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Day by Day. Race Pictures. Weigh-In Picture.

Closing down a school year is a lot of work! It takes a quite of bit of time and a lot of energy. I have a few things that I want to post about today. I’ll break it day by day.

Saturday: I ran in my 2nd 5k!

I ran in the Hot Dog 5k Run. This course had about four or five different hills – which is something that I am not use too. I rocked those hills! I finished my second 5k race in 26’53”. That is 29 seconds slower than the first 5k run, but this one was hilly and weather conditions weren’t as great! I’m super stoked about that time with the different elements taking effect. Very happy! Here’s a picture of my run, me in my race shirt, and race number!

I finished 12th overall! It was smaller than I thought it'd be and there were many fit people! I am happy with my race completion!

Sunday: I ran an easy follow up 2.4 miles and played basketball for the first time since breaking my ankle! My shot was waayyy off! It’ll get better though; yes it will.

I did nothing. It was glorious. I’ve really noticed that I tend to not take breaks and sometimes I just have to force myself into breaks. It’s necessary that we realize that rest needs to happen. We only grow when rest is allowed to do it’s part.

Today: I took a group of middle schoolers to Worlds of Fun amusement park. I love amusement parks, but I have a few different tips for you to hopefully follow.

Tip # 1 - Don’t ride the super spinny ride first!
Tip # 2 - Don’t skip lunch to ride the coaster called Boomerang! It was fun, but lunch is too.
Tip # 3 - Wear sunscreen.

Another thing that happened today was that we got Carol a cat. Carol volunteers at the local animal shelter and we found a cat that she liked a lot, I do too, named Kizzy. If you want to see our new cat, you can check her out at Carol’s blog here.

P90x starts back up tonight now that the next race is a little ways off. Week 3, day 1 tonight. Yeah!

Monday also served as the Next to Last Weigh In for the weight loss challenge I am hosting. So far, in five weeks I have lost 12 lbs. I believe that to be pretty solid numbers. This past week was not exactly stellar on the weight loss, but I wasn't expecting that to be. I tapered for my races and took it a little lighter than normal. It was an intentional let-up. This week, I am hoping to kill it as I start the p90x again and get some longer runs in. I'm excited about it!

Here's a picture of the weigh-in. I lost .4 lbs. I love that loss. I lost while preparing for another race just one week after the other.

On Saturday, as I normally do, I got my weekly Starbucks coffee. Carol resisted. That is one thing that she really has trouble resisting. She was successful. It makes me wonder what everyone else has trouble resisting?

I really like Subway cookies. I have trouble resisting them!

What is the one thing that you have trouble resisting?

How do you do it?


Stronger.Faster. said...

I have a hard time with peanut butter cookies. As long as the are big and soft - it is so hard not to eat them. But, when I gave up sugar this school year, I learned I could say no. It is still so hard!

Kayla said...

Just wanted to say kudos to running another 5k race! You've definitely got a lot of determination!

The one thing I have trouble resisting is Starbucks as well. I'm gonna have to go with Carol on this one. I tend to go once a week, like you all, because it can be pretty expensive.....but it is SO good. Love those


takinitoff said...

wow! you are doing so, so great! what eating plan are you following to be losing all this weight? --adrienne

Simply Kimi♥ said...

I have trouble resisting starbucks too!!! I just love frappuccinos, their too yummy for their own good!

Syl said...

Congrats on your 5k Seth, that is an amazing time, great work!

Kelsey said...

Great job on your 5k, love the running picture!

Kyle Gershman said...

Another great race time Seth...In my run tonight I was really trying to focus on increasing my pace, but the mind to leg connection will take more time and training.

You are really picking them up and putting them down...well done!

I haven't been to WoF since I was a young young family was KC based so went there for a couple different birthday events.

Dana ( said...

You are looking awesome!

I have trouble resisting anything sweet! And the damn 15cent candies at the gift shop at work!

MargieAnne said...

Coffee please. For many years I didn't drink coffee because coffee meant eating a biscuit, cookie or cake.

