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When you lack motivation...

It's common for those trying to lose weight to get frustrated, discouraged, and lack motivation at some point throughout the journey. It's in those times that many give up and give in.

What can we do to stop that from happening to us?

The answer?

Just keep moving.

Even in those time that you don't feel like moving - move.

Those times that you don't want to work out - work out.

It is much easier to say that than to do it, but it is the truth. If we simply do the work - it will pay off. The times that I felt the worst with my journey of weight loss is when I gave in to the idea that I couldn't do it, didn't do it, and skipped out on something b/c of an excuse other than sickness.

You are worth the time investment. You are worth the sweat. You are worth the hard work.

Hard work will bring you through the times when you lack motivation.

It's not what we want to hear, but it's what we need to hear.


cmoursler said...

good one seth. Awesome. You are absolutely correct.

MizFit said...

I concur :)


so much so I was known to say to clients "I didnt ask if you had motivations---I just asked you to do XYZ"

Seth said...

@MizFit - love it - no excuses.

Lisa said...


Half the time, just putting on my running shoes is a struggle. But once I do it and get out the door I always feel better!

*Whitney* said...

Great advice!

Lisa said...

The hardest part is getting out the door, getting started.

Staci Dombroski said...

So true!!