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8.5k Run. Run Picture. I Need Your Help!

5.3 mile Run (8.5k)

Today is 5k Tuesday.

Why stop at a 5k though?

8.5k would be better.

I decided that today was a great day to go for the longest run to date. After Saturday's 5k race - I knew that I could go further than I ever have. The decision was made. I would run. One minute into the run I think I swallowed a bug. Other than the bug - my run was smooth. I tried to change my stride a little bit in order to make what could be a long, painful run into a long, pain-free run. I shortened my stride and lowered my impact point (make sense?). It allowed for less of a harsh landing. Whether it did anything or not - I completed the run and didn't stop running. It felt so good. My breathing has been very smooth while running as well. I tried to guess at the distance that I was going because I didn't map out my route (as I have suggested before to do). Here's a map of today's route for you to see. I completed the run in 1 hour 48 seconds.

I Need Your Help.

Fit with a purpose is a place where you know what you are going to get. It's been set up so that you can come and know what to expect and hopefully leave with something positive.

Today, I need your help. I want to know what you want on this site? Is this site missing anything?

Let me know what you think. I would definitely like and consider your suggestions. Thanks!


Kyle Gershman said...

Congrats on your longest run to date! Think of the bug as your post run nutrition, though a little early.

takinitoff said...

keep on doing what you're doing! i love your positiveness, yet honesty when you struggle. i love hearing about different workouts you're doing. i love your persistence!

for something to add - tags! when i try to come back and show a friend a post, it takes forever to sort thru them all. blogger can be annoying for that (wordpress much better), but still something that would be great for referencing! :)

keep it up seth! you're an inspiration! --adrienne

melanieknowles said...

Seth, A great way to find out how far you went is You can put in the course you ran, and it will tell you how far you went. It is quite enjoyable. I have a running blog of my own and linked to your running guide for the overweight runner. Hope you don't mind. Check it out sometime and see what you think. Running is therapy for me.

Sylvia said...

I think your blog is just perfect the way it is. I always enjoy reading your posts and everything is inspiring. Sorry...can't help you with your question. ;)

Abi said...

I always love your posts! Your positivity is inspirational and definitely something I look forward to when I read your blog.

Congrats on the long run! Keep it up, it's awesome.

chrisfit2009 said...

Awesome & Congrats. Next stop 10K!

Seth said...

@Kyle - Thanks...I've got to be more patient and wait to eat the post run nutrition...dang it.

@takinitoff - I do have a small deal on the right side of my page with labels...I assume that is what you are talking about -- sometimes I forget to do that...okay - most times I forget. I will try to remember from here on out.

@Melanie -- I do us mapmyrun. It has been pretty good for me. The picture above is actually from mapmyrun. I use the training log -- I like that it tells you your pace and everything.

@Sylvia - Thanks. That does help - let's me know if it's fulfilling its purpose or not. Thanks.

@Abi - Thanks. I felt good after the run -- was hoping it'd be 10 k though.

@Chrisfit - Thanks. I was shooting for it, but when i didn't map it out prior to running -- i just never quite know where I am at. I did intend to go further on the route but chose to close it with one big loop. Oh well - I guess that's for next time I do that route.

bbubblyb said...

It's your blog you decide. Just reading your blog the first time has changed my life and I mean that. Way to go on your longest run.

Anonymous Fat Girl said...

I can't think of anything more than just keep keepin' things real and motivating me. You're doing a great job. :)

Frank Dobner said...

I guess I would like to know what is your specific purpose. I see fitness written in many places on your site. Perhaps you could provide the qualitative and quantitative goals.