I have decided life's too short to deny myself coffee forever. At home I my coffee is, not too strong, brewed and black without sugar, and no sweet treats thank-you. We don't have Starbucks around every corner but we do have very good Coffee shops/Cafes. I am already looking forward to my cappuccino when I have my hair done tomorrow. Hairdresser and Cafe treat go together. I will sweeten my cappuccino and I will have something to eat with it depending on what is in the cabinet. .... Now look at what you've done making me think about it. I'm drooling. So sad.

But BREAD is the one thing I struggle to resist. It's sometimes very hard and 'fail' happens more often than I like. The longer I can go bread free the easier it is to resist .... until someone puts fresh from the oven, home baked under my nose. Oh yoweeee! That's too cruel, and totally irresistible.

A lot of mental effort can go into resisting temptation.

You are having so much fun running you might inspire me yet. *smile*

cmoursler said...


Jess said...

HELL YEAH with the 5K! I'm running one this Sunday. They're addicting, no?

I have problems resisting fried foods, like carne asada fries. God those things are so good!


Cassie said...

Ice Cream.... however, last year DBF bought me a ice cream maker for home, so my vision is to make some lighter versions of ice cream...

An action plan is the best thing to combat what you can't resist!

Staci Dombroski said...

Congratulations on the 12 pounds and 5K! I love to see the look of confidence on your face!! Keep up the great work!

Tonyne @ Unlikely Success Story said...

Great job!!!

I have trouble resisting lots of things, but probably the hardest for me is chocolate.

Helen said...

You really are a very good runner and are right to be proud of your finish, no matter the time!

Cheese. It gets me every time.

Sayre said...

Cheese is very hard for me. After the Lent experiment with most dessert items and coffee being off limits, I found that I didn't want them as much. Thinking about trying a 40 day, no-cheese experiment.

Jessica - cbgblog said...

That's great on the run! So proud!!!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Great job on your race. 12th place sounds like a good place to finish.

What can't I resist? Chocolate. Never keep it in the house but I do crave it from time to time.

Tara said...

Oh man I hope I look that good when they snap my picture!


I have a hard time resisting pasta.

Damn you pasta.

How do I resist? I add more veggies to the pasta so that I think I'm eating more but really I'm just eating more veggies.

Paige (Two Runners And A Brown Dog) said...

Congratulations on another great 5K!!! You are doing great!

Patrick said...

Huh - the Hot Dog 5k Run? First thought is do they make you stop every 1k and down a hot dog? Hopefully not, although that could be fun too :-)

Resistance is toughest for me when it comes to meats I know I need to control if not use very sparingly. Like bacon. My body is built on about 53% bacon. I love bacon, I have bacon recipes galore. But, I get it, I can't be a bacon eating machine if I also want to be a health machine. Since starting my mission a bit over a month ago I have cut out bacon cold turkey. But I crave it, think about it, just about everything short of dream about it. I'll eat bacon again someday, I know I will. But I know I can't eat it as I used to, everyday.

Congrats again on your great performance not just in achieving this milestone but in your tremendous progress to date.

Shelley said...

My gosh you are a fast runner! Congrats on completing another great 5K!!!

I have trouble resisting self-serve frozen portion control leaves me once I enter the store!

Sylvia said...

Hey Seth,

I just sent a blogging award your way. Come by my blog to pick it up. :) Keep up the good work.


MaryFran said...

Way to go on the 5K!

I dont' have problems resisting any ONE item. I see food and I get it in my head that life would be 'better' if I ate it...and I can't get it out of my head until I do so.

Katie J said...

Popcorn for me!

I will never give up coffee. EVER!

Happy Fun Pants said...

Bagels from Einstein Brothers or Panera. I don't know why, but when those things are around, I have SUCH a hard time not toasting them and slathering cream cheese on their warm, chewy, wonderfulness.

Congrats on the 0.4 pound loss this week. I'm not judging, but I've heard that all the cool kids lost EXACTLY that amount.


Mae Flowers said...

Way to go on your race! I really want to run a 5k someday and it just seems so far away! I know if I keep plugging away I'll get there. I have a hard time resisting these homemade cookies in the vending machine at work- so far so good though!

Chad said...

Congrats on the race and the loss!

Missy said...

Great job in the 5k! Your time is amazing.