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March Recap & April Goals

March was a month of determination and pushing myself further than I've been. To be honest, I was very happy with what I saw and did despite the circumstances. I was on pace to take off a lot of the off pace miles but about a week and a half ago, the ankle thing happened and that has me gimping around still. Obviously I have not been able to run and get the miles so I wore my pedometer throughout the day. That has helped my sanity knowing that I am not getting too far behind pace.

To any of you that have given me an award - I will try to make some time this week to post those and I also want to give a few shout-outs to my readers throughout this next month. We'll see how time goes.

March Recap

Starting Mile Balance: 873.04
Ending Mile Balance: 804.67

Starting Month Goal: 111.75
Ending Month Mile Achieved: 68.37

Miles off pace to reach year pace goal: 43.07 (up 17.19 miles from March 1st.)

Days in March: 31
Days worked out: 28
Days no workout: 3

Avg workout per day by 28 days: 2.00 miles
Avg workout per day by Workout: 2.44 miles

Starting Month Weight: 211.0
Ending Month Weight: 205.0
Month Weight Loss: 6 lbs.

Total weight Loss in 2010: 30.81 pounds
Total Miles traveled in 2010: 205.33

Miles Until Year Goal Achieved: 804.67

I'm really happy with how things turned out. I had hoped that they would be better in terms of miles but you really just got to work with what you've been given - so here I am.

April Goals

  • Get to OneDerland! 6 more pounds and I'm in the one hundreds for the first time since high school.
  • Go one week without any soda. I drink one sprite a day and I enjoy that but I want to see how I do without that daily sugar.
  • Perform 1,010 push-ups. Yeah. I said 1,010. That's roughly 33-34 a day.
  • Continue to prepare for the 5k that takes place in early May. I'll walk it if I have too - I was training for it and was doing well...20+ minutes running at a comfortable pace with easy breathing. I just want to complete it now.
  • Reach 110 readers on the blog.
  • Learn how to do pull-ups. I seriously stink at these.
  • April Mile Goal [incl. Apr (82.8) & off pace(43.07)]: 125.87
These are my goals. These can happen.

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Steve said...

Whoa there...stop the presses (or the blog equivalent thereof).

Did you really just say 1010 pushups? Yeah, I know you said you just said it, but did you REALLY say it? Holy crap. Do you have any idea how awesome that would be (spoiler alert: pretty frickin' awesome).

You're doing great so far, and I wouldn't worry about the 5k, you are on track to really well, and there is still plenty of time to train.

Seth said...

@Steve - It's kind of a daunting task -- but if I set it at 500 and hit that without a problem than I didn't set a goal that makes me work hard enough - my thoughts anyway.

Anthony said...

Seth, wow! Great goals here! I love it man! You're an animal! Can't wait to follow you the rest of the year, and hopefully beyond!

therightfit said...

These are some good accomplishments for March and some great goals for April! I love looking back and seeing how far I've come! It's awesome.

katdoesdiets said...

Yay for getting to onederland, I hope you get there this month. That is a major amount of pushups! I too want to do pullups so badly. As a girl my upper body strength sucks, but I think I can get there.

Seth said...

@Anthony - I'd love to be doing the p90x but want to wait for my ankle to recover before I get into that. I'm watching your success too!

@therightfit - I think the results always make the hardwork easier. I love to look back to and see just how far I've come.

@katdoesdiets - i hope so too -- my senior year in high school was the last time I was there, that was the beginning of the year during basketball. I did 5 pullups the other day but they weren't proper form and only 2 at a time...i just am not any good at them. I will be though hopefully.

cmoursler said...

I feel the same way about goals.
If I set them to low, I may hit them,but won't feel good about it.
I like to set goals thaat require just a bit more stretching.
That is the 6.5 lbs this month.
Match me...I remember crossing into (w)onderland, it is a great feeling.
Here is to April.

Debbie said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog.. My goals are so small compared to yours. I am just setting walking goals right now. You are IMPRESSIVE....

Seth said...

@Debbie - we all are at different levels. What may be big to me may also seem smaller to someone else. Stick with your goals and hit them!

Seth said...

@Chris - I think you are going to have a bigger loss this month - your motivation is going to carry you.

thermy said...

They seem like really great goals! I love how they're spread across the whole healthy living spectrum! Should be an interesting month!