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The Countdown to Goal begins.

I started this weight loss journey on January 5th, 2010. I have 35 days and some odd hours to until my 1 year anniversary is here.

Can I get to goal in 35 days?

I have 19.2 lbs left to lose until my 170 goal.

The countdown begins.

I'm nervous.


I do understand that this is an ambitious goal and I may not hit it, but if goals weren't challenging - we'd never push our limits.


Lisa said...

You can do it! I think it's amazing what you've been trying to do and you're getting great results!

Katie J said...

A lofty but achievable goal especially during the holidays. I think you're a rock star so if you buckle down, I think you can totally do it.

Ironic but I was just thinking about timing and goals myself. I need to set up some new goals.

Happy Holidays to you and yours Seth!

CJ said...

De lurking to say, Yes you can do it :)

Goals should be challenging!

Christine said...

YOu can, but if you don't then don't let it derail you...okay. It's for life one way or the other. Go for it but let nothing stop you one way or the other. You will get there.

Stronger.Faster. said...


Staci Dombroski said...

You have done such a great job so far!!! Look at all your accomplishments :) Have a great day!