonyne @ Unlikely Success Story said...

"Who would have thought that a Ford Contour would look so awesome."

I love that statement and I so know exactly what you mean, even though I drive a Toyota Echo! :)

Hmm, recovery...I'm not sure I do that properly. I know on Sundays after my longer runs I love to take an epsom salt bath and then a nap. I usually wake up feeling much refreshed. However, sometimes I just stay groggy. I'll be interested to see what advice you get! :)

josie said...

ice ice baby!

And a duathlon scares me...I'm in total awe of you.

Tara said...

suggestions - take your wife on a nice long walk for 92 minutes, hold her hand and tell her you love her!!


Seth said...

@MaryFran - Share your other thoughts too...we'd love to know what you are thinking!

@Tonya -- naps are usually pretty good! salt bath...hmm..never taken on of those. I'm not opposed to taking a bath.

@ Josie -- You'd knock the duathlon out just fine.

@Tara -- now don't go mushy on me :)

Carol Anne said...

I like Tara's idea!! :)

Lauren said...

Your progress and motivation are so impressive. You are going to rock that 5k!
I just signed up for one in June and it will be my first official running race.