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A Running Guide for the Overweight Runner

There is a man that runs around my town all of the time carrying himself with no evidence of being tired. You may see him out at the park r...


10k results. 10k race pictures.

I competed in a 10k race on Saturday -- my first official 10k race -- I finished in 55'16". I finished 17th of the men and 24th overall out of 73 people in the 5k. I enjoyed this race a lot! It really was a lot of fun. I think I enjoy the 5k more b/c it's shorter, faster, and more competitive -- but I had fun at the 10k.

Here are a couple pics from the 10k race. While at the race - I saw several people from my childhood [the race took place in the town I lived in during elementary/middle school].

If you have time -- go visit this blog too as we need some new readers/contributors! If you would like to GUEST POst about beginning weight loss and/or your struggles with it -- contact me.


Ghost Gallup 5k Results. Challenge #5 Starts 2Day!

I was able to participate in another 5k this past Saturday. It was the Ghost Gallup 2010 5k. There wasn't as big of showing as I thought there would be, but it was still fun. I wasn't out to set a new PR -- I was simply out there to run b/c it's fun!

I enjoy doing 5k races b/c it's a rather short run, good workout, and I love the racing atmosphere!

I was able to finish with a rather normal time for me which was surprising b/c the P90x that I did the past week let me know that I worked hard that week. My abs were killing me 1 mile into the run. I had to definitely focus my breathing to manage my run. I was pleasantly surprised when I finished in 26'35". If I would have watched the clock - I could have pushed myself harder probably. Oh well.

I have a 10k this Saturday [Run the Burg]. I was going to do the Half, but I have not trained properly and wouldn't be able to do it competitively [and I like to be competitive!].

S.Tyler Weight Loss CHALLENGE #5

Challenge #5 starts today as well for those keeping track of the weight loss challenges! I am blown away by the results of not only my challenges, but those that have branched off. As of yesterday - the TOTAL amount of weight lost in all of the challenges [including mine and those that have branched] is 567.1 lbs!

I'm stoked to be a part of that!

If you want to be a part of the challenge that is starting today -- GO HERE to the facebook group and join [this is where the challenge takes place]!

If you would like to learn more about the different challenges - go to the website and browse around HERE. It serves as a meet-up place for all of the challenges!

If you'd like some more info not posted -- email me at stylerwlc [at] gmail [dot] com

Discipline pushes Limits!


STWLC Winner #4! I run because I can.

Can you believe it?!

I've already gone for my run for the day!

It's crazy because I'm not a morning person at all. I had the run done by 8:30am! I'm normally up already by then, but on my way to work. Today is a monumental day for me. To be able to get up on my own to run in the morning and it not be because of a race -- is simply wonderful!

The real purpose for this post is bring the spotlight on a weight loss challenger of mine. He joined in on the 4th challenge [you can join too for #5] and stuck with it to become victorious!

You can see his before and after pics here at the challenge website.

The website serves as a control center for all of the challenges branching off of mine. Eric [with his younger brother Anthony who lost 30 lbs in the challenge!] will be starting his own challenge, in which he joins Melissa [challenge #2 winner] and Matt [challenge #3 winner], in hosting their own weight loss challenges.

Between the three of those winners - they have lost a combined total [to date] of 100.4 lbs!!!!

The challenge works if you set your focus and do it with purpose.

If you would like to be a challenger in the 5th installment of the STWL challenge -- go HERE to JOIN! If you are interested in starting your own challenge, whether it be a physical location or an online challenge - shoot me an email at:

stylerwlc [at] gmail [dot] com.

If I can get up early in the morning and go for a run after doing p90x at 9:00pm last night --- you can do anything you set your mind too!


Crossfit or P90x. Strength training!

Weight loss plateaus are no fun or easy things to be a part of. I've been hovering between 185-190 for the longest time. I've made my plan and believe that it'll take me past this plateau.

I will be cutting my longer distance runs. I will still be doing the Half Marathon at the end of this month, but will not be doing the longer distances 8+ for the rest of the year. Next year I will train for another Half and possibly the full.

While I may be cutting my longer distance runs - I'm keeping my running consistent. I love to run and believe it is a great exercise, I just need to focus on strength training to get to a new level.

I have a couple options in my strength training. I've talked about increasing the strength training the last few posts - it's time to do something about it.

The two options are Crossfit and P90x. I want to do the Crossfit, but don't have the resources around me. I could try and do the Crossfit on my own, but I don't think that it's going to work. That leaves me with p90x. I have done p90x before for 3 or 4 weeks and saw some positive changes so I will come back to that.

Today, Week 1 - Day 1 - P90x begins. It'll be good.

In what way have you made changes to improve your fitness time?


Getting things done even when busy.

It's been a hard couple of weeks. When you are in the process of moving it leaves little time for running and working out. With the little amount of training, working out, running, and such; it doesn't give you a lot of material to write about.

That's a bummer...

...but that doesn't mean that things aren't happening on this end.

My weight loss challenge will be starting again in two weeks. We are currently in the last week of the 4th challenge that I've hosted. Two of the previous winners of my challenge have branched off and started their own challenge! It's so nice to be able to make a difference!

If you would like to join in on the challenge that starts on October 25, 2010. I can't guarantee that you lose weight during the challenge b/c it relies on you to do the work -- but if you do the work along with the weight loss challenge -- you will lose weight.

Click on the button on the right side of the page if you would like to check it out! Also, you could go to the challenge website HERE.

The past two out of three winners have gone on to continue in their weight loss [and lead their own challenge] and have lost over 64 lbs combined.

If you are interested in starting your own challenge - go to the Weight Loss Challenge control center and let me help you!

See, I have been away at times, but I am definitely at work!

Stay focused, stay moving, and stay controlled!


Moved. Office Pics. Fitness Suggestions?

So, we've moved. It's happened. Everything is now down at our new place. If you didn't get a chance to see our new place - my wife has blogged the whole move. Go to this post to check out the house; go to this post to see the actual move; and go here to see her recap of my 5k race :)

I just threw that last one in for fun!

I've found that it is pretty difficult to get quality [any] workouts in while in the moving process! Have you found that to be true too? After you work so hard to pack, load [by yourself] the truck, unload [thankfully w/15 people] the truck, and then unpack -- it's really hard to get in a run! I'm thinking about doing something completely different in terms of my actual strength training. As of right now, I have no strength training. I have the p90x dvds, but they do take sooo much time to do. I love p90x! I don't love the time required.

I have a friend who does Crossfit. He has had such great success with it - it's very persuasive. It also looks solid b/c of the time that it does not require. It requires you to go ALL OUT for the exercises that you get for that day. The differences that he has experienced is crazy cool. The only thing with this that I have noticed is that if you don't have a Crossfit affiliate near you, you probably don't have the right equipment to do it. Unfortunately, there is not an affiliate near me. I can do it on my own, but it costs quite a bit to get the right equipment.

I've got to figure something out. I'm stuck around the 185-190 lbs. I am so close to my goal of 170 lbs, but it feels like forever away. We'll see what I figure out.
What are your suggestions in losing the last 15 lbs?

Also, I thought I'd give you a little peak of where I will do my work from here on out. It's really kind of the office where everything gets stashed, but it'll work for me as I don't need a lot!

What has been the one thing that has propelled your fitness to another level?


V.F. Memorial 5k results & Pics.

I'm #3!

Yeah, I know that's not something that someone is usually excited about, but I'll take 3rd place! I was able to snag another medal and take 3rd place in my age division. I think I finished around 12-13 overall.

I did beat my old personal best time, but was unable to hit my goal of 25 minute range. I was 10 seconds off of my goal. That's okay though, I think I'll manage :) I've come so far from where I was 70 lbs ago - I'll take it every time.

I finished in 26'09"

Yesterday, I took some time to make a playlist that would help me while I'm running. Sounds weird, maybe - but it worked. My second mile is always my worst mile, but not today. I was pretty happy with each mile that I ran. I made sure that I had some pump me up music in the middle of the playlist. The right playlist can make a world of difference!

It was a lot of fun, as usual, and I still have my 25 minute goal to shoot for. I will tell you though that after running this race -- I was spent!

...but I am fine now. It was a cold race too, but not something that a little coffee couldn't take care of!


Self-Concept - the secret killer

Self-Concept can be a positive and a negative thing. When someone has a positive perception of themself, they have a confidence that can be undone by nothing. On the flip side however, when one has a negative perception of who they are, what they look like, what they can do, what worth they have, and of their ability - life won't look to bright for them.

If you look at what "self-concept" is...

self-concept: "the idea or mental image one has of oneself and one's strengths, weaknesses, and status,etc.; self-image." [def. found here]

It correlates well with what perception we have of ourselves.

I went to run the 5k race course yesterday and while I was running I met an older guy doing the same thing. We briefly chatted about the course and I took off again. He had already finished two miles [the course comes back on itself] and I was just 1 mile into it. For some reason - I started thinking about my self-concept. I thought about how I viewed myself and also what he thought of me as a runner. He was a veteran runner.

When I was first starting out with my weight loss, was I really 'just another fat guy trying to be skinny' -- or was I more?!

I'll admit that what I ate and how much of it did define my eating habits, my self-esteem, my self-discipline and control, but it did not define who I was. I am fearfully and wonderfully made and when I forget self-concept goes down the toilet.

I kept thinking about how others see me now and how my self-image lacks. I still think of me as being fat and slow, but know that my body reflects a different image. There were times that I didn't want to look in the mirror knowing that my belly was going to be sticking way out. I still criticize my body because it isn't where I want it to be. I'll be honest. This is probably the stuff that people don't want to talk about in the blogosphere, but it's truth.

I'll tell you now though, I don't mind looking in the mirror. I like what I see - I should have liked what I saw last year, but I was blinded my a negative self-concept. Yes, I was fat, but that did not make me inferior, ugly, or unworthy of happiness.

Today - I challenge you to go in front of the mirror - take a picture - and be proud of who you are [not defined by a number, not defined by the world, not defined by a negative self-concept] knowing that you are taking the steps in becoming a healthier YOU.

Go take and post your UNAFRAID picture!