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Good day. Great run. Awesome Motivation.

One of my student’s mothers came in to class today and brought me the sign up form for the 5k on May 8th. We got to talking about it and I had been telling her that I was trying to train for it prior to my ankle being busted. I don’t think she had realized that I had never ran a 5k – or any long distances of any kind for 13 years – and was under the impression that I was fast.

She told me that the race wasn’t overly competitive and that the top male performer also gets a new pair of running shoes. Okay, that sounds cool but I know that I will not be that person. I just broke my ankle. She said that I should try to medal in my age bracket. I said, I just broke my ankle and just started running long distances this year. If it was a sprint – I’m all in but long distances take me, well…longer. I told my students to come out and beat me. I expect them to be able to beat me.

I’m okay with having a slow time. Maybe if I had not hurt my ankle I could have a better time right now - but to be honest, hurting my ankle has only helped my strength training. I felt that I needed to get out again and run some more so that when the 5k does come…I won’t be tooo slow though.

I ran my fastest mile today.

It was followed by a mile that could be my second fastest…and then some.

As you can tell in the picture, I ran 2.2 miles in 23 min and 10 sec. I might have been able to run further than that if I put my mind really on it, but I planned the run out before I ran it and wanted to stick to it. It took a lot in me to get that 2.2 miles in and I’m proud of what I did today.

I almost stopped running 3 times. It was around 12 min, 15 min, and 16 min markers. I didn’t stop. I didn’t want to let myself down and I knew a downhill portion of the run was coming up that I could coast on. I am going to rock the 5k when it comes, in my own way.

I love running outside.

I love my treadmill, but Wilma (my treadmill’s new name) can not compete with the outdoors. I am so happy that winter is gone and I can be outdoors for running.

I turned around at the end of Hormeyer St.

Quick Useless Lesson: If you have to wear an ankle brace – be sure to wear long socks when wearing brace. Ankle socks only allow the brace to rub against leg and hurt you while running.

I also started a six week weight loss challenge. My goal is not primarily weight loss as it is to have a overall healthy lifestyle. I like to change things up a little bit though, so I am leading up this weight loss challenge through facebook, check it here, and it started today. If you'd like to join - go check the group page and rules.

I knew that as soon as it started that I would have to face some type of temptation that is outside of the normal routine. It came in the form of a caramel ice cream sundae.

I resisted.

I win.

If you could choose to have one fitness related product or item – what would it be and why?


Kelsey said...

Really great job on your run and you have the very best attitude. Love reading your posts.

Since I just got it, my Nike+ would be a great choice, but has helped so much with me controlling and realizing how much and what crap I eat, it's probably more valuable. It's hard to choose just one!

Andrew is getting fit said...

I think you've got a realistic attitude. I don't think I would have resisted!

Steve said...

That's awesome that you're being so positive despite your injury! That is truly motivating :)

As for your question, I'd have my own personal ARC Trainer. It's a great cardio workout, and I have access to one at the gym, but I think I'd do alot more with it if I had one at home. Crazy expensive though :-P

Jess said...

HELL YEAH! Look at you go! You will totally rock that 5K and remember, victory shirt photo is a MUST (or else I will hunt you down too). Keep it up! Do rest so you can gauge your ankle and what not but keep up the training! I'm stoked for you and your amazing run.

If I could have one fitness product, it would be Vibrams. I really, REALLY want to run the 10K in Vibrams.

Nicole @ Let Them Eat Lettuce said...

So happy that you had such a good run! I had a great run this morning as well!

KatDoesDiets said...

That is so awesome! I ran my fastest mile Sunday, woo! You are going to kick butt at that 5k I am sure. Hmm, one fitness related item...a subscription to Oxygen magazine is what I would choose.

Sayre said...

I love my treadmill! It allows me to get my run/walk in even when it's raining, the air's full of pollen, or when it's so hot you'd have to be insane to go outside.

You have a very realistic view of this upcoming race. Me? I'd be happy just to finish! Because winning or placing is just out of my reach at the moment. Maybe next year!

cmoursler said...

That is exactly how I put it to myself when I exercise or eat right.
I win.
I'm competitive like that. Great job on the run.
People only know what they to her, you are mr. fit.
Keep it up.

Chad said...

Great job, Seth!!! It is really nice to get outside after a long winter. Wilma (love that name) needs a break.

Reese said...

Good for you!
I just wrote about how I love a good walk outside. I haven't started running yet, but I am working myself up to it! :)
The one thing that is a must have for me is a really good, comfortable pair of athletic shoes.

erin said...

That is AWESOME! I love running outside, too. It really is the best!

Matt said...

I liked what you said about wanting to quit the run three times and not letting yourself. I've felt that way many times too while running, jump roping, or whatnot, and it feels so much better in the end to gut through it. That's the kind of attitude that we need to reach or goals in weight loss or anything else.

Jessica Gilliam said...

Way to go on your run..and on a bummed ankle, too! Wow. I love, love, love this time of year for being outside--and now running, too!

One fitness related item I would chose right now is a really good pedometer: Bodybugg or something of that nature.

Katie said...

Great Job, I love your posts!

Morgan said...

Way to go! Running is not an easy thing, as I well know. I am impressed that you ran so far - my furthest in my life is 1 2/3 miles - and that was just a couple of weeks ago.

If I could have any fitness related item, it would have to be either a Gruve or a Body Bugg. Not going to happen in this lifetime with our finances, but it would be nice! My second choice would be a bike.

Carol Anne said...

Wilma? Since when did it have a name?? lol!

I'm so proud of your fastest mile run!! You continue to push and you are always outdoing yourself!

Staci Dombroski said...

Way to go on your run :)

Twice the Man said...

I would keep it simple, a 75 cm Swiss Ball

Randi said...

Wooo Hoo your fastest mile. Congrats.

I also love running outside. Yesterday I did my c25k training on my treadmill and it was such a downer. Granted I did great with no real problems but i seriously thought about stopping 10 times more than when I run outside.

Randi said...

I realized that I didn't answer the question. If I could have 1 fitness related item I would want the Body Bug.

Paige said...

I know what you mean about no-runners...Everyone where I work associates me with running. Anytime someone they know runs a race, they tell me about it...which is fine...I just think it's funny. They think I run fast because I run races all of the time and I've run some marathons. Anytime they find out I had a recent race, they will always ask me if I won. I feel lucky if I simply place in my age group! LOL!

maptab said...

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Shannon said...

That's funny, I read this yesterday and was so proud of you for not stopping. I didn't realize how much in sync we are. However, I do not rock at push ups like you.

Nicole @ Let Them Eat Lettuce said...

Seth, to answer you question on my post- I didn't run a full 5k in 32 minutes. I was running laps at a park that I don't know the distance for. But I did run 32 minutes in total, which I am guessing is close to 3 miles since last time I measured distance I ran 3 miles in about 35 minutes.

I started running in November and did the c25k.

I also wanted to tell you that the song your kids sang to you still rings in my head all the time - the line "don't stare up the stairs just step up the steps" in fact i put it as my fb quote and quoted it from a third grader I didn't know! lol. I hope that's ok. It's especially it home when I have been hiking lately because looking up and seeing how far you have to go makes things hard, but just watching your feet and taking it step by step makes it much easier. thanks for the inspiration.

K. said...

Great job on the run today and thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Keep up the great work, u r an inspiration.
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William Hanson said...

Congrats on your fastest mile. Good work.

I really appreciate your outlook you described in the My Story post. Thinking that you're not trying to lose weight, but rather live a healthier life and weightloss being a by-product of that is an interesting perspective. Never really thought of that, but it makes total sense doesn't it.