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Last Day. Move Day. Missed Run. Guest Post?

I can not believe how busy this past week has been. It has definitely affected the way that I typically go about my average day.

Last Day of School.

Yesterday was the last day of school for me. It was sad because I will really miss those kids. I had some of the best students that anyone could ask for - hope for - wish for. They seriously were the best kids. I will miss them, but will see them from time to time.

I did not realize how invested the teacher becomes with his/her class, classroom, and school until you leave it. I had to take a couple trips (and that was with one trip from my wife) of stuff out of my classroom. I had a lot of stuff there! It was fun and has been a blessing. It's hard to understand unless you have worked in the atmosphere that I worked in.

Move Day.

As yesterday was the last day at school (half day), Carol and me also set that day to load everything up onto the truck and trailer. With the help of my parents we finished loading at 12:00am. It is amazing how much stuff you accumulate in such a short period of time. My wife and I will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary in August and in that short time we have gained so much stuff (and some of it is crap!).

We spent today moving and I was pretty happy at how well my truck pulled the HEAVY load. I hadn't yet had the opportunity to pull a trailer packed down with that truck and was surprised at how well it moved right along and at the ease of travel I had.

I will tell you though - I am beat! There has been a LOT of lifting, setting down, lifting, and moving taking place and it is letting me know that it's not quite use to this much.

I miss running.

With the busy week I have not had the chance to really get a good run in. I miss it. Is it weird that I think about my workouts and miss them dearly? :)

I really do miss it though - as I've said before, working out is a way to get away from everything else. It allows me to let everything else go and just do something for myself.

I am worth taking the time and investing it into myself.

This upcoming week looks like it'll be a little easier though. It will be my easy week in June. I am working at two different weeks of camp at a local church camp. I am teaching a class at one week along with being a group leader and working as Recreation Director at the other. I'll have other responsibilities, but those are primary.

Guest Post?!?

This makes me think though - I'm not sure how much time I will have to be able to post. I've seen it done on other sites, but am not sure if anyone wants to here on Fit With A Purpose --- guest post anyone??!??

Are you up for a guest post?!? If you want to do a guest post for either one of those weeks, let me know. You can comment here or email me at -- styler [at] cccb [dot] edu

How do you fit in your workouts when life gets so chaotic and busy?!?


Kyle Gershman said...

You have a special purpose with your can't do it without getting deeply and personally involved. Bless you for your calling. It is something I someday hope to do as I've always enjoyed public speaking and training others.

Do I fit workouts in? I guess the short answer I can only say that because they don't happen everyday like clock work or I could say yes to the question.

I am; however, willing to change the day, time, and activity, to get something in with reasonable regularity.

I finally got in a run today after a week of really high-wind days...and the next few days look great so will be capitalizing on that too.

Good luck with the move!

cmoursler said...

Oh it must be hard, because when you teach you put a part of yourself into those kids.
I have homeschooled both of my kids. The day I dropped my oldest off at highschool I cried.
It was like kindergarten only alot more permanant.
very hard.
Good luck with your move.
I get them in when I can where I can.
I just had a challenge where you are to do one hour a day from june 8th through june 21rst regardless of where you are at.
grocery store, church...parking lots.
you can exercise anywhere.

karen said...

I FINALLY know what people mean when they say that they miss working out. It's been two days now with NO bike time and that's just not cool. Friday John wanted to go to the "big big park" to play instead and Saturday I was too emotionally and mentally wrecked from work stuff. Still hit my calorie burn goal for each day, but I miss my bike.
Hope the move/transition/camp/everything goes well!

Mae Flowers said...

After spending a whole school year, I'm sure that you do get somewhat attached to the kids! Although, I'm sure you're glad to see some of them move on sometimes. :)

That's great that you miss exercise- an awesome place to be!

Patrick said...

Hope the move goes well. Moving is usually an exciting event, but dreaded too as it is just allot of work and time to get it all done. Best to you & your wife that it all gets moved in one piece.

Fitting workouts in on busy days, hmmm... not sure I have any tricks there. At least not in terms of getting in the exercise. Instead I have been doing better on being certain I eat healthy on busy chaotic mind blowing days. But I can't say I find a way to get in the work out. Now for a whole week that is that way, I've not had one in a while where I can't at least get in some exercise. Then again I've only been on my mission to get healthy a bit over 40 days.

Perhaps this tidbit of advice may help; if your schedule ahead is busy as a dog in a fire hydrant supply store, then take a moment to look that schedule over. Can you find any periods of fifteen minutes, a half-hour, an hour, whatever amount of time where you can block it out for your personal time? If so, then there are your opportunities to get in that exercise you crave. Hopefully you can find some time as we know that when you get in your exercise you perform better in your other efforts at work, home, etc...

Go gett'em Seth

Sandra said...

Hope the move goes well - it is not my favorite thing to do.

I have found for me I have to workout first thing in the morning so that I can get it out of the way before life gets in the way. After awhile it becomes like second nature to get up that early. And I get a great start to my day. Sure I'm tired by the end of the day, but at least I've gotten my workout in before something else takes over.

Anonymous Fat Girl said...

Good question! I just always try to make it a priority sometime during the day. Usually that means working around my three kids' schedule and my husband's too.

Jess said...

If you figure out the magic trick, let me know! I will need a good plan to tackle cooking + training + working out in law school. That might just be....intense. But we can do this!

Hope you guys are unpacking and enjoying the new place!

You'll be back to running in no time. Just think of this time of no running as proper rest time :) You'll come back even faster, even stronger!

Staci Dombroski said...

I wake up early in the morning. That is what helps me get it in :) Have a great day!

Katie J said...

I am anxious to hear what others have to say because I am only getting on the exercise track now.

P.S. I got the package today Seth! What a rocking giveaway and such great stuff. Will be putting it to use tonight! :-D

Missy said...

I would love to see a post put together with some of fun, creative ideas. There are lots of great ideas but what really works is sometimes different. Love to hear what works for others!!

Tara said...

I get up before the world in order to fit in a workout. It's just about killed me (okay maybe not that bad)...

Schedule is easy up for summer so maybe a little more shut eye, a little less work and a heck of a lot more sweating!

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

I definitely miss workouts when I don't do them. Even when I'm active throughout the day I find myself wanting to sweat with purpose. ;)

It must be hard for you to let go of the kids you've invested yourself in. I would guess that their lives will be better because you had an impact on it.

therightfit said...

Hope the move is going well - I know that it can be a real drain on your energy!

When life gets super busy and hectic, I take a day off from exercising here and there. If you are eating really healthy (which you are) it is not harmful to take a day or two off for other priorities!

That being said, I do my workouts first thing in the morning so that other things don't get in the way. If I wait until later in the day, there is always too much to do!

Kari said...

Oh, I remember the days when I used to miss my workouts if I didn't fit them in. I am hoping to get back to that point soon!

Deb said...

I've come to crave workouts too. I think it's partly getting into it and getting our bodies addicted to it. It's also the mindset we have going into them. Viewing it as something we "get" to do rather then "have" to do.