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Yoga-X Pictures. Chicken Kabobs. Tues-Day of Rest.

Tues-Day of Rest

Yesterday was a really good day. I dropped below 200 pounds for the first time since high school! I experienced yoga in a way that I never have – (it was only the second time ever). Another thing that yesterday did, was allow me a peace of mind to take a bit of a break today. Today was 5k Tuesday, but it ended up into Tues-day of Rest on the running front. I will be back at it tomorrow. I took a nap when I got home from school and slept a bit longer than I had wanted too – it was very nice. Saturday is normally my rest day but I will do a run on Saturday to make sure I keep up with my 1,010 in 2010 pace. Rest is so nice sometimes. I still have p90x though tonight. Day five!

Chicken Kabobs.

I tried to make chicken kabobs for the first time as well tonight. It wasn’t quite as successful as I thought that it would be. I use a charcoal grill and grill chicken quite often – but for some reason – when you put chicken, onions, tomatoes, green pepper, and zucchini on a skewer…I just can’t grill properly. It seemed like what should have taken very little time…a looong time – and we were starving. We ended up taking everything off of the charcoal grill and throwing it on the George Forman grill. We cheated. We also had corn on the cob. It was a good meal!


As I said ealier, I have only tried Yoga once and that was when I was in my ankle boot. I really couldn’t experience it to the fullest, but that changed last night. I experienced Yoga – p90x the fullest. It was a 1 ½ hour long experience! It was quite the workout too! I don’t think I have sweated that much during a p90x workout. My wife joined me in the workout -- she is becoming quite the stud -- in the most feminine way of course!

I have decided that I would give you a bit of a look at what I look like while doing Yoga.


Yes - that is my wife's Pink Yoga/Pilates mat!!

What is the One thing that has put you out of your Comfort Zone the Most?


✯FiTCETERA✯ said...

Seth, I missed your fantastic news yesterday ... A hearty CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

mmmmm ... chicken kebabs ... I've only ever grilled the meat only ones so I wouldn't know any "secrets" to pass on to you.

That first yoga pose looks suspiciously like a phoon.

It's great that you and your wife are getting fit together.

You know what? I haven't really made myself BE out of my comfort zone when it comes to being physical. On another level ...
Confrontation with others makes me very anxious and I attempt to resolve things now in a healthy manner and try not to avoid issues that come up instead of letting them fester.

cmoursler said...

my self defense class...180 degrees out of my comfort zone.
It took all I had to go.
Great job on the yoga.
It takes a man confident in his masculinity to use a pink yoga mat.
Good job!

Holly said...

Good job on the yoga!
With the kabobs, I like to slightly precook the chicken so they don't spend so much time on the kabob and they can finish cooking at the same rate as the veggies. You might look on under Good Eats with Alton Brown. He has a really great episode on cooking kabobs. Something to look into.

Anthony said...

HAHA I can tell that first 45 minutes of Yoga rocked you...and that's AWESOME. Are you enjoying it? Warrior one....warrior two!

Anthony said...

Bye bye 200s for Seth! Woohoo!!

The one thing that puts me out of my comfort zone is yoga, ironically. Core work is also REALLY hard for me. Not for long though, right?

Nicole @ Let Them Eat Lettuce said...

Haha gotta love the pink yoga mat. I think the one time I felt totally out of my element was back in December when I took a step class. I was feeling pretty sick (getting the flu I later discovered) and was surrounded by all people over the age of 50. They were totally rockin it and I felt so sick. I had to leave the class, and I felt like they all thought it was because I couldn't keep up. Quite embarrassing!

Tonyne @ Unlikely Success Story said...

Naps after work are the greatest! I am actually getting ready to do some Yoga right now myself.

Hmm, I think that weight training takes me out of my comfort zone...but I'm getting better at it and it's getting more comfortable. It's just a bit new to me.

Twice the Man said...

great job on onderland. I would like to try the yogaX. since my car accident i go to a yoga clas fairly regular at my gym, but its geared not so much for athletes.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Congrats on reaching a milestone! You might want to try cooking the chicken on separate skewers than the veggies. The chicken probably takes longer.

Cassie said...

Zumba has taken me out of my comfort zone, I look like an idiot, but I am working out and sweating and I know I am doing good. I am still very uncoordinated, but I just try not to look at me in the mirror and focus on the instructor!

Great job on the Onederland!

Tara said...

Working with a trainer is totally out of my comfort zone but its pretty much rocking my world now.

Paige (Two Runners And A Brown Dog) said...

The thing that puts me out of my comfort zone is public speaking...hate it!!!!

Adios, 200's!!!

Rad Runner said...

High five on the pink mat! Hmm, out of the comfort zone? I'd have to agree with Paige I HATE public speaking!

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Yoga X is the one workout I hate! It's just to long and sometimes too sore! My muscles get more sore then with some of the weight lifting dvds!

Great job.

Reese said...

Riding an exercise bike in front of others is out of my comfort zone.

Kabobs sound really good. We just might have to have those for dinner soon :)

Jess said...

Ooo, comfort zone. Crap. I'm always trying to venture out of my comfort zone, but I swear, I need to start swimming in the gym pool. That's gonna be a huge step for me, getting in a swim suit in front of random people. It's not the swimming, it's the self image. But it will happen. 9 more pounds. And I'm ready.

Kabobs are AWESOME. Try making some teriyaki kabobs next time. So gooooood :)

therightfit said...

I rarely leave my comfort zone! Lol! In terms of exercise, I guess I just try to push myself a little more each time.

therightfit said...

I rarely leave my comfort zone! Lol! In terms of exercise, I guess I just try to push myself a little more each time.

Anonymous Fat Girl said...

Ha ha! I did Yoga X for the first time YESTERDAY. Love the warrior pose. That was my favorite. Yoga definitely is a lot tougher than one would think. :)