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Stillness. Quality of FIT. Make it Better.

This morning - I am sitting here waiting for my stomach to settle from breakfast so that I can do my workout. It's very peaceful this morning. The only thing I really hear is the air conditioner running. My wife got up this morning earlier than I did and now she is napping on the couch. We put the cat in its room (guest room) at night so that it doesn't get into anything - she is still in there.

The quietness, peace, and stillness really promotes a reflective attitude. As I talked about in my last post - I am hosting my third weight loss challenge (go here to check it out and JOIN!). I will be taking part in that challenge in hopes to shed the last few pounds. It's a six week deal and the first challenge that I took part in - I lost 17 lbs. Now, I know that I have just over 17 lbs to lose - so the results form the first challenge won't be happening this time. That challenge will help me to lose ten pounds though. I can not believe I am this close to that goal of 170 lbs. It's scary and exciting at the same time.

This peacefulness is just too awesome to destroy - I just supressed a cough in order to not disrupt the silence.

I can't help but think today about what my life consisted of 65 lbs ago. The thought of me telling someone that I was fit makes me smile today. I was confused. I had lied to myself for so long that I believed it. I was misinformed.

Today, I won't tell anyone that I am fit. I'll say that I am fitter than I was or that I am getting fit. Obviously, with the name of my site - one day I would love to be able to say...

"I am fit with a purpose."

That day is close. I think I will hit my 170 goal by the end of the year. I am sitting in this place of quiet solitude scared and overjoyed at the thought of being able to hit that goal. (I'm also wondering if that is a spider on the curtain)

What happens when I hit that goal? Who knows? Life will still go on as it normally does - it won't stop because I have reached a number. I am holding some things back though until I hit that goal. There are things that I am working on for when I do meet my specific goal. It's not a change of career (could promote it though). It's not to become a trainer (which would be awesome). It's not a trip or anything (someone want to pay for one?).

It's actually rather small and simple in my eyes - but it's important to me. (I am debating this last paragraph b/c I am keeping my plans to myself and don't think the paragraph is really needed. I will decide by the end of this post.)

The month of June was a hard one. I stayed on track and still lost weight, but I had a lot going on. With the move, the weeks I was away, and the extra busyness complete - I am making July better on this fitness/weight loss front.

How are you making July better than the rest of the year?


She-Fit said...

WOW! You are such an inspiration to us all on weight loss. Sounds like you are pushing through to your goal. Good luck!

Patrick said...

I'm not sure I am making July itself unique. What I am doing is making this year better than any of the 20 previously. And having fun doing it.

Molly said...

Seth - thanks for the support and thanks for the inspiration you give the rest of us!
How am I making July better?? I going to start traing for a 10K in September and I'm going to keep doing WW and tracking every bite!

David said...

I'm a big fan of silence on a regular basis. And I think it's okay to say you're fit. Haven't really thought about that - I usually say I'm "exploring fitness". Not quite a "fitness resident". I'll give it a few years.

Miz said...

Im making this month
and facing my fears no matter how frozen with paralysis by analysis I almost WANT :) to be.

Meegan (redstar5) said...

I love your approach to tackling the last 17lbs to your goal. My July plans include a new kick-start plan as well. I've got my dietitian on board, eating in a new way, and my trainer has upped the ante for my workouts - I feel like July is already a new standard. Now I just want to the results to be my pay-off!

Anonymous Fat Girl said...

July is my busy month. Just hitting it balls to the wall and putting in that extra effort!!!! :)

Angela said...

I purposely get up earlier than everyone else just so I can experience the quiet stillness which allows me to prepare myself for the day. Ahhh...just to enjoy the peace..letting your mind wander without interruption.

I am stepping out of my comfort zone this July..I'm nervous and excited at the same time.

Jess said...

July started out ROUGH. It was my birthday and a bunch of things happened, things that I used as an excuse. I found reasons to NOT do things instead of reasons TO do them.

But I'm better now. Two week funk and that's that. I'm glad it's stopping there right now. Seriously. I was teetering on a dangerous ledge but then I realized that two weeks out of a year out of the rest of my life?! That means nothing.

I've got this.

I'm fit with a purpose. To get healthy. One step at a time. Sometimes I might take a few steps backwards, but if I refuse to fall and continue to eventually press forward, I will prevail :)

KatDoesDiets said...

Glad to hear you're in such a good place! Hmm, how am I making July better than the rest of the year? good question.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Great post. It reminded me that I need to stop and reflect sometimes.