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A letter to the 180's. 5k Results. and Commitment.

I stepped on the scale on Friday - which was the first time in a long time - not really knowing what it would say. I have and had been trying pretty hard to get to the 180's for quite some time now...and well, I finally hit it.


I weighed myself three times. I yelled for asked my wife politely to get the camera so that I could capture that number on the scale for the first time since my sophomore year in high school. I enjoyed that moment, even though I am sure it might have just been a little water weight loss -- I have now seen that number - there is no stopping me from getting under it.

In light of my new found number, I have taken a bit of Half of Jess' idea in writing it a letter.

Dear 180's,

Ha! I found you. You couldn't hide from me forever - did you really think so? I'm glad that we found each other again because the 190's were becoming a bit old. Every time I looked for you - I always found the 190's staring back at me. It was kind of like on Super Mario Wii when you beat the boss and are hoping for princess to come safely into your arms - only to receive the witch. But I've found you. I will enjoy this next ten pound loss with you, but want you to know upfront that I am committed to the 170's. Let's not make this a long term thing 180 - Let's just enjoy it while it lasts.


That number on the scale gave me some momentum for the trip I was about to go on. I was traveling back to the town we just moved from in June in order to run my 4th 5k of the year. Yes, that means that I ran two official 5k's in one week. Here's the recap of the Mo2Co 5k from Last Sunday. Saturday's 5k was much easier than last Sunday's b/c there were no hills in the route.

There were 175 people registered for this run (that seems very small to you big city people right?) and we crammed everyone into four busses and they shipped us out to the starting point. We ran along the Katy Trail, which is about 3 yards wide the entire race. There were a lot of people crammed on this trail, but after the first mile - it became much more comfortable. I purposely picked up my pace the first mile so that I could stick myself between the leading pack and tiring pack behind me. It seemed to work alright. My legs seemed tired though, (maybe the cycling I've been doing).

(immediately after Old Glory Days 5k - can't see my number #243...i think)

I finished the race with the time of 26'59". I am not sure where amongst the 175 registered that I fell - they will be sending out an email with that soon. I'm happy with my time, compared to last Sunday's time of 31 minutes and something (crazy hills!), but felt that I could have done better. I've decided to restart the Higdon Half Training so that I could be more meticulous with it. I am going to modify it, as I've told you before, and include more strength training.

I am committed.

One thing my wife and I have been talking about lately is just being committed to the things that we are involved in. Life gets chaotic sometimes and you feel torn between fifty different things - giving less than 100% in each place. The truth is that life happens that way sometimes.

We'd love to have a family, but that hasn't happened yet.

We'd love to have more money, but that is a work in progress.

We'd love to see more growth at the church, still working with it.

We'd love to be fit and healthy, gettting closer!!!!

We'd love to have permanant housing, nothing has come up yet.

There's a lot of things that are going on that seem that they are at a stand still -- but we've committed ourselves. That commitment will take hard work. That commitment will take discipline, self control, and a watchful eye.

It's the same with fitness. There's so much that we see to be done, so much to track, and so much hard work -- but to be do it.

What are you committed to? How are you going to achieve it?


Shane said...

Great job getting into the 180's Seth! You are kicking butt. Great job with the running as well.

As far as myself, I am recommitting to P90x, and getting myself into the 180's as well.

cmoursler said...

I feel about the 150's the same way you felt about the 190's...I have been here way too long. I can't wait to see the 140's.
I would love to be debt free.
I would love my back yard to be a place that is nice to spend time in..I would love to be at goal.

I have a feeling the family thing and the house will all kind of come at once. Once your mind latches onto something your intentions propel you forward.

Steve said...

Congratulations, Seth! That is beyond awesome!

I am recomitting to getting back on track. :)

Patrick said...

Seth, congrats on getting the 180's in hand. Commitment got you from where you started to where you are now. Myself I am committed to getting to 199. And I'll get there a choice at a time, one at a time.

Katie said...

Congrats! I liked your letter. I will have to think about that idea. I sure understand what you say about 50 things going at once. I have made a long term commitment to my health as well. I blog about my journey at my most current commitment is my second 5K on July 17th.

Margie M. said...

Congratulations on everything, Seth. Awesome! Seeing a new number group on the scale is always so encouraging. I like your list of *things* you would like to achieve. Great post, today.

What am I committed to? Staying fit, active, and in control of my weight as I prepare to go into my 60's on my next birthday (May).

Have a great week!
Margie M. writes at:

Lindsay said...

Awesome job Seth!

LAF said...

That's a great letter. I've been struggling to get out of the 170's. I understand what a milestone that is. Nice!

Kyle Gershman said...

You are kicking butt in so many ways, you can't possibly kick butt in EVERY aspect at the same'll get it all and then some...because that is the kind of family you have.

!@!$@ you are fast...great run!

Mad Woman said...

I'm committed to getting to my goal and staying there. It's still a long way off so for now I'm committed to working my butt off to get there.

This was a great post..thanks! And congrats on your runs!

Staci Dombroski said...

Everytime I come by your blog you are sharing such amazing accomplishments!! Way to go ;)

Missy said...

Congrats getting into the 180's! You look great!!

coloradosugar said...

Great job!! That's sooo awesome! I don't think I've seen the 180's since I was like 15 or 16!!:(