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I Was. I Am. I Will Be. This is ME.

I was fat.
I was unhealthy.
I was 85-95 lbs overweight.
I was 255 lbs.
I was unable to run without taking breaks.
I was slowly killing myself.
I was a hypocrite.
I was unhappy with myself (wouldn't have told you though).
I was slow.
I was sinking.
I am not fat.
I am becoming fit.
I am able to run over an hour with no breaks.
I am giving myself potential years of life.
I am practicing what I preach.
I am happy with myself.
I am fast.
I am progressing.
I will be fit.
I will strive to be the fittest in the room.
I will run a half marathon and a marathon...
I will have given myself respect by being healthy.
I will have given my wife respect by being healthy.
I will have given my future kids the opportunity to experience their father in life.
I will continue to practice what I preach.
I will be happy with where I am.
I will be faster.
I will never stop progressing.
because I can.
This is me. This is a part of why I am here. This is my life.
This is reality.
Who are you?
Where were you at and where will you be?


Tara said...

Where I was: in a dark corner sitting in the midst of depression. 100lbs overweight, feeling sorry for myself and thinking this is what my life was amounting too.

Where I am: crossing finish lines like nobody's business. Pushing every day to move forward and fighting for my life. 66 pounds later I am living my life and running as far away from that dark corner vowing NEVER to return.

Who I am: runner, swimmer, athlete, vertical jumper, triathlete, stronger, thinner, fitter, faster, role model, determined...happy.

Great post Seth. You've come so far and in front of you lies only great things!

Angela said...

Great post. I was there....but didn't realize it. Or maybe I did, but didn't want to believe it...didn't want to face the truth. I read in a magazine today that Courage is doing something in spite of the fact that you are scare of it.
I think sometimes we don't do anything about our problems because we are "scared" that we won't be able to change.

Kudos to you for having the courage to make a change and inspiring others to do so as well.

Sylvia said...

Love this post. I'm going to have to sit down to contemplate where I was, where I am, and where I will be. It's still a daily question but I know one thing....I will be getting the answers. :)

Amber said...

Great post!
Very encouraging for those traveling the weight loos road, and a great reminder to keep going for those at or close to goal!

cmoursler said...

funny. I just wrote a whole post about who I am and how it relates to consistency. Must be something in the air. Great post seth.

karen said...

One of your best posts yet, Seth! You've given me an awful lot to think about ...

CJ said...

I am in serious need of motivation! This post was great. Made me pause and thimk where I am and where I want to be! thanks

Patsy said...

Inspiring! :o) I'm thrilled for you that you can run for an hour without stopping - I doubt very many people can do that!

Andrew is getting fit said...

I was one foot in the coffin and now I'm both feet out the door for a run!

Missy said...

Great post today!

I am on a lifelong journey of healthy living.