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Crossfit or P90x. Strength training!

Weight loss plateaus are no fun or easy things to be a part of. I've been hovering between 185-190 for the longest time. I've made my plan and believe that it'll take me past this plateau.

I will be cutting my longer distance runs. I will still be doing the Half Marathon at the end of this month, but will not be doing the longer distances 8+ for the rest of the year. Next year I will train for another Half and possibly the full.

While I may be cutting my longer distance runs - I'm keeping my running consistent. I love to run and believe it is a great exercise, I just need to focus on strength training to get to a new level.

I have a couple options in my strength training. I've talked about increasing the strength training the last few posts - it's time to do something about it.

The two options are Crossfit and P90x. I want to do the Crossfit, but don't have the resources around me. I could try and do the Crossfit on my own, but I don't think that it's going to work. That leaves me with p90x. I have done p90x before for 3 or 4 weeks and saw some positive changes so I will come back to that.

Today, Week 1 - Day 1 - P90x begins. It'll be good.

In what way have you made changes to improve your fitness time?


Syl said...

Hubby and I did P90X and ALMOST finished it ;-). I did it before running my half marathon in order to get stronger and it really did nothing but benefit me. It made me stronger and allowed me to run longer. Good luck to you, you will do great!

Jams said...

I go back and forth between focusing on running and focusing on strength training... I need to find a way to incorporate them both into my life.

I'm signing up for my second half-marathon and will begin that training soon... and I plan to continue my strength training throughout.

Jams said...

Oh and the one thing that helped me bust through my plateau was hiding my scale for a month... so I was forced to concentrate on the choices I was making rather than the results.

*Whitney* said...

I'm starting to focus on more strength training as well and not just all cardio. A mixture of both will do a body good! :-)

Alexia said...

improve my fitness time?
ummm. i just tell myself to be less lazy? ha. i have no idea. i don't run unless i'm late and a bus or train is involved.

also, come follow my new blog, seth? thanks for following + supporting the old one!


Alexia said...


your now photo: :)))))))!!

Learning to be Less said...

I did the P90X for the 90 days before I got pregnant. Challenging. But I was so sick of it the last 2 weeks. I have researched crossfit but it seems totally crazy at times and seems like you may need a gymnastics studio. I will prob go back to P90X too someday. BRING IT!!

Miz said...

methinks its time for me to try P90X

everyone adores it
EVERYONE gets such amazatastic changes from it.