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April Review. May Goals. One Thing.

The Past Month in Review

April was a pretty good month overall for me. I continue to push myself more than I ever have. I pushed myself more than when I was playing basketball in high school. I pushed more than when I was lifting weights four times a week my first year of college. I pushed myself this month into a new level.

I was happy with how my ankle held up this past month considering March’s misfortune. I definitely caught up on some of the missing miles that I received once I hurt my ankle. This past month – I ran like crazy.

To any of you that have given me an award - I will try to make some time this month to post those. I am very appreciative that you find my blog enjoyable, readable, and "come-back" worthy. So appreciative.

April Recap.

Starting Mile Balance: 804.67
Ending Mile Balance: 712.32

Starting Mile Month Goal: 125.87
Ending Month Mile Achieved: 92.35

Miles off pace to reach year pace goal: 33.52

Days in April: 30
Days worked out (walk/jog/run): 30
Days no workout: 0

Avg workout per day by 30 days: 2.85 miles
Avg workout per day by Workout: 2.85 miles

Starting Month Weight: 205.0
Ending Month Weight: 199.2 (4/26/2010)
Month Weight Loss: 5.8 lbs.

Total weight Loss in 2010: 36.8 pounds
Total Miles traveled in 2010: 297.68

Miles Until Year Goal Achieved: 712.32


I'm really happy with how things turned out this month. I personally think that this month has been the best yet in terms of fitness and mental health. I really think that I broke down some weight loss walls that I had set up the past few years. I did have an April goal of reaching 1,010 push-ups. It did not happen. I ended April with 745 push-ups. Still no easy feat.

MAY Goals

Continue to prepare for the 5k that takes place in less than a week – I would love to run the 5k in sub30 fashion. I’ll be happy with whatever though.
Reach 200 readers on the blog. (weird goal? Maybe)
Learn how to do pull-ups. I seriously stink at these. I’m learning through p90x, but I am still a ways off due to lack of pull-up bar.
Continue with the goal of 1010 miles.

These are my goals. These can happen.

If you can change ONE thing in this next month -
What is that one thing?


Kyle Gershman said...

I have no doubt that you'll make your goals.

I installed a pair of Metolius Rock Rings to work on my pull-ups...yes...I can't do a single one...yet...yet.

Kelsey said...

You're doing such a great job and you're just so inspiring.

I don't know if I've ever said this, but I totally appreciate what you're doing and the comments you leave me and how supportive you are even though I am my own worst enemy in this!

Keep up the great work and you will achieve the rest of your goals, I'm certain of it.

Jeremy Logsdon said...

Sounds like you had a great month, and you've got another great month lined up. :) If I could change one thing for May... weight loss. I actually want to lose weight this month. :)

Reese said...

Great job for April and great goals for May!! :)
The one thing I want to change for May is to drink more water.

✯FiTCETERA✯ said...

Fantastic job, Seth! 30/30 days working out ... that's dedication!

The one thing I can change in this month of May is to get on the treadmill each and every day without fail to build up consistency. The lack thereof is one of my downfalls.

Here's to a happy, healthy goal-achieving May!!!

cmoursler said...

The one thing I want to change this month is my calorie intake...I want to cap out at 1400.
That means no pretzels...period.
(hear the world's smallest violins playing...can't you?)

Karla said...

Change one thing this month... hummm

I like the monthly goals, my goal has just kind of been,
"make it through today",

so I will start small, crunches I will add crunches

work the ole stomach

you are an inspiration!!! love your blog

Jer said...

I'd like to change the 2 leading my weight into a 1.

Congrats on your continued success! You're awesome!

Jess said...

And this is why I read your blog. Because you continue to push yourself and reach new heights. If I could change one, my sleeping habits. I just don't sleep a lot compared to how much I used to sleep (maybe extra energy, no clue?).

745 push-ups is awesome! I'm working my way there. Well, trying to.

As far as pull-ups go, have you tried negatives? And, I've seen people do this, if you can find a lamp post that's not that tall, or like a street sign post, do pull-ups on that haha. It looks ridiculous but hey, nothing wrong with using your tax dollars wisely :)

Mae Flowers said...

Wow- I'm amazed at how great you did last month! That's a lot of exercise and a lot of weight lost. Way to go!

Anonymous Fat Girl said...

Congrats Seth, you're doing great.

Physicallee Fit said...

I want to add more peace. I was thinking the other day how quickly I got frustrated with my sidekicks (then again, it's understandable to be frustrated when an unnamed party draws large green circles on my white leather couch.... anyway).

I want to add more peace. I'm still fuzzy on the details.

Kat said...

It looks like April was an incredible month for you. Congratulations!

therightfit said...

I'm glad that April was such a good month for you. You made it happen! I bet May is going to be awesome for you too!

As far as what I will change in May, I think I will be continuing with my goals already in place, and I will make an effort to lose a few more pounds.

Missy said...

Looks like it's been a great month for you! Can't wait to see how your rock May!!