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New Layout. A House Offer. Awesome Magazine.


If you are a regular reader you can see that I have changed everything about my blog. I have kept the URL 1010in2010 for a while so that I don't confuse people right now. My thoughts are that - this is a change of life and the way that I live and not only one year thing. I still have my goal of hitting 1,010 miles during the year of 2010 but I want to go further than that. What happens when I hit 1,010? Do I stop? No. I keep moving and move with purpose. That is why I have decided to change the blog title to "fit with a purpose". This is my life. I have a story with daily struggles, successes, and knowledge to give and I want to share it with those that read my blog. This is the reason for such a change. I hope it does not confuse you and that you will continue to push me to reach that goal of 1010in2010. You should check out my first post that I had on this blog - who knew I'd come so far physically in such short amount of time?


We found a house that we liked and we are in the process of working up a contract. There are a few things that need to be addressed on it and it looks like we're moving pretty smoothly on that front. It's very scary and exciting to be, even thinking of, purchasing a house. I turn 27 in a few months and I feel that I just now am getting some ground under my feet. I like that feeling.

A new magazine to read.

I use to buy, and recently did, Men's Health type magazines and such, but I find that I only really care for the article that tells of someone's struggle with weight & fitness and how they changed their life. That is probably because I can relate with that. A lot of the rest is just filler and garbage.

I, however, found a magazine that I really Enjoy a couple months ago. It is called KC Fitness and it is a localized Kansas City fitness magazine. It is simple, knowledgeable, and fun to read. I do not mean for this to sound like a review b/c it isn't and I get nothing from expressing my joy in finding such an awesome read. I just love to read magazines and this one has hit the spot. New favorite.

What do you think of the NEW layout?! Don't be shy - tell me what you think.


MargieAnne said...

Very smart look. Thanks for dropping by to encourage me. I truly appreciate it.

chelseybell. said...

i like the new layout!

Jess said...

Digging the layout and glad for the name change because that means you're sticking around! Hope everything goes smoothly with the house offer! I'm excited to hear about it.

And hm, I don't read many magazines. I'm not a fan of women's magazines because most of them spread the wrong message about body image. I think it actually causes a lot of issues for women's overall health. But anyway, glad you found one that you like!

cmoursler said...

I like the layout and I like the title.
I started my blog before I started my weight loss...Now, I didn't blog much before I started my weight loss cause up till that point, one huge part of my life was screwed up and I was not dealing with it, hence making the title of my blog a little goofy.
I say pick a title that defines what your life is about.
Good one.
Thanks for the stud comment, I think. lol.

deisegirl said...

ooh exciting about the house! I was around the 26-27 mark when I decided to buy a all happened so quickly. You think it's such a grown up thing to do then you think "Well I am grown up, deal with it!"

Cassie said...

Love the new layout! It's also a lot easier to read (at least for me!)

Well done! I like the "new" focus...

Amanda said...

I like the layout in general and love the new title. The contrast between the grey and the black is hard on my eyes, but the white text on black wasn't easy on them either. What can I say... I'm old ;)

TB--Milwaukee said...

Like the layout. Easy to read on my handheld.

Jeremy Logsdon said...

I like the layout. The old blue you had on black was a little tougher on the eyes; this grey and black is much easier. And good title, too. Ever think about going to your own domain name?

And congrats on the house! It's always exciting (and terrifying) to sign that 30 year contract. :)

Dana ( said...

I like the layout! I just recently changed my layout too! Just working on a logo now! Keep up the good work!

Reese said...

This is my first time here, but I like the layout of your blog!
That is exciting about the house! :) Some of my best memories are from when we bought and moved into our first house :) Have a good weekend!

Anthony said...

I like the mindset you've got. Sometimes, we just need to change things up to keep it fresh. I do that with my workout clothes, for instance. When I get some new shorts, the first thing I want to do is workout in them. haha

Congrats on the house too! That is awesome. You're moving right along, Seth!

Forgettable said...

I'm new to your blog but I do like the new layout--it has a very clean look.

Your mindset is really quite inspiring. I keep having to remind myself that this isn't about a diet or a short term effort--it's a life change for me and for my family. Thank you for a reminder of that!

therightfit said...

I really like the new layout of your blog, and the new name. It kind of has a more permanent feel to it! The old blog was hard to read with the black background.

I really love magazines too, but since I've started my blog at the beginning of the year, I find that little by little I am enjoying reading blogs more than magazines! The blogs are great because it's real people like me trying to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle. I love it!

lindalou said...

Seth, thanks for coming over to my blog...pathetic as it is...i appreciate it! Your lay out is cool and now i'll be checkin' you out regularly.

Kyle Gershman said...

I like the title...where you'd get the graphic for it?

Seth said...

@Margie - thanks for stopping by!

@Chelsey - thanks. BTW - did you get your prize from a long time ago..never heard back.

@Jess - I understand bout that crap in the magazines...i got a subscription once for Christmas to a magazine of my choice -- i picked the only health magazine...turned out to be a woman one...i still read it and my wife likes it..i think.

@Chris - you are a stud!

@deisigirl - it's exciting but crazy in a scary way

@Cassie - thanks, i didn't realize that it was harder for some people to realize but I'm digging this one much better...thanks for reading!

@Amanda - sorry if it is still hard...i tried to make it easier...i'm glad it's a little bit better and I appreciate your honesty!

@TB - thanks for stopping by!

@Jeremy - I did think about the domain thing but I didn't want to confuse anyone...I'm actually in a dilemma about that - now or later? let me know your thoughts.

@Dana - Thanks for dropping in! It becomes so much work changing everything up. Especially if you have done anything with HTML. AHH!

@Reese - so glad that you made it by! I'd love to have your thoughts in the future too. Thanks for the encouragement with the house.

@Anthony - keeping it fresh is what it is about. If we become content, we fall behind.

@Forgettable - you are welcome here! People are affected by my decisions...scary thought. Keep up your hard work!

@therightfit -- blogs are so much better b/c it is real people. I found that the only thing I really liked in the magazines were the sections about the readers making a difference in their own lives.

@lindalou -- thanks for coming over!

@Kyle - I uploaded a blank jpeg to and then created the header from there. my wife uses that site for things and told me to do that there too. hope it works!