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WeightLoss Challenge starts 2day! Still taking Challengers

The Fourth Installment to Seth Tyler's Weight Loss CHallenge starts today! This is the heaviest challenge to date and is promising to be the most successful one as well! I am really excited about this challenge! We are still taking challengers for this challenge. There is a grand prize after six weeks and a weekly prize for the week's most percentage lost. This really is set up to be the best challenge yet. There are 12 challengers this time around so far....will you make 13? It is only $10 (which is used only for the prizes). There have been 2 female winners and one male winner! I will be doing a blog post shortly about the last winner with before and afters! He lost 20.4 lbs! Check out a previous winners blog salute here!

You still have time to enter the challenge and will need to do so by 10:00pm tonight!

Are you in a rut and want something real to come and keep you accountable?!

Here is that something real!

If you are still unsure if you want to enter -- go check out the challenge page for yourself and see just how encouraging and helpful that it can be! We'd love to have you --- be sure to check out the rules as well!

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