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Guard Giraffes. Park Running Pictures.

So, I'm rarely asked all the time about where I run. I thought that today would be a good time to show you some of where I run. It is usually nothing out of the ordinary until you run by bushes that are trimmed to be in the shape of giraffes. Again though, nothing out of the ordinary in the town of 3,000 right? Ha!

This morning I decided that it would be good to start the day out with a short run. It was actually mid-morning and I had already been busy, but there's always time for a short run right? I actually changed it into a tour of the town I live in attempt to find odd things about this place. I think the best was the above picture - guard giraffes.

I had a pretty slow start to this challenge, but have picked up some steam as it continues. I'm looking for this month to hold the most miles in my attempt to hit 1,010 miles this year. I am just under halfway there and we have already been though 7 months. I've got quite a few miles left in a short period of time. Looks like I have some extra initiative I guess.

Another part of most of my runs travels through one of our parks. It is a nice place to be as you can see in the below picture. The not so large body of water is about 1/2 mile around.

I don't typically run around it time after time, but I do travel around it to get to the other side of the park. It's nice on the eyes and it is close to the 1/2 way mark around the normal 3 mile route I take.

I still have a workout to complete tonight. With that said, enjoy the rest of your night or the rest of your day (if you're reading bright and early!).

What will you accomplish today?


cmoursler said...

I love those giraffes...that is creative. Love the places you jog. At least it's interesting. lol.
I intend to go to the gym tomorrow and knock out my last workout for the week.
Next weigh in is Sunday, so I want to make this one count.
Have a great night seth.

karen said...

Love the "wild life"!

Not sure what today will hold, yet. We take John in to his preschool for one last visit to his next classroom before it becomes his actual classroom. If the weather cooperates I might toss him in his big ol' wagon and drag him to the grocery store this afternoon ... maybe squeeze in a bit of a bike ride in the basement at some point, too. I have a goal for the month of knocking out 150 miles on the bike ... 127 left to go!

Syl said...

what a gorgeous location for a run! I love to run along paths that have something intersting to see makes the time pass quicker.
My half marathon was done along a river and it was so calming.
As a side note, i got the rollerblades and my boys showed me the ropes ;-), oh and I'm still alive to write about it, thanks for the encouragement Seth!

MaryFran said...

So is there a shrubbery carving school one can go to in order to learn how to make shrubbery giraffes???????