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Addicted too... Wedding. Weigh-In Picture!

Addicted to...

Some people and I were talking recently about addictions. You know, not once did running come into the discussion. Drugs, alcohol, and gambling all showed their face, but not once did running come into our discussion. I know though what I'll tell someone if they ever ask if I have an addiction - running and LOST. The running must stay, but the Lost - if I had to, I could let it go.

I don't remember where I read it, or maybe I heard it, but the person said they don't work out because they are afraid that they'll get addicted to it because they tend to become obsessed with things. I think that is a cop-out to not do the work, but can maybe see their position. It's still not enough to not do the work though -- it is your life you're neglecting!

Now, there are a few body physiques that gross me out b/c it simply, in my mind, is too much - but it's not my body.

Can you be so addicted to make your body too fit?

I don't know the answer to that and truthfully, I'm just rambling, but what I do know is that I love running. I love what it teaches me. I would just like to go ahead and say it on record.

I, Seth, am addicted to running.


I had the opportunity to be the officiant at my sister's wedding. It was a lot of fun and a lot of work. I got to see family that I hadn't seen in quite some time and when they saw me -- their mouths dropped and they couldn't believe the weight that I had lost. It made me feel good. Below is a picture of me at the wedding.

Also, here is the End of Week 5 Challenge photo. This has been a tough challenge for most people in it, but the number keeps dropping!

What is your favorite Workout Song?


Anonymous said...

So you asked me before if I liked running and I told you no, albeit probably a little more colorful than that (Sorry about that). But I can honestly say I'm addicted to running and hate when I can't get in at least a half mile.


ajourneyof262milesbeginswithablog said...

I'm addicted to running. I fit most of the criteria for the DSM-IV definition of addiction. Technically, I suppose it's the endorphins that I really seek, but running is my favorite way to get them. I'm with you on that being a cop out for not exercising. I just don't buy it as a valid reason to not exercise.

Congrats on officiating your sister's wedding (and big congrats to her!). I've done it once and it was a lot of fun. :)

josie (35 and Shrinking) said...

I don't think I'm technically addicted to running...YET.

Definitely headed there though...

Molly said...

I recently started running and i LOVE IT! Im doing my first 5k this saturday! woohooo!!! My fav song right now is B.o.B. Ive got the magic and Eminem's Cinderella Man

Patrick said...

Anything can be an addiction, why not fitness?

Fave workout song, Triumph's 'Fight the Good Fight'. I am a product of 70's & 80's rock.

Chrissie said...

That's a great photo, you're looking really good!
I'm certainly not addicted to running as I do it about twice a year tops, but I am addicted to doing something active, however little and can feel a bit antsy on my rest days, if that counts. There are definitely worse things to be hooked on!!!

CLAMCO said...

First off, you look terrific! As far as running, I'm not so much addicted as I am afraid to gain weight back and the only way to keep it off is to keep moving because I'm not going to starve myself. Of all the exercising I have been doing, running seems to be the most efficient way of losing pounds and scaring them away when they come creeping back. Without music I'd be lost. I'm with Patrick. My ipod is filled with fun 70's and 80's music like Disco Inferno and Hungry Like The Wolf.

Jams said...

Great weigh in... Being addicted to running, well that can't be all that bad. Just don't go all Forrest Gump on us and run across the country, unless you're prepared to blog from your smartphone along the way!


Deb said...

There's lots of things that we are addicted to. Food, air, heat. There's a big difference between a healthy addiction and an unhealthy one.

An unhealthy addiction to running would be one where you push so hard you injure yourself and still don't stop.

I am addicted to running. If I had an injury that needed rest though, I would take time off as needed. I would hate having to do so, and I would crave it, but I would rest till I was better. Mostly so that I could keep running more afterwards.

I do think you can be too addicted/obsessed with fitness and diet, and that's where eating disorders come from. Having said that, for the average person, that is an absolute cop-out.

-J.Darling said...

Favorite work out songs:
Chris Brown - "Forever"

And I've been known to bike for hours to Meatloaf's Bat out of Hell albums.

I'm hoping to give people the same reaction at my company christmas party this December! since I work from home, they haven't seen me since JUNE!

Anonymous said...

I am asthmatic. If I run for more than 5 minutes, I need a rescue inhaler. It burns. It is not fun. I don't know what to do about it.

Seth said...

@Anonymous - I think an important thing for asthmatics is to know where that line is between "...that's enough for right now" and "...that's too much."

If you have trouble with running for 5 minutes - stop at 3 minutes and start walking again.

Success in running is based on the individual person. If 5 minutes is all you can do for that day...enjoy your 5 minutes :)

ant639 said...

I enjoy riding the bike to pretty much any song from the Rocky Sountracks. Current favorite from those is the training montage from Rocky 4.....i pushed hard during that one and surpassed a distance goal...and something unexpected i learned was working out to worship songs and singing...even the slow ones had me pushing.

Big Clyde said...

Just found your blog. Our stories seem a bit similar and I am impressed with your results.

Favorite workout songs? When I am running now, I switch between podcasts and music from The Fratellis. Good stuff.

therightfit said...

I am addicted to exercise. I need it to help me not get depressed! I haven't been able to work out much this week and I'm starting to really crave it.

Great pics Seth! You are looking fab.

My fav workout song is anything by metallica!!!

therightfit said...

I am addicted to exercise. I need it to help me not get depressed! I haven't been able to work out much this week and I'm starting to really crave it.

Great pics Seth! You are looking fab.

My fav workout song is anything by metallica!!!

Diz said...

I am addicted to running too and you look hot in your pics- just sayin. :